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Libya: “Why the Gaddafi loyalists are back” – MEE

The situation in Libya is so chaotic that the “libyanisation” neologism is currently imposing itself. It has become a fatal combination of balkanisation – the division of a state into autonomous districts – and somalisation – the failing of a government in favour of militia groups.

Currently, the country has three governments. During the last five years, Libya has seen two general elections, an aborted coup d’etat, the arrival of the Islamic State group (IS) and low-intensity ethnic conflicts. The decaying situation is such that more and more Libyans are calling for a return of the Jamahiriya (“state of the masses”), implemented by Muammar Gaddafi.

“We want to liberate the Jamahiriya, which was the victim of a coup d’etat led by NATO”, Franck Pucciarelli told the Middle East Eye. The Frenchman, who lives in Tunisia, is the spokesman for a group of partisans of the Libyan and international revolutionary groups, who act as the transmission belt for the Gaddafi ideology. He explained that members have been working since 2012 from outside the country.

The organisation reportedly has some 20,000 members in Libya and 15,000 to 20,000 exiled former soldiers are prepared to return. “We are able to organise a popular uprising and if Libya falls into chaos, it is thanks to our actions,” states the spokesman.

Ahmed, a former director at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs today living in Tunisia, is more measured. “We have made the most of the instability to return, but are not responsible for anything, he told MEE. The Libyan people and international community have simply realised that Libya can only be governed under the Jamahiriya”.
The three types of Gaddafi loyalists

The two men do, however, agree on the political organisation of the country after regaining power. The idea is to hold a referendum – or rather a plebiscite – on the return of the Jamahiriya with the presence of the international community to supervise the vote. It would be a relatively modernised state of the masses, with a senate representing the tribes, a lower house and above all a constitution –which were lacking under Mouammar Gaddafi.

It is a scenario which causes Rachid Kechana, director of the North African Study Centre on Libya, to smile. He accepts that there is a sustainable renewal of the green ideology (the colour of the Jamahiriya). “The return to grace of the former regime can above all be understood by the failure of the post-revolutionary transition. And the Gaddafi ideologies are based on this failure to return to the forefront of the political scene, and not a genuine popular acceptance. The Gaddafi loyalists will never return to power, but they will have some importance, through strategic alliances in the future Libya.” middleeasteye.net

Note source is Qatari – Pro Muslim Brotherhood/Misrata – applauds the murder of supporters of the Jamahiriya – “The most revolutionary militia in Tripoli (Muslim Brotherhood & al-Qaeda alliance – Libya Dawn) has understood the potential danger of such a rampant nostalgia to develop. In June, they assassinated 12 loyalists in Tripoli from the Jamahiriya who had just completed their prison sentences for crimes committed in 2011.”

Libya ~ Caravan pro-Gaddafi in Benghazi ~ July 6, 2016

East Libyan factions see possible boost in Trump victory

Assange: Clinton’s war in Libya caused the migrant crisis

International Criminal Court aims to make Libya a priority for next year, says Prosecutor

EU’s genocidal partners in the migrant crisis strike again?

A Medecins Sans Frontieres ship taking part in migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean came under attack from armed men last week who shot at the vessel before briefly climbing aboard, the medical charity said Thursday.

Nobody was hurt in the incident which took place on August 17, the group said.

The Bourbon Argos was “approached and attacked by a group of armed men on board an unidentified speedboat” as the rescue vessel was conducting a search operation some 24 nautical miles (44 km) north of the Libyan coast, MSF said in a statement.

The men began firing at the Bourbon Argos when they were several hundred metres (yards) away and then boarded the vessel, it added.

The crew hid in a safe room while the armed men walked around the ship for some 50 minutes before leaving again, “without stealing or removing anything”.

“There were no people rescued on board that day and neither the crew members nor the MSF staff were harmed,” said the charity, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

“Although we don’t know the identity of the attackers or their motivation, our initial assessment of the facts shows that they were professional and well-trained,” said MSF operations coordinator Stefano Argenziano.

“This was a serious and worrying attack, with shooting toward our boat which could have put our staff in acute physical danger.”

There are around a dozen vessels run by humanitarian groups that patrol the waters off the Libyan coast, accounting for over a fifth of all rescue missions of migrants and refugees seeking to reach Europe, often aboard flimsy and overcrowded boats. worldbulletin.net

Mediterranean migrant crisis: ‘If Europe thinks bombing boats will stop smuggling, it will not. We will defend ourselves,’ says the Prime Minister of Libya Dawn Khalifa al-Ghweil independent.co.uk

The EU’s plans to cooperate more closely with Libya on migration risk fuelling the rampant ill-treatment and indefinite detention in horrifying conditions of thousands of refugees and migrants, said Amnesty International. amnesty.org

Last week the human rights organization Amnesty International and the aid organization Doctors Without Borders reported that torture and ill-treatment is widespread among military and security forces and armed rebels who run prisons. For which NATO is responsible since it has brought this band of criminals into power.

The worst thing happened to black people, no matter if migrants or native Libyans.

They were slaughtered …
… and thrown into mass graves by the hundreds.
It’s always the same colonial powers like the U.S., UK and France and its NATO accomplices who perform one war of conquest after another. Under the pretext of UN Resolution 1973, which merely meant to enforce a “no-fly zone” and an arms embargo—both allegedly to protect the Libyans from Muammar Gaddafi—the presnt assault was staged as a ruthless act of aerial warfare, coordinated with murderous rebels on the ground. theoccidentalobserver.net

Photos show refugees fleeing (UN/NATO’s so called anti-ISIS/Misrata forces) Libya being rescued at sea

Another report
‘Libyan coastguard’ speedboat attacked migrant dinghy, says NGO

Libya: “because we are black we have no rights, no freedom”

The EU has aligned themselves with the UN imposed government to resolve the migrant crisis, which is made up of Libya Dawn/Misrata forces. Misratan forces are notorious for hate crimes against black Libyans, & black migrants, wiping out a whole village, murdering & then dumping their bodies into mass graves.

Abu Bakar is 24, and from Mali in West Africa. His shocking testimony about his time in Libya shows why so many refugees stuck in the country are desperate to leave.

SAS are not just advising but fighting alongside Dawn

If you were to write Libya’s current events as a novel, a publisher would throw it out, on the grounds that it was too improbable even as a work of fiction.

​Just consider: Libya has a new government, the Government of National Accord (GNA), which is backed, indeed created by western powers, yet supported by almost nobody in Libya. So much so that, two months after arriving in Tripoli, its seven strong presidency council – two members having already quit – the rest – when there’re there – cannot even leave the naval base. They hold sham meetings in a bunker with visiting dignitaries and are protected by paid Dawn militias on the base.

The Prime Minister’s Office in Tripoli is occupied by Libya Dawn people. Dawn created the National Salvation Government in Tripoli.

​The farce escalated on March 31, when the GNA, more accurately the Presidency Council, chosen not by election but by a UN-chaired commission, arrived in the Libyan capital by boat. Boat? Yes, because Libya Dawn, the coalition of extremist and Misrata militias that controls Tripoli, had then threatened to shoot down their plane. An Italian warship conveyed these seven men, bearing a UN mandate, to a spot just over the horizon. Then a rusty Libyan naval cutter ferried them the last few miles, to preserve the illusion that this was a Libyan operation, not one engineered by Western puppet-masters.

​Once in the naval base, the council, which is not part of the yet to be confirmed 30 Ministers and 60 Deputy Ministers of the GNA, are led by a “designate prime minister” Fayez Serraj, a businessman, who has been unable to move into the city though he now frequently visits other countries; staying anywhere but Libya if he can. Dawn still controls the city, and the pro-Dawn pro-Muslim Brotherhood chiefs of central bank and oil remain in post. So Serraj and his Council HAD to make a deal with Dawn!

PC/GNA members can’t even get into the government offices, which are still occupied by Dawn’s own National Salvation Government.

​Instead, the GNA has agreed that Libya Dawn can be its security force.

What the PC/GNA have done is let the members of Dawn create, accepted by the UN, a State Council, supposedly an advisory body only but increasingly seen as the power in Tripoli with Misratan Abdel Rahman Swehli as its head and cooperating with his cousin, the ambitious Deputy designate PM Ahmed Maetig, seem both to have effectively usurped Serraj’s authority.

In turn, this has infuriated the elected parliament, based in the eastern city of Tobruk. That parliament -the HOR – refuses to vote for the new phantom GNA government, and members are dismayed to see Dawn now cemented in control of the capital through the State Council.

As as result, the East, Cyrenaica, appear to be breaking away. Early in May they tried to sell their own oil. The UN stopped them. The UN issued an edict to blockade Tobruk port – Hariga – Libya’s only current export terminal. Then after a few days the blockade was negotiated away. What was agreed is unknown.

Now the East are about to issue their own currency.

​Libya Dawn might control the capital, reducing the GNA to impotence, but Tobruk has some very strong cards also. The east has most of Libya’s oil. Its National Army, commanded by Gen.Khalifa Haftar, is more powerful than Dawn’s. In the east, its units have occupied key oil fields in the Sirte Basin and other strategic positions. In the west, its allied units in Zintan have closed pipelines that pass through their territory from oil fields to Zawia, Tripoli’s only real oil port, while proudly announcing newly-formed combat units loyal to the Libyan Army and Hafter.

The east has most of the oil, and knows it is in a powerful position to issue its own currency, 4 billion Libyan Dinars no less, printed in Russia, and available to the people from the 1st June, even as Tripoli’s central bank also starts distributing their notes printed in Britain.

​With Tobruk holding the key economic and military cards, though the PC first called such currency counterfeit, Serraj this week agreed a compromise; the east can issue its currency, if it cooperates with the Tripoli bank so that both currencies co-exist. Lets see how long that lasts.

It must be noted that on the ‘US Embassy of Libya’ Facebook site, the Americans issued a categoric statement that the Russian made money was counterfeit. I wonder will they issue a retraction?

​The reality is that the civil war goes on, and the east, disenchanted by the shambles of a “unity” government and interference of the international community, has in effect broken away, taking Libya’s oil with it, and leaving western powers grasping at straws and looking incompetent.

​This has not stopped pro-Dawn elements in Serraj’s presidency council from starting a purge of foreign embassies to instal their own people. With the power of UN backing, the purge cannot be opposed. A mass clearout is taking place in Libyan embassies across the world. But these purges will only further antagonise Tobruk, and indeed all Libyans who feel that an extremist-Misrata coalition of militias should not rule Libya to the exclusion of everyone else. The West should be ashamed.

​The farce is speading beyond Libya’s shores. After the revelation revealed in The Times that British special forces are not just advising, but fighting alongside Misrata forces battling IS, the head of the British parliament’s powerful foreign affairs committee, Crispin Blunt MP, has demanded Prime Minister Cameron come clean about exactly what the SAS is up to in Libya. His concern: That British units will become embroiled not just in Misrata’s war against IS, but with its bigger battle against Haftar’s forces. Hafter’s forces are covertly advised by Russian and French special forces, leading to the possibility of a very awkward confrontation. Let alone the fact that Egypt and the UAE also support the East Libyans.

​Meanwhile, the US is rushing ahead with plans to arm GNA forces, who will be only Dawn militias, after Haftar said categorically he does not accept the GNA as a legitimate government. The US insists the weapons will only be used against IS, but if Dawn militias turn them on Haftar’s forces, the west will find itself embroiled in a proxy war. While Washington supports the GNA, Moscow in particular is increasingly throwing its weight behind the elected parliament in Tobruk, raising the prospect of a diplomatic mailstrom similar to that which is now unfolding in Syria.

No, a publisher would say, shaking their head, this kind of mess is just not credible. Not even as fiction.

Could western powers, with such powerful intelligence services, with so much brain-power and stored experience, really contrive this mess? All I can say is, good luck to future historians, or come to that, congressional and parliamentary inquiries, trying to untangle this mess.

The very short answer for those who can’t wait for historians or parliamentary reports is the fact that both Washington and London are seduced at the very highest levels by the formidable internationally organised Muslim Brotherhood who support the militias of Tripoli and Misrata and want the control of Libya and her assets inside and outside the country.

We in the West couldn’t have made the situation worse if we tried. – Exclusive to Times of Oman timesofoman.com

Britain is at war in Libya and nobody thought to tell us

How much of London is owned by Qatar’s royal family?

Britain targets Qatar as priority market for arms sales

British arms sales to the Middle East are probably fuelling Isis, says Jeremy Corbyn

British navy ship poised to be sent to Libya on anti-smuggling mission

Dawn; The UK’s parter in tackling the migrant crisis? Their previous experience here
(Note. Lie that Gaddafi had given his men Viagra was used to justify Dawn war crimes).


An example of the Muslim Brotherhoods actions in Egypt:
(Note. the flag @ 2:27)

(0:49 Muslim Brotherhood & friends)

NATO cmdr: Syria, Russia using migrant crisis as a ‘weapon’

When you are at fault on the political stage, step 1 is to blame your opponent in the hope that it will push them into a defensive position.

Top NATO General Philip Breedlove warned US lawmakers Tuesday that Russia is helping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad turn the refugee crisis into a “weapon” against the West.

…As though the US-led coalitions objective didn’t include the deliberate destabilization of countries in hopes of provoking regime change. The arming & training of terrorists in hopes of provoking regime change can not be allowed to be successful, the end must not justify the means, this is a disastrous policy & refugees are just a small part of the blowback created by it. This is a policy that can not continue, ISIS is just the latest byproduct of US foreign policy. When does this policy end? Before or after a nuclear world war? US led military interventions have been consistently disastrous producing the opposite of their stated objectives, ISIS are bad, US military adventurisum which is the source of ISIS’s rise is worse, ridiculous statements such as those made by Breedlove, further lead me to thinking that the US can not be trusted to be part of the solution in Syria.

In March 2011, Gaddafi warned that without unified and stable Libya there would be no one to control countless migrants from Africa and the Middle East from fleeing to Europe. Unlike Western leaders, he apparently understood that millions, not thousands will come, should Tripoli fall.

“There are millions of blacks who could come to the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the Mediterranean,” he told the France 24 television station.

Gaddafi’s son Saif, once considered the heir apparent and now on death row awaiting execution, echoed the sentiment in the same interview.

“Libya may become the Somalia of North Africa, of the Mediterranean. You will see the pirates in Sicily, in Crete, in Lampedusa. You will see millions of illegal immigrants. The terror will be next door,” he noted.

Another quote, attributed to Gaddafi, paints a vivid picture of what the late colonel expected to happen: “The Mediterranean will become a sea of chaos.” sputniknews.com

The 2012 Benghazi attack. – The indication is that the CIA had a gun running operation from Libya, to Turkey, then on to Syria. The reason for the covert operation would be to arm the most effective Syrian opposition group at that time, which was al-Nusra, al-Qaeda in Syria. Al-Qaeda in Iraq started to see al-Nusra as threat to their own power in the region, there was an internal power struggle, leading to the rise of ISIS as a seperate group that does not follow the leadership of Ayman al-Zawahiri, who became the leader of al-Qaeda after the death of Bin Laden.

Clinton won her encounter at the Benghazi hearings, but one important deception was exposed. The administration tried to mislead the American people about the attackers’ motives telegraph.co.uk

Libyan fighters join Syrian revolt against Assad

The Libyans aiding the Syrian rebels include specialists in communications, logistics, humanitarian issues and heavy weapons, he said. They operate training bases, teaching fitness and battlefield tactics. reuters.com

Riot hits Moscow after migrant accused of killing local

Massive riots have shaken southern Moscow as locals spilled out onto the streets outraged by the recent killing of a young man there. They argue an uncontrolled flow of illegal migrants has turned their neighbourhood into a crime centre, as the police has arrested around 200 people there and 60 others in Moscow’s north-east. RT’s Lucy Kafanov is in the thick of events for us.  rt.com

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