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Russia responds to downing of Su-25 fighter jet in Syria

Russian military planes have targeted the Al-Nusra-controlled area of Syria’s Idlib province where a Su-25 jet was earlier downed by militants, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

The military conducted “a massive precision weapon strike… on areas controlled by the Al-Nusra [terrorist] group,” the ministry said in a statement.

Moscow confirmed Saturday that a Russian Su-25 jet crashed in Idlib province, probably shot down by a man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD). The pilot ejected, but was killed by militants on the ground, the ministry said. rt.com


U.S. shoots down Iranian drone in reckless race to Raqqa

US special forces wear Kurdish badges

The U.S. coalition against Syria was initiated as an indirect attack on Iran. It is the policy stated by former CIA director James Woolsey; Diminish allies of Iran before war with Iran, presumably to reduce the blowback from US/Israeli strikes on Iran. One way the U.S. sees as an achievable way of diminishing Syria’s ability to defend themselves, & their allies, is to cut Syria off from their natural resources, via using ISIS to ethnically cleanse areas, then having Kurdish forces move into the area & annex off the territories.

Kurdish regional objectives include stealing the land of US-NATO ally Turkey, which just makes US-led collective defense look like a sick joke. Over the past decade NATO has significantly reduced global security & stability, now they are building up a force to attack their own ally. A force the US has listed as a terrorist organization. For these reasons I do not see Kurds as a stabilizing force in Syria, to me they represent the expansion of war, & instability in the region.


A U.S. aircraft shot down an armed Iranian drone advancing on coalition forces in southern Syria on Tuesday, Fox News confirmed.

The armed pro-regime Shaheed-129 UAV was shot down by a U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle about 12:30 a.m. after it displayed hostile intent and advanced on Coalition forces. This is the second the U.S. shot down an Iranian drone in less than a month.

The coalition forces were manning an established combat outpost to the northeast of At Tanf where they are training and advising partner ground forces in the fight against ISIS. This is the same location where another pro-regime UAV dropped munitions near Coalition forces before it was shot down on June 8.

The F-15E intercepted the armed UAV after it was observed advancing on the coalition position. The armed UAV was shot down when it continued to advance on the coalition’s position without diverting its course. foxnews.com

The Guardian view on the fall of Raqqa: the deadliest phase

U.S. Coalition Cleansing Raqqa Of Arabs To Expand Kurdish “Autonomous Region”

Russia: US Coalition Providing Safe Corridors For ISIS To Flee Raqqa

EU’s genocidal partners in the migrant crisis strike again?

A Medecins Sans Frontieres ship taking part in migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean came under attack from armed men last week who shot at the vessel before briefly climbing aboard, the medical charity said Thursday.

Nobody was hurt in the incident which took place on August 17, the group said.

The Bourbon Argos was “approached and attacked by a group of armed men on board an unidentified speedboat” as the rescue vessel was conducting a search operation some 24 nautical miles (44 km) north of the Libyan coast, MSF said in a statement.

The men began firing at the Bourbon Argos when they were several hundred metres (yards) away and then boarded the vessel, it added.

The crew hid in a safe room while the armed men walked around the ship for some 50 minutes before leaving again, “without stealing or removing anything”.

“There were no people rescued on board that day and neither the crew members nor the MSF staff were harmed,” said the charity, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

“Although we don’t know the identity of the attackers or their motivation, our initial assessment of the facts shows that they were professional and well-trained,” said MSF operations coordinator Stefano Argenziano.

“This was a serious and worrying attack, with shooting toward our boat which could have put our staff in acute physical danger.”

There are around a dozen vessels run by humanitarian groups that patrol the waters off the Libyan coast, accounting for over a fifth of all rescue missions of migrants and refugees seeking to reach Europe, often aboard flimsy and overcrowded boats. worldbulletin.net

Mediterranean migrant crisis: ‘If Europe thinks bombing boats will stop smuggling, it will not. We will defend ourselves,’ says the Prime Minister of Libya Dawn Khalifa al-Ghweil independent.co.uk

The EU’s plans to cooperate more closely with Libya on migration risk fuelling the rampant ill-treatment and indefinite detention in horrifying conditions of thousands of refugees and migrants, said Amnesty International. amnesty.org

Last week the human rights organization Amnesty International and the aid organization Doctors Without Borders reported that torture and ill-treatment is widespread among military and security forces and armed rebels who run prisons. For which NATO is responsible since it has brought this band of criminals into power.

The worst thing happened to black people, no matter if migrants or native Libyans.

They were slaughtered …
… and thrown into mass graves by the hundreds.
It’s always the same colonial powers like the U.S., UK and France and its NATO accomplices who perform one war of conquest after another. Under the pretext of UN Resolution 1973, which merely meant to enforce a “no-fly zone” and an arms embargo—both allegedly to protect the Libyans from Muammar Gaddafi—the presnt assault was staged as a ruthless act of aerial warfare, coordinated with murderous rebels on the ground. theoccidentalobserver.net

Photos show refugees fleeing (UN/NATO’s so called anti-ISIS/Misrata forces) Libya being rescued at sea

Another report
‘Libyan coastguard’ speedboat attacked migrant dinghy, says NGO

UK MP who supported al-Nusra murdered by far right

The man being held in connection with the death of MP Jo Cox has been named as Thomas Mair, who was described as a “loner” with a history of mental health problems who had previously subscribed to a far-right magazine.

Mair, 52, who was arrested by armed officers shortly after the attack, had spoken about receiving “psychotherapy and medication”, and was described by his younger brother as having “a history of mental illness”.

Despite being born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, a decade-old website posting identified Mair as a subscriber to S. A. Patriot, a South African magazine that was published by the pro-apartheid group, the White Rhino Club. telegraph.co.uk

Thomas Mair, alleged killer of British MP Jo Cox, was a longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

Thomas Mair mentally ill says his mixed race half brother

Britain First denies connection to attacker who witnesses
claimed shouted support for the party before killing MP Jo Cox

Jo Cox murder suspect tells court his name is ‘death to traitors, freedom for Britain’

Jo Cox spoke out against Stop the War Coalition. She was against air strikes against ISIS first then Assad second (not enough) in favor of; UK to attack both Assad & ISIS now, initiate no fly zone, & put troops on the ground to support al-Nusra.

Labour MP Jo Cox urges PM David Cameron on Syria

President Gains McCain’s Backing on Syria Attack (Her Syria policy was the same as McCain’s)

Syria Rebels Resist Pressure to Talk Peace (“Assad needs to be brought to the table”?)

Related videos:

She proposed to bomb Damascus to save civilians.
File photo of Syrian youth staging sit-in to block US-led military invasion against their country
16 September 2013: Dozens of Syrian people supporting President Bashar al-Assad have formed a human shield near capital to prevent possible attack against their country.

And aid the so called moderate rebels:
2 Nov 2015:Syrian rebels using caged civilian captives as human shields. Dozens of men and women believed to be Alawites being held in metal cages as ‘human shields’ in Damascus suburb, local activists report.

In no way does it condone murder, intended to give insight into the victim’s views. She supported violent extremism & was murdered by violent extremism, & there is no justice in sight.

Syria’s White Helmets award Jo Cox with highest honour

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Opposition candidate in Turkey elections shot, in Adana

A Turkish opposition figure running for the June general elections in Turkey has been injured in a gun attack in the country’s southern province of Adana.

The province’s governor, Mustafa Buyuk, said Elif Dogan Turkmen, who is running for parliament representing the Republican People’s Party (CHP), came under the armed attack in the district of Cukurova on Tuesday.

Buyuk added that the opposition candidate, 53, was shot three times as she was heading for a gathering with businessmen in the district as part of her campaigning for the elections, which are due on June 7.

“She was shot in the knees, but her injuries are not life threatening,” Buyuk said, adding that Turkish authorities are probing “all possible motives” behind the attack.

The governor said one of the suspected assailants has been identified.

CCTV images released by Turkish media showed a man pointing his gun at Dogan Turkemen.

On May 8, two concurrent explosions hit the offices of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Turkey’s southern cities of Adana and Mersin, injuring at least six people.

Also in April, the HDP headquarters in the capital, Ankara, came under attack by unidentified attackers. No casualties were reported though.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey seeks to change the country’s constitution by getting more lawmakers into the legislative chamber. Such an amendment would give incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan an upper hand in almost all administrative and security issues.

Opposition parties believe that that the measure by the AKP would turn Turkey into a dictatorship, with the HDP vowing to block the move if it wins more than the 10 percent of the votes needed for a direct representation in the parliament. presstv.ir

Senior Houthi member gunned down in Yemeni capital

Unidentified gunmen have assassinated a senior member of Yemen’s Houthi movement in the capital, Sana’a.

Security officials confirmed Wednesday that Abdul Karim al-Khiwani was attacked by gunmen on a motorbike earlier in the day.

Khiwani was a member of the Ansarullah movement’s Revolutionary Committee in charge of administering the affairs of the capital, Sana’a.

Al-Massira television channel, which is run by the Houthis, confirmed the death of the senior leader. Another leading member of the Houthis, Mohamed al-Bekheiti, said the assassination took place on Sana’a Street, where Khiwani’s house is located.

Mohamed al-Khiwani, the son of the slain leader, said armed men left his father in “a pool of blood” in front of his home and escaped. He was transferred to hospital but died of excessive bleeding.

Abdul Karim al-Khiwani, also a top journalist and a respected writer, was a representative of Ansarullah movement in the UN-sponsored national talks which concluded January last year. The meetings ended in a peace plan which divided Yemen into six federative regions. Houthis strongly opposed the initiative and continued fighting until they took control of the capital in September.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for Khiwani’s assassination, although some analysts believe that forces loyal to Yemeni fugitive President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi may have been behind the killing. presstv.ir

Al-Qaeda behind assassination of Houthi official

M.O. Mossad – Iranian scientists.

Syria shot down a U.S. drone, reports state news agency

Syria’s state news agency SANA said on Tuesday its air defenses brought down a U.S. surveillance plane in the coastal province of Latakia.

“Syrian air defenses brought down a hostile U.S. surveillance plane in northern Latakia,” SANA said in a bulletin, without giving further details.

It was the first such incident since the U.S.-led coalition began carrying out air strikes against the hardline militant Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria last summer. huffingtonpost.com

Two hostages and gunman dead as Sydney cafe siege ends

Two hostages and the gunman were confirmed dead after a 17-hour armed siege at a cafe in the heart of Sydney ended in violent confrontation early on Tuesday morning.

Commandos entered the building shortly after a series of loud bangs were heard and groups of hostages ran out on to the street.

Police later confirmed a 34-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman, who were among the hostages, were shot and pronounced dead at hospital. The 50-year-old man who took the hostages died at hospital after the confrontation with police.

Two women were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Another woman had a gunshot wound to her shoulder and a male police officer suffered non-life threatening wounds to his face from gunshot pellets.

In dramatic scenes, army commandos carrying assault rifles and wearing body armour stormed the Lindt Cafe on Martin Place, a pedestrianised street in the middle of Sydney’s central business district. About 17 hours earlier, an armed man, named as Man Haron Monis, had taken an unknown number of hostages in the cafe. theguardian.com

Is this the moment MH17 was shot down over Ukraine? #Fake

Russian experts have claimed Malaysian Boeing MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian warplane and not a ground to air missile.

This follows the release of ‘leaked’ satellite images which show a missile streaking towards the passenger plane, produced tonight by Russia’s main state broadcaster.

It was claimed that the space pictures were from a British or US satellite.

The flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was travelling over the conflict-hit region when it disappeared from radar.

A total of 283 passengers, including 80 children, and 15 crew members were killed.

TV presenter Mikhail Leontiev claimed that the mysterious source who provided the images concluded they showed ‘how a Mig-29 fighter plane destroys the Boeing passenger plane’.

The West has repeatedly suggested the plane was shot down by pro-Moscow rebels using a Russian-made BUK missile system.

Russia has argued an unidentified plane was in vicinity at the time of the crash, and that Ukraine and the West have hushed up this fact.

The Kremlin-owned channel’s presenter said: ‘Today we have all grounds to suppose that a State crime was committed by those who deliberately destroyed the plane. And by those who are cynically hiding it, having the full information.’

The extraordinary broadcast came ahead of Western leaders including David Cameron confronting Vladimir Putin over the crash at a summit in Australia.

Channel One claimed: ‘We have at our disposal a sensational shot, supposedly made by foreign satellite spy during the final seconds of MH17 above Ukraine.’

The reported disputed a BUK missile as the cause of the tragedy.

‘To cut it short, it looks like there was no BUK and no launch from the ground. There were dozens professional and thousands of amateur witnesses, and no-one registered it,’ claimed Leontiev.

Ivan Adrievskiy, vice president of Russian Engineers Union, said: ‘We see a photograph taken from space from a low orbit. Usually such images are taken for the sake of general reconnaissance of the air and the ground.

‘The coordinates of the photograph mean we can suppose that the image was taken by an American or British satellite.

‘We have studied this picture in detail and did not find any sign proving it to be fake.’

An ‘expert’ called George Bilt was cited as saying the Boeing was shot out of the sky in ‘a classic fighter jet attack from the rear’.

Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainians of ‘constantly shelling’ the MH17 crash site earlier this week amid steeply rising concern in the West that he has ordered massive military reinforcements to bolster pro-Moscow rebel forces. dailymail.co.uk

Report slams new surveillance pictures released by Russian state broadcaster as a ‘shoddy fake’

Iran: Israeli stealth drone downed at nuclear facility

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claimed on Sunday that an Israeli stealth drone had been brought down above the Natanz uranium enrichment site in the centre of the country.

The semi-official Fars news agency reported that Iran’s elite forces had intercepted and brought down an unmanned aircraft belonging to “the Zionist regime”. The news was announced in a statement published by the guards, but it was not clear when the incident, if true, happened.

“This mischievous act once again reveals the adventurist nature of the Zionist regime [of Israel] and added another black page to this fake and warmongering regime’s file which is full of crimes,” said the Revolutionary Guards’ statement.

The state news agency ISNA reported that the aircraft was “of the stealth, radar-evasive type and it intended to penetrate the off-limits nuclear area in Natanz … but was targeted by a ground-to-air missile before it managed to enter the area.”

A spokesman for the Revolutionary Guards later told Iranian television that parts of the aircraft had been retrieved. Iran claimed to have reverse engineered a drone after capturing an American RQ-170 Sentinel in 2011. theguardian.com

IRGC vows to speed up arming West Bank in response to Israel’s spying operation

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