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Lawyer claims Zintan released Gaddafi’s son Saif

The son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, has reportedly been released from prison, more than four years after he was caught trying to flee the country by a rebel militia, despite being sentenced to death last year.

“He is well and safe and in Libya,” his lawyer Karim Khan told France 24, revealing that his client had been set free back on April 12, though the news had not been made public until now. Khan suggested that Gaddafi did not face any future charges, and was let go “in accordance with Libyan law.”

Gaddafi had been held by an autonomous militia in the inland city of Zintan, following his capture in November 2011, on the way to Niger in the wake of his father’s summary execution.

In 2015 a court in Tripoli, under control of Libya Dawn, a rival faction to the one holding him, sentenced him to death for ordering troops to fire at civilian targets, recruiting militia units, and inciting rape and murder during the Libyan civil war.

The trial was widely condemned by international organizations for slapdash judicial standards, and using confessions obtained under torture. Gaddafi was never handed over by the Zintan militia.

The 44-year-old Gaddafi is still wanted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague for a host of crimes against humanity, and war crimes associated with his father’s regime. But Khan said that a repeat trial would constitute double jeopardy.

“It is prohibited to try an individual twice for the same offense,” he insisted.

The urbane, London School of Economics-educated Gaddafi was often considered the second-in-command in Tripoli in the latter part of his father’s rule, and was touted to become his successor, before the war broke out.

His also led a lavish lifestyle, in which he socialized with Europe’s most prominent politicians and tycoons, and dated a well-known Israeli actress. rt.com

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This is what Libya Dawn does:
(Libya Dawn makes up the majority of the UN unity government forces):
British war graves in Libya desecrated by Islamist militants

This is what ISIS does:
ISIS destroy Christian graves and headstones with sledgehammers
as Islamist terror group continues its purge against other religions


Israeli spy Pollard released after 30 years in U.S. prison

Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was released on Friday after 30 years in an American prison but he will stay in the United States under strict parole conditions in a case that strained relations between the two allies for decades.

Pollard, a former civilian intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy, was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted in 1987 of passing classified information to Israel.

He was released from a federal prison in North Carolina and headed to New York, where he was set up for electronic monitoring as required under his parole, according to spokesmen for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Marshals Service.

“After 30 years in prison, he wants to get his life back on track,” said Eliot Lauer, one of Pollard’s attorneys.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, which has long pushed for Pollard to be freed, welcomed his release. But Netanyahu has urged Israelis not to celebrate too much in case that damages efforts to persuade the U.S. government to let Pollard leave for Israel sooner. reuters.com

Suspected mastermind of Mumbai terror attack released

The man accused of masterminding the 2008 terror attack on Mumbai has walked free from a Pakistani jail after detention orders against him were dropped.

The decision of Lahore’s high court to release Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, the alleged military chief of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) group, was described as an “insult to the victims” of the attack, in which 166 people were killed.

Delhi is frustrated by Pakistan’s seven-year failure to successfully prosecute any of those allegedly involved in sending a boatload of young suicide attackers to India’s financial capital.

Rizwan Abbasi, the lawyer acting for Lakhvi, confirmed his client had been released from Adiala jail in Rawalpindi following the end of his “illegal detention”.

“Justice Anwar ul-Haq in his orders declared the detention unjustified and ordered an immediate release of Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi from the jail,” he said.

Pakistan’s government had battled to keep Lakhvi behind bars since he was granted bail by an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad on 18 December last year, two days after a Taliban massacre of schoolchildren in Peshawar prompted the government to make grand promises to crack down on terrorist groups.

The state, however, was only able to use “maintenance of public order” legislation to hold him, because prosecutors have failed to marshal a case against him. theguardian.com

Turkey confirms ISIL released kidnapped drivers

Takfiri ISIL insurgents in Iraq have released over 30 Turkish truck drivers they kidnapped in the country last month.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has confirmed the report. He added that the drivers were handed over to consular staff. The drivers are now heading to Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region. The terrorist group had seized them in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on June 9. A few days later, the militants abducted nearly 50 people from the Turkish consulate including the head of the mission there. They include Special Forces, diplomats and children. This is while Turkey, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is accused of supporting insurgent groups in Iraq.

Egyptian court orders the release of Hosni Mubarak

Deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak will leave jail as early as Thursday after a court ruling that jolted a divided nation already in turmoil seven weeks after the army toppled Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

Convening on Wednesday at the Cairo jail where Mubarak is held, the court ordered the release of the military man who ruled Egypt for 30 years until he was overthrown during the uprisings that swept the Arab world in early 2011.

Asked when his client would go free, Mubarak’s lawyer, Fareed al-Deeb, told Reuters: “Maybe tomorrow”.

Mubarak, 85, was sentenced to life in prison last year for failing to prevent the killing of demonstrators. But a court accepted his appeal earlier this year and ordered a retrial. reuters.com

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