WikiLeaks: U.S. sought Syria regime change for Israel’s sake


Note.These documents were leaked at a time when possible US presidential candidates are trying their hardest to appease Israel, & Zionist Jews, as though their chance of winning an election is dependant on it.

It is rare for a succinct foreign policy platform paper to so fully reflect a candidate’s thinking process. The State Department email of Hillary Clinton, available on WikiLeaks, lays out the Democrat front-runner’s strategy as an architect of US intervention in Syria, shows the flawed reasoning that beget the scheme, and perhaps most importantly is totally blind to the huge problems that the war ultimately led to.

As with so many US wars in the Middle East, it all starts with Israel, and then-Secretary of State Clinton saw the US imposing regime change in Syria as primarily about benefiting Israel and spiting Iran, a position that closely mirrors several Israeli officials on the matter.

The Clinton ideal was that the US would impose regime change with arms, and without troops, and that Russia wouldn’t dare oppose America (noting Russia did nothing during Kosovo), that the new US-backed Syrian government would abandon ties with Iran, turn against Hezbollah, and potentially negotiate a peace settlement with Israel, while the rest of the Arab world cheers America “as fighting for their people.”

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