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Iran & Turkey aid Iraq in taking back land from Kurds

Kurds on social media expressed their displeasure with the US, feeling abandoned, as Iraqi troops aided by Iran & Turkey lowered Kurdish flags in the city of Kirkuk, replacing them with the Iraqi flag. Kurds are dependent on large oilfields near the city, to secure an independent state. Iraq’s central government has been weakened previously by the Kurdish illegal oil trade, which some say contributed to the rise of ISIS.

“We #Kurds will never forget your treason 🖕#USA gov #Kirkukِ #TwitterKurds”

“”You were great fighting ISIS. Now, bye”, as they watched Iraq and Iran lowering Kurdish flags in Kirkuk.”

“Kurds fight IS after Iraq abandons Kirkuk.. .then iraq sides with Shia militia to take Kirkuk from Kurds”

“Iran and Turkey both colluding with Iraq in crushing Kurds. Whatever other disagreements, they always come together to oppress minorities.”

“Israel pls do not let kurds die silently like holocaust by Iranian backed militia in Iraq, we are your true friend under serious threat”

“Biggest mistake Kurds made was intervening and helping Iraq defeat ISIS. We should have sat back and watched Iraq burn to the ground.”

A Kurdish leader (Barzani): Blood of the martyrs, calls for independence are ‘not wasted’

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