Ynet: “Obama looking for a ‘legacy’ at Israel’s expense?”


Op-ed: The outgoing US president’s irresponsibility is fed by the arrogance of Israeli leaders, who have managed to position the settlements high in the international consciousness just in time for the change of administration.

For many years, Barack Obama was known as a person endowed with emotionless “coolness” and presidential alienation. So why is it that on his last days in the White House he is suddenly running wild and trying to leave his mark on what he failed in the past few years?

Even more troubling is the following question: Why has Israel become the litmus test for Obama’s legacy? Why is the outgoing administration trying to set historical precedents—which it failed to bestow for such a long time—on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of all issues? ynetnews.com

1. The Syria false flag chemical attack – The red line

Obama was provoked into proclaiming a red line on Syria, which invited Syria opposition seeking increased military action by the U.S., to turn the tide of the battle against Assad, to perform such attacks, the Israeli administration used the guise of ensuring Israels security to provoke Obama into drawing the red line, which undermined his administration when the U.S. failed to act, the UK rejected participation in U.S led strikes at the last minute, adding to the U.S’s reluctance to engage in a big overt war, as opposed to a largely covert war, predominantly via proxies, which was prefered by the nobel peace prize president, Putin proposed to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons, which lessoned the blow to the Obama administration, but Obama having to be bailed out by Putin still made him look like a weak leader on the global stage.

2. Netanyahu endorsed Mitt Romney against Obama

Director of the New Internationalism Project at IPS about Israel’s influence over US foreign policy and the issue of Palestinian statehood. The political TV advertisement featuring Binyamin Netanyahu and the slogan “The world needs American strength, not apologies” is likely to fuel claims that the Israeli prime minister is interfering in the US presidential election in support of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

3. Israeli assets (including 47 U.S. Senators) undermined Iran nuclear talks

Israel allegedly spied on private negotiations between the US and Iran over the latter’s nuclear programme and passed on vital information to the US Congress in a bid to undermine the talks, according to a report published on 23 March.

According to a report released by The Wall Street Journal, senior White House officials have been cited as claiming the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu desperately tried to seek inside information on the closed-door talks to be able to lobby support against the nuclear deal. ibtimes.co.uk

4. Attempted coup.

A retired U.S. general; Paul E. Vallely who is an Israeli asset, attempted to stage a military coup against Obama. He stated Obama should be held accountable for his sympathies for the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular and his actions regarding the Benghazi tragedy, “Obama should be arrested for this treasonous activity”. It is thought that Obama was dragging his feet on the Syria war, & not giving the Israeli’s the big war they desired, to destroy Israels regional enemies, particularly the Syrian Army, & Hezbollah, as a step towards war with Iran, such a war would draw in China & Russia leading to a world war.

5. Israel undermines administration; Taking U.S. weapons with out approval.

Israel reportedly secured weapons shipments directly from the United States military without the Obama administration approving the deal.

On July 20, days after Israel began its ground invasion in Gaza, Israel requested and received a shipment of munitions from the Pentagon, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While Defense Department officials say both sides followed established protocol, the Journal reported that White House officials were upset that the military did not get White House approval before sending the shipment. The request came as the U.S. urged Israeli restraint in its Gaza operation, and days before Israel rebuffed a cease-fire proposal from Secretary of State John Kerry on July 25.

Infowars simular statement as Ynet Why Is Obama Putting Israel In The Crosshairs?

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