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LNA captures Derna militant involved in 2015 beheading

An Islamic State (IS) militant who was involved in the beheading in Derna of a Libyan National Army (LNA) soldier in 2015 has been captured in an LNA undercover operation in the town, it has been revealed.

Anis Bualjieh Awami, who held up the head of Abdulnabi Al-Shargawi at the Ateeq Mosque on 3 June 2015, was captured last month, although the news has only just been divulged. He was seized near his home in Derna by a small unit sent in to grab him and others.

Shargawi was an LNA volunteer who was captured on 29 May 2015 and then publicly beheaded a week later at the mosque. Awami was not the actual executioner. That was said to be Abdul Rahman Mikraz, killed a few days latter in fighting between IS and the Abu Sleem Brigade, the main element in the Derna Mujahideen Shoura Council forces. Awami was one of IS guards at the execution and held up the head to be photographed.

A local resident of Derna, born in 1987, he pledged allegiance to IS in 2014. After it was crushed by the muhajideen he was arrested and held first at a prison in the western Shiha area then transferred to Bishr prison. In 2016, he changed allegiance like a number of others, to the mujadideen. He then started working as a guard in the same prison, then later as a checkpoint guard. libyaherald.com

‘Russia never refused to help us’ – Haftar to RT

The commander of the Libyan national army has been explaining the help and hindrance of foreign states, in the conflict that’s plaguing the country. General Khalifa Haftar’s been visiting Moscow, and has been speaking exclusively to RT.He took part in the coup that brought Gaddafi to power, but also played a crucial role in toppling him in 2011. RT’s Sameera Khan explains how General Haftar fought his way back into Libya’s political arena after decades abroad.

Lavrov tells Hafter Russia backs UN mediation; praises Hafter’s Paris meet with Serraj

Saif Qaddafi says Italian deployment is attempt at recolonisation: report

Aref Nayed condemns U.S. & Turk support for MB & al-Qaeda

Aref Nayed, the former Libyan ambassador, who is seen as a possible candidate from the premiership, has attacked the international community for not supporting Khalifa Hafter’s Libyan National Army (LNA) as its fights the Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB) which he described as an “Al-Qaeda” army. It was in alliance with Al-Qaeda affiliates and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Possible assassination attempt on Saif al-Islam Gaddafi?

The Libyan news agency reveal an attempt Hfter and Trabelsi failed to get rid of Saif al- Islam

I learned agency JANA news agency from an informed source, that “Khalifa Haftar” Commander of the Parliament of Tobruk troops, has by his ally in Zintan “Imed Trabelsi,” the commander of the militia lightning unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the engineer, “Saif al-Islam Gaddafi,” in exchange for a sum of money estimated at 10 million dinars.

The source explained that the attempt to “Hfter” and “Tripoli” relied on to get rid of Dean “Idris material” and Dean “Ajami Aotaira” commanders Room Western Region Operations Battalion Abu Bakr detainee has “Saif al-Islam,” and replace them with others is their loyalty to the “Trabelsi “In order for them to control the detainee held by the” sword of Islam “and get rid of it later.

The source added that this attempt Abaat failure after leaked from some of the officers belonging to what is known of public leadership in the meadow, and access to the people of the city of Zintan who fought them and cut off suppress.

And said editor (height) for Political Affairs This attempt comes in continuation of the plot in February that targeted the leaders and men of the nation, and that “Hfter” who did not hide his ambition to rule the country had sent the envoys to the US administration in order to help it ruled the country, as well was quoted by the media about the French Ambassador in Tunis that “Hfter” over her openly about his intention at the head of Libya, from this standpoint sees “Saif al-Islam,” the greatest threat to his political ambitions, because of its experience of policy and support between the Libyan tribes and the rest of the segments Libyan people, who have become view him as the key to resolve the Libyan crisis, and lift the nation which beset by devastation and destruction long various walks of life, and the Arab and international parties have become the last name put on discussions about Libya table.

It is noteworthy that “Saif al-Islam,” which has more than five years in captivity in Zintan reunited the amnesty law adopted by the Parliament in the month of Tobruk Nasser 2015. jamahiriyanewsagency.wordpress.com

Was Libyan rebel chief killed by his own forces? Mysterious circumstances surround Younis’ death

Following confirmation that Younis had indeed defected to the side of the rebels, he was declared commander-in-chief of its armed forces. In March, a military spokesperson announced that Khalifa Haftar had replaced Younis as commander of the military; however, the National Transitional Council denied this. By April, Younis held the role of commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, with Omar El-Hariri serving as Younis’s Chief of Staff, while Haftar took the third most senior position as the commander of ground forces with the rank of lieutenant general.

At Younis’s funeral, his son Ashraf called for Gaddafi’s return to bring stability back to Libya. “We want the green flag back,” he shouted to the crowd, referring to Gaddafi’s national banner. It was a risky display of emotion in a region so supportive of the rebels.

Haftar: No political future for the engineer Saif al-Islam

EU reaches out to Russia to broker deal with Libyan general Haftar

Could Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Solve the Libya Crisis?

Libya’s Saif al-Islam survives ‘assassination attempt’ in Zintan

Muslim Brotherhood calls for an end to assault on al-Qaeda

The Libya Muslim Brotherhood group had denounced, in a statement, the brutal bombardment of the airstrikes of the Army that led by General Khalifa Haftar in the residential area of Ganfouda area in Benghazi. The statement condemned the siege of Haftar’s army on the city of Derna and the air raids on the city. Muslim Brotherhood group expressed concern over kidnapping the innocent civilians in many areas in the country. It called for supporting the efforts that seek to stop the bloodshed. libyaprospect.com

As the Libya National Army has been making gains against al-Qaeda in & around Benghazi, the Libya branch of the Muslim Brotherhood have been calling for an end to the assault on the al-Qaeda stronghold of Ganfouda.

The main opposition to the LNA in that area is Shura Council – The first group in Libya to choose the side of ISIS in relation to the al-Qaeda power struggle, they remained part of the Libya Dawn coalition, they were still part of ISIS during the beach attacks in Tunisia, at that time Libya Dawn were taking Tunisian diplomats hostage, & rounding up hundreds of Tunisian working in the country. The attack on the Tunisian tourist resort Port El Kantaoui, relsuted in Thirty-eight people, 30 of whom were British, being killed.

When the Muslim Brotherhood decided that ISIS had become a threat to their own power & control, the Shura Council flipped their allegiance back to Ayman al-Zawahiri leadership, from ISIS leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This did not make them any more moderate, under the labeled of “Benghazi Defense Brigades” with al-Sharia who perpetrated the 2012 Beghazi attack, which resulted in the deaths of several Americans. They have been sending car bombs into LNA controlled areas in Benghazi, on an almost daily basis.

On the 21 July Amnesty International acknowledged that al-Qaeda groups in Ganfouda had taken hostages, & were using them as human shields, following with the comments that should these civilians be killed during the anti terrorist operations, then it could be used as evidence of LNA war crimes. Did Amnesty International open the door to al-Qaeda harming/executing hostages? to be used as anti LNA propaganda.

“No one should be held as a hostage or treated as a human shield. Even if Ansar al-Sharia were intentionally using detainees as human shields, this would not absolve the Libyan National Army of their obligation to take their presence into account and to avoid launching disproportionate or otherwise indiscriminate attacks, which may amount to war crimes,” said Magdalena Mughrabi – Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa, Amnesty International.

30 September: Magdalena Mughrabi calls up on al-Qaeda to protect the lives of civilians, she is calling on a terrorist organization who is using hostages as human shields to protect the lives of civilians. While BDB have been using Ganfouda as a base of operations to launch car bomb attacks on LNA controlled areas, such as the attack on children leaving their school.

“All the warring parties must take all feasible precautions to protect the lives of civilians caught up in the fighting in Ganfouda and other parts of Libya in line with their obligations under international humanitarian law,” said Magdalena Mughrabi.

There is a notable difference between unintendedly killing civilians who are being used as human shields by al-Qaeda, & deliberately using a car bomb to target children leaving a school.

If the LNA fail to act in defense of their homeland then the alternative is to let Benghazi fall to al-Qaeda, at which point the civilians in LNA areas of control would be used as human shields or slaughtered. Not to mention it would mean allowing al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood to gain control of Africa’s largest oil reserves on Europe’s doorstep.

ISIS flag in the Benghazi Shura Council HQ in Guwarsha, Oct 2014
Celebrations in Benghazi after LNA announce capture of Gwarsha
Map via Nadia Ramadan – Tripoli
19 June 2015:
Tunisian consular workers freed ‘in exchange for Libya Dawn commander
26 June 2015:
2015 Sousse attacks

Libyan Dawn: Map of allies and enemies

The farce is speading beyond Libya’s shores. After the revelation revealed in The Times that British special forces are not just advising, but fighting alongside Misrata (Libya Dawn) forces battling IS, the head of the British parliament’s powerful foreign affairs committee, Crispin Blunt MP, has demanded Prime Minister Cameron come clean about exactly what the SAS is up to in Libya. His concern: That British units will become embroiled not just in Misrata’s war against IS, but with its bigger battle against Haftar’s forces. Hafter’s forces are covertly advised by Russian and French special forces, leading to the possibility of a very awkward confrontation. Let alone the fact that Egypt and the UAE also support the East Libyans. timesofoman.com

Libya: “Why the Gaddafi loyalists are back” – MEE

The situation in Libya is so chaotic that the “libyanisation” neologism is currently imposing itself. It has become a fatal combination of balkanisation – the division of a state into autonomous districts – and somalisation – the failing of a government in favour of militia groups.

Currently, the country has three governments. During the last five years, Libya has seen two general elections, an aborted coup d’etat, the arrival of the Islamic State group (IS) and low-intensity ethnic conflicts. The decaying situation is such that more and more Libyans are calling for a return of the Jamahiriya (“state of the masses”), implemented by Muammar Gaddafi.

“We want to liberate the Jamahiriya, which was the victim of a coup d’etat led by NATO”, Franck Pucciarelli told the Middle East Eye. The Frenchman, who lives in Tunisia, is the spokesman for a group of partisans of the Libyan and international revolutionary groups, who act as the transmission belt for the Gaddafi ideology. He explained that members have been working since 2012 from outside the country.

The organisation reportedly has some 20,000 members in Libya and 15,000 to 20,000 exiled former soldiers are prepared to return. “We are able to organise a popular uprising and if Libya falls into chaos, it is thanks to our actions,” states the spokesman.

Ahmed, a former director at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs today living in Tunisia, is more measured. “We have made the most of the instability to return, but are not responsible for anything, he told MEE. The Libyan people and international community have simply realised that Libya can only be governed under the Jamahiriya”.
The three types of Gaddafi loyalists

The two men do, however, agree on the political organisation of the country after regaining power. The idea is to hold a referendum – or rather a plebiscite – on the return of the Jamahiriya with the presence of the international community to supervise the vote. It would be a relatively modernised state of the masses, with a senate representing the tribes, a lower house and above all a constitution –which were lacking under Mouammar Gaddafi.

It is a scenario which causes Rachid Kechana, director of the North African Study Centre on Libya, to smile. He accepts that there is a sustainable renewal of the green ideology (the colour of the Jamahiriya). “The return to grace of the former regime can above all be understood by the failure of the post-revolutionary transition. And the Gaddafi ideologies are based on this failure to return to the forefront of the political scene, and not a genuine popular acceptance. The Gaddafi loyalists will never return to power, but they will have some importance, through strategic alliances in the future Libya.” middleeasteye.net

Note source is Qatari – Pro Muslim Brotherhood/Misrata – applauds the murder of supporters of the Jamahiriya – “The most revolutionary militia in Tripoli (Muslim Brotherhood & al-Qaeda alliance – Libya Dawn) has understood the potential danger of such a rampant nostalgia to develop. In June, they assassinated 12 loyalists in Tripoli from the Jamahiriya who had just completed their prison sentences for crimes committed in 2011.”

Libya ~ Caravan pro-Gaddafi in Benghazi ~ July 6, 2016

East Libyan factions see possible boost in Trump victory

Assange: Clinton’s war in Libya caused the migrant crisis

International Criminal Court aims to make Libya a priority for next year, says Prosecutor

Explosion as pro-LNA protesters call for Serraj to be sacked

A home-made bomb left next to an ambulance in Benghazi’s Kish Square exploded this afternoon while pro-LNA demonstrations were taking place. Two people were slightly injured, an interior security services official told the Libya Herald.

Demonstrating against the Libyan Political Agreement, the UN, the US and Europe, as well as Faiez Serraj and Ibrahim Jadhran, and supporting Khalifa Hafter and the Libyan National Army (LNA), over a thousand people took part in the demonstration after Friday prayers today, following calls throughout the week from local political activists. Much of the protestors’ anger was directed against UN Special Envoy Martin Kobler and the US and Europe which during the week condemned the LNA’s takeover of the eastern oil terminals.

After the explosion, when the demonstrators refused to leave the square, the Thinni administration’s interior minister Mohammed Al-Madani Al-Fakhri and the head of Benghazi police Colonel Salah Hwaidi also joined them, apparently in an act of solidarity.

Calls for both Serraj and Kobler to be sacked were heard as well at similar demonstrations in Marj, Beida and Tobruk as well as in Zintan and Rajban in the west of the country. Around a dozen people also waved anti-Kobler posters in Tripoli’s Algeria Square. In Sebha, the numbers were slightly larger. In Tobruk, the protestors also thanked Egypt for its support and HoR president Ageela Saleh for his opposition to the Presidency Council.

Earlier in the day, Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shukri expressed his country’s full support for the LNA’s takeover last Sunday of the eastern oil terminals so as “to maintain security and stability in Libya and to secure Libyan oil wealth”.

Meanwhile in Benghazi, a house near Benina airport was damaged when it was hit by mortar fire. No one was hurt as the building was empty at the time.libyaherald.com

Pictures: Demonstration in support of the army in the Quiche Square in Benghazi

Quiche explosion Square during a demonstration in support of the army in Benghazi

Libya resumes oil exports from some major ports

Libyan Unity Prime Minister Visits Egypt After Oil Exports Resume

Mystery war plane kills civilians near Jufra

Libya’s National Army retake oil ports controled by UN-PFG

The forces led by Gen. Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the armed forces loyal to Libya’s Tobruk-based government, have gained full control of an area known as Libya’s oil crescent with its major oil terminals, general’s spokesman Khalifa Obeidi told Sputnik Sunday.

The eastern Libyan army is an ally of the parliament that is in charge in the country’s east and has not received the support of the international community. “The armed forces have taken full control of the areas of oil crescent, including the ports of Sidra, Brega, Ras Lanuf, as well as over 80 percent of Zueitina deposit,” Obeidi said. Libya has been in a state of turmoil since 2011. The country was later contested by two rival governments — the internationally-recognized Council of Deputies and the Tripoli-based General National Congress. On March 31, the long-anticipated UN-backed Government of National Accord in Libya started to perform its duties, but the government has so far failed to unite the country and remains unrecognized by eastern Libya sputniknews.com


UN-al-Qaeda & the Mulsim Brotherhood continuing fight against ISIS to control Sirte.

Al Jazeera spin off: ‘Fighting to die’: Fresh IS attacks delay “liberation” of Sirte

Muslim Brotherhood gained supporters throughout the world, & influenced other Islamist groups such as Hamas.

Hamas leader: We ‘love death for Allah like you love life’

Islamic State ‘We love death as you love life’ – BBC News

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Supports Anti-ISIS Forces in Libya

Haftar is not standing in the way of peace in Libya

With ISIS out of the way US-NATO seeks a new scapegoat for the Libya chaos, created by the 2011 NATO intervention.

The Washington Post reads: He’s a grandfather and longtime Washington suburbanite who now commands a powerful fighting force in northern Africa. He’s also a former CIA asset and anti-Islamist warrior who stands in the way of peace in Libya.

The United States and its allies can’t figure out what to do about Khalifa Hifter, the Libyan general whose refusal to support a fragile unity government has jeopardized hopes for stability in a country plagued by conflict. washingtonpost.com

General Khalifa Haftar is head of the Libyan National Army, he answers to the House of Representatives, which is the government elected by the vast majority of the Libyan people. HoR refuses to recognize the GNA, because Fayez Sarraj head of the UN imposed government, has aligned himself with terrorist organizations, making Muslim Brotherhood, & al-Qaeda terrorists look like anti-ISIS heroes. These Islamist groups are not only a threat to Libya but also Europe, many having very similar ideals to ISIS themselves. The so called anti ISIS forces are playing ball for now to gain training, military aid, they are terrorists gangs capturing territory in Libya, under the guise of fighting terrorism. In 2015 the so called anti ISIS forces were cooperating with ISIS against Haftar. In 2016 the Muslim Brotherhood started to see ISIS as a threat to their control in Libya, so with Western special forces backing them, they saw an opportunity to eliminate their competition.

An Islamist coupe was organized by Sadiq al-Ghariani operating at that time from the UK, against HoR the elected government, described by some as a poor man wondering the streets, who flipped to an excessively wealthy man in a short space of time. He is seen as the Grand Mufti of western Libya, in eastern Libya his terrorist gangs also known as Benghazi Defense Brigades, regularly carry out attacks against civilians in Benghazi, while al-Ghariani hides behind facade Sarraj in Tripoli.

Posters against al-Ghariani & the Muslim Brotherhood appear in the streets of the capital Tripoli, August 14, 2016.

With the corporate media focus on Haftar as the number one stumbling block in the way of peace & stability in Libya, the question remains; who is going to fight terrorism in Libya if Haftar is deposed?  Relying on the so called anti ISIS forces who’s ideology is similar to ISIS’s, is very short sighted to say the least.

The Modern Tokyo Times did an informative article on the emergence of “A New Threat to Libya’s Stability” the Benghazi Defense Companies (BDC), also known as the Benghazi defense Brigades, headed by Sadiq al-Ghariani, have been performing executions on the streets of Tripoli on Fayez Sarraj’s watch, & frequently attack Benghazi seeking Islamist rule in Eastern Libya, via terrorist acts. Aslo see Shaykh Sadiq al-Ghariani: A Profile of Libya’s Grand Mufti

Zintani forces allied to the Libyan National Army led by General Khalifa Hafter are reported to have captured a top Tunisian member of ISIS. libyaherald.com

Quiche Square demonstration in Benghazi, rejecting the GNA

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