UK corporate media suggests targets for ISIS attack?

london train

After a “threat was posted on jihadi messaging app Telegram, & intelligence agencies say attack is ‘highly likely’“. UK media reports on “unbearable levels of overcrowding” on London trains. Considering the 7/7 attacks which focused on The London Undergroud train network, is now really a good time to be suggesting possible targets, to maximize civilian casualties?

I have some rather radical suggestions for ISIS, start targeting the corrupt politicians who lie the public into needless wars, & bankers who think “The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets”. It is certainly preferable to running down babies, & cutting the throats of old men. Do they really think the politicians, & bankers care if civilians get killed? Are they really going to effect policy with such actions? Politicians will welcome attacks, as an opertunity to give themselves more power, & enact policies that would of been met with more resistance under calmer times. I guess because the American led coalition kills civilians, ISIS has an uncontrolable zeal to become more like the Americans they claim to despise.

One effect of terrorist attacks, as seen after the 9/11 attacks, is that all politicians needed to do is say 9/11, & the public are prepared to bomb even Agrabah, the city from fictional animated movie Aladdin. Now all the currpt politicians have to do is say “ISIS” & the public may well jump into any needless war that is suggested to them.

Ideally humanity should not need to resolve problems with violence. What sort of message are our governments sending to the public? (Libya: Rebels and Nato dismiss Gaddafi ceasefire offer, US’s Syria Rebels Resist Pressure to Talk Peace) Violence comes before diplomacy? How do you think that will effect society? We should concentrate on defense of the homeland in the homeland, should a terrorist attack happen, to do that would be significantly harder, because said policy would be seen as kowtowing to terrorist demands.

Britain is at war in Libya and nobody thought to tell us
British SAS troops may be fighting in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Libya – but Parliament hasn’t been told about any of these deployments, let alone been given the chance to debate them.



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