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Libyan MB & al-Qaeda show support for Basit Igtet

Basit Igtet meeting Muslim_Brotherhood led by Mohamad Sawan. In the meeting also, Tunisia Muslim Brotherhood leader R. Ghannouchi.

Some supporters of the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, & Shura Council-al-Qaeda in Libya, took to the streets of Libya’s capital Tripoli, Green/Martyrs’ Square, to show support for Basit Igtet. Basit Igtet is married to Sara Bronfman, who’s father Edgar was the treasurer & chief executive of the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Basit Igtet anounced his intentions to run for president, & called upon his supporters to take to the streets on the 25th, as he arrived in Libya traveling from his resident country of Switzerland.

It is estimated that Sara Bronfman has funneled more than $100 million of her assets into NXIVM. NXIVM has been described as a brainwashing cult. In a video of the leader Keith Raniere, he appears to make indirect death threats, when his leadership is questioned.
“I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs & because of their beliefs”:

Richard Branson has permitted his name and a quotation to be used in connection with NXIVM.

Pro Islamist Libya Observer; interview with Basit Igtet:

Basit Igtet meeting with John McCain. 2011 Benghazi?
2011 meeting in Benghazi McCain calls Islamists his heroes.

In Lieberman’s final days as a senator, a reporter asked him if he would become a lobbyist. “No, I’m not going to do that,” he replied. But in November 2013, as Politico reported at the time, his law firm signed up as a foreign agent for Basit Igtet, a Libyan businessman and activist who was considering running for prime minister in Libya. Igtet made his money through assorted ventures in Switzerland, where his family had sought exile. He married Sara Bronfman, the daughter of Edgar Bronfman, who had been the billionaire chairman of Seagram and the president of the World Jewish Congress. The foreign agent registration form filed at the Justice Department noted that Lieberman would be part of the team handling this $100,000 project that would provide “government relations services” to Igtet.

A Benghazi native, Igtet was a long-shot candidate for prime minister. As Forbes noted, “Igtet believes he’s got the technocratic prowess to transform his country of six million people from the brink of civil war into the crown jewel of northern Africa. But skeptics say his status as a longtime expatriate and his lack of national security experience leave him ill-prepared to grasp control of deteriorating relations among warring rebel factions, police and the army.” And having a Jewish wife was probably not an asset. motherjones.com

U.S. launches first airstrikes in Libya under Trump; 17 IS fighters dead

Khalifa Haftar leaves for Rome visit

Obama administration considering more strikes on SAA

Note. The US-led coalition claimed that previous strikes on Syrian Army fighting ISIS were an accident.

U.S. military strikes against the Assad regime will be back on the table Wednesday at the White House, when top national security officials in the Obama administration are set to discuss options for the way forward in Syria. But there’s little prospect President Obama will ultimately approve them.

Inside the national security agencies, meetings have been going on for weeks to consider new options to recommend to the president to address the ongoing crisis in Aleppo, where Syrian and Russian aircraft continue to perpetrate the deadliest bombing campaign the city has seen since the five-year-old civil war began. A meeting of the Principals Committee, which includes Cabinet-level officials, is scheduled for Wednesday. A meeting of the National Security Council, which could include the president, could come as early as this weekend. washingtonpost.com

U.S. aiding ISIS & al-Qaeda, closer to war with Russia

Secretary of State John Kerry threatened on Wednesday to end all cooperation between the United States and Russia to stop Syria’s civil war, unless Russian and Syrian government attacks on Aleppo end. More than 250 people are believed to have been killed in the besieged city in the last week.

Kerry’s warning came in a telephone call Wednesday to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the State Department said, describing the latest U.S. ultimatum in Syria’s 5½-year conflict. Many have gone unfulfilled, including President Barack Obama’s declaration that the U.S. would take military action if Syrian President Bashar Assad crossed the “red line” of using chemical weapons.

It was unclear what effect Kerry’s words would have.

“The burden remains on Russia to stop this assault and allow humanitarian access to Aleppo and other areas in need,” Kerry told Lavrov, according to State Department spokesman John Kirby.

Kerry said the U.S. is preparing to “suspend U.S.-Russia bilateral engagement on Syria,” including talks on a possible counter-extremist partnership, “unless Russia takes immediate steps to end the assault on Aleppo and restore” a cease-fire. ap.org

Obama Unlikely to Vow No First Use of Nuclear Weapons

The sham rebrand of al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front

John Kerry: Assad won’t ‘benefit’ if new truce violated

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday of “repercussions” if his regime flouts a new ceasefire being negotiated with Moscow for the battered city of Aleppo.

“If Assad does not adhere to this, there will clearly be repercussions and one of them may be the total destruction of the ceasefire and they go back to war,” Kerry told reporters.

“I don’t think that Russia wants that. I don’t think that Assad is going to benefit from that,” he said.

“There may be even other repercussions that are being discussed but that is for the future to determine.”

A Feb. 27 truce between the Syrian regime and non-militant rebels raised hopes for efforts to resolve the five-year conflict.

But it has all but collapsed amid renewed fighting, the worst of it in Aleppo where a surge in violence has claimed more than 270 lives since April 22.

Washington and Moscow are now working together to include Aleppo in a freeze in fighting aimed at bolstering the broader truce brokered by both world powers.

“The cessation of hostilities was put in place precisely to give the people on the ground who are innocently caught between these warring factions some breather, some ability to be able to be safe and work this out at the negotiating table,” Kerry said. aranews.net

Syria rebels to be rewarded with arms if ceasefire fails

Netanyahu blasted for distorting holocaust history

Binyamin Netanyahu has met the US secretary of state, John Kerry, in Berlin amid a continuing storm of criticism over remarks by the Israeli prime minister claiming that the Palestinian grand mufti of Jerusalem had suggested the genocide of the Jews to Adolf Hitler.

Although Netanyahu tried to row back on his remarks that Hitler had been persuaded to initiate the Holocaust by the second world war Palestinian leader – made in a speech on Tuesday to the World Zionist Congress – historians and media commentators continued to weigh in, accusing him of everything from fabrication to helping the cause of Holocaust deniers. theguardian.com

*17 Sep* General: “only 4 or 5” U.S. backed moderate rebels

Army General Lloyd Austin, in charge of the anti-ISIS war effort from the U.S. Central Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday that only “four or five” members of the U.S.-trained moderate rebel force are still fighting the Islamic State in Syria. breitbart.com

The strongest & most willing force to fight ISIL on the ground is Assad-The Syrian army (SAA).

U.S.-trained Syria rebels openly refuse to fight ​al-Qaeda group al-Nusra,
& many have joined ISIL taking their U.S. supplied weapons with them.

01 Oct 2015‘Russia kills US-backed Syrian rebels in second day of air strikes as Iran prepares for ground offensive’ US-backed rebels in Syria say they were hit by Russian airstrikes on Thursday, on the second day of Russia’s air campaign over the country. telegraph.co.uk


US-backed Syrian rebels say they have been hit by Russian airstrikes theguardian.com

The U.S. led coalition’s pretext for airstrikes in Syria is the fight against ISIL, not Assad. The only “anti-Assad” forces left in Syria are either ISIL, or al-Nusra, & a few factions also aligned with al-Qaeda. It appears as though the U.S. are trying to deter Russia from attacking core al-Qaeda (al-Nusra), & wanting them to focus on rogue al-Qaeda (ISIL). In general it appears to be a media campaign with US-NATO countries trying undermine Russian efforts to fight terrorism. It is seen by some as a threat to U.S exceptionalism. The Syria “crisis” (engineered destabilization) was originally designed as the indirect attack on Iran, & a step towards war with Iran. The U.S. & co are not happy about the liquidation of their death squads, some hoping they would be used against Iran at a later date. The U.S. is in a state dissonance where they want to distance themselves from being seen as, a supporter of terrorism in hopes of provoking regime change, while at the same time protecting their terrorist assets on the ground.

McCain: Russian airstrikes target CIA-backed rebels cnn.com

Note. Anti-Assad forces = attempting to remove the strongest force against ISIL on the ground.

Russia again strikes Assad’s foes, amid US concerns afp.com

Syria crisis: Russian air strikes against Assad enemies bbc.com

Syria conflict: Jabhat al-Nusra jihadists show off weapons allegedly seized from-US trained rebels

Russia ‘is pouring gasoline on the fire’ of Syria’s civil war, says America
after Putin defies the West and drops bombs on non-ISIS forces fighting Assad

Obama moving towards U.S.-Russian coordination in Syria?

Amidst the hysteria of dyed in the wool warmongers, the Obama White House is approaching a rapprochement with Russia regarding the Syrian Civil War crisis. According to an article published by Fox News on Sept. 17,

“…the Obama administration plans to accept an offer from Russia for direct talks on its military buildup in Syria that U.S. officials believe is aimed at propping up Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

This offer, initiated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov — who has consistently been open to conferring with Western countries in foreign policy matters — was made to Secretary of State John Kerry earlier this week. Skull and Bones Kerry is showing unexpected goodwill in agreeing to hold talks between the US and Russia, saying he personally thought the idea was a good one. The report by Fox continued,

“Kerry said Lavrov had proposed a ‘military-to-military conversation and meeting in order to discuss the issue of precisely what will be done to de-conflict with respect to any potential risks that might be run and have a complete and clear understanding as to the road ahead and what the intentions are.’”[1]

The White House has been claiming to be “perplexed” by the recent Russian military buildup in Syria and these talks are an opportunity to have a clearer picture of the intentions of Russia. An Associated Press article published on Sept 16 quoted Secretary Kerry and reported the following,

“It is vital to avoid misunderstandings, miscalculations (and) not to put ourselves in a predicament where we are supposing something and the supposition is wrong.”

Nevertheless, Kerry is still demanding that Assad must be removed from power,

“In his call with Lavrov on Tuesday, his third in 10 days, Kerry said he sought clarity about Moscow’s moves and warned that Russian support for Assad ‘risks exacerbating and extending the conflict.’”[2]

The American public has been lulled into a fear-induced trance by the bankrupt news establishment relentlessly barking the groupthink mantra that Assad must be removed from power for any peace to come to the Middle East. Such a criteria for peace is exactly what would create power vacuum for ISIS to sweep in and destroy the Syrian state. This of course is the goal of ISIS czar John Allen and the putschist clique standing behind him that want to continue the wave of destabilizations in the Middle East and beyond which began with the color revolutions of the Arab Spring. tarpley.net

Syrian refugee crisis used as reason to bomb Damascus

Webster Griffin Tarpley (Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1946) is a philosopher of history who seeks to provide the programs and strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis. As an activist historian he first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. AB Princeton 1966, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa; Fulbright Scholar at University of Turin, Italy; MA in humanities from Skidmore College; and Ph.D. in early modern history from the Catholic University of America with emphasis on the role of Venice in the origins of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). He has addressed audiences in Italian, German, and French. A decades-long expert on international terrorism, his 1978 study commissioned by an Italian government minister and entitled “Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro?” (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) broke open the ownership of the Red Brigades by NATO’s clandestine networks.

Erdoğan harshly slams West over terror, refugee crisis

Negotiations with Iran signify inability to use military option

What follows is the text of FNA’s interview with Ms. Sepahpour-Ulrich:

Q: The Iranian side says that the Americans’ shift of positions led to the failure in striking the deal Thursday night. What is your viewpoint on this issue? What are they seeking to gain by changing position?
A: I believe that the view from Moscow – and to some degree, China, is very different from the American and Europeans (England, France, Germany which follow America’s lead) perspective.

It is perhaps important to understand why the West has shown an appetite for negotiating (again), and what it hopes to gain. I believe there are several reasons.

Primarily, studies have concluded that engaging Iran is far more beneficial to the US than accepting the consequences of an attack against the Islamic Republic (The Iran Project). This report was signed off by many high ranking former and current US officials and it was made clear that the military option would have too many repercussions and it would not stop Iran’s nuclear program. They thought bombing Iran would set back the program, but troops would be needed to occupy Iran as “even with a regime change, Iranians would be hostile if attacked”. There were also fears of an Islamic reaction to a military attack. It was also emphasized that Iran should “respect” Washington’s interests in the region.
So after every effort was made not only to undermine the IRI, but also to disrupt its progress in the field of nuclear energy and related peaceful activities including banning Iranian students from study in related sciences, introducing the very dangerous Stuxnet virus, killing of Iranian nuclear scientists, and so forth – not to mention terrorism by way of sanctions. Defeated, Washington is giving what it dubs ‘diplomacy’ another go.

But from Washington’s perspective, there options for moving forward with Iran are limited Given that Washington has never given up the idea of total global domination, reiterated in its 2015 US National Military Strategy which points to Iran, Russia, and North Korea as its foremost threats.

The real danger emanating from Iran, from Washington’s perspective, is its defiance. Iran has challenged the world’s only superpower – successfully. An acceptance of the IRI and a peaceful coexistence with Iran would send a message that Iran has won the ‘war’ without a military confrontation. For an expansionist country with global hegemonic ambitions, this is just as unacceptable as a military confrontation with Iran would be impractical.

Washington has not abandoned the notion of creating mischief in Iran, which it hopes would possibly lead to a system change – one Washington can dominate and therefore work with.
Poll after poll as well as experts (even those hostile to the IRI) have indicated that the single most powerful uniting factor in Iran and in support of the IRI is the nuclear program. The current talks have centered on the removal of sanctions. While there is a global financial depression, many Iranians believe that the financial depression in Iran is due to sanctions (while sanctions have effected the economy, they are not the cause of it nor will the removal of sanctions turn the economy around without other measures being taken in Tehran). Mr. Obama has made a point of engaging Iran in these talks not only to raise the hopes of the Iranian people, but as the talks progress and more unreasonable demands are placed on Iran, if rejected, the US would point the finger at Iran not only to rally others in taking harsher action against Iran, but to cause mayhem in Iran by – from its perspective – indicating that the government in Iran is responsible for the hardships the Iranian people are facing. The hope is to turn the Iranians against their government and to create disunity. A nation divided is easy to exploit. farsnews.com

John B Wells calls out Alex Jones & Michael Savage

Joining us for this edition is the author of The Autistic Holocaust, Jon E. Mica, to discuss why our children keep getting sick. But first, a quick visit with software engineer “DJ.” John calls out Alex Jones of Info Wars, Michael Savage on GMOs & Captain Cangaroo.

– John was most likely removed from Coast to Coast for exposing lies about Iran, which are often repeated by the other Coast to Coast presenters. Such as the “wipe Israel off the map” deliberate mistranslation.

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