The Express blames SAS/NATO destruction on ISIS


The image above was taken on November 06, 2011| Credit: JOSEPH EID
(ISIS didn’t form as a separate group from al-Qaeda at that time & were not in control of Sirte)

In a blind applause for the SAS, the UK based Express news has ignored war crimes committed against Sirte, of which SAS/NATO played a leading role. The news organization has instead reported on Bollywood music being played at lound volumes to freak out ISIS, followed by the blame for the destruction of Sirte being placed on ISIS. If ISIS members did in fact aid the destruction of Sirte, it would of been in 2011 under the al-Qaeda banner. At that time in the media they were referred to as; Libyan rebels/freedom fighters, US senator John McCain called them his heroes. The SAS played an instrumental role in the 2011 destruction of Sirte, which led to ISIS gaining control of the coastal city.

British special forces ‘FREAK OUT’ ISIS militants by blasting ‘un-Islamic’ BOLLYWOOD music

Not the first time Indian themed psychological operations performed in relation to Libya
(directed at the British public):

Bollywood seeks internet censorship

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