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Russia responds to downing of Su-25 fighter jet in Syria

Russian military planes have targeted the Al-Nusra-controlled area of Syria’s Idlib province where a Su-25 jet was earlier downed by militants, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

The military conducted “a massive precision weapon strike… on areas controlled by the Al-Nusra [terrorist] group,” the ministry said in a statement.

Moscow confirmed Saturday that a Russian Su-25 jet crashed in Idlib province, probably shot down by a man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD). The pilot ejected, but was killed by militants on the ground, the ministry said. rt.com


Hopefully, no nukes needed in fight against ISIS – Putin

The downing of a Russian Sukhoi bomber by the Turkish Air Force was sufficient reason to start a war, but Moscow chose not to respond symmetrically, says Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“What did 20th-century countries used to do in a similar situation? A war began,” Medvedev said on the ‘Talk to the Prime Minister’ TV program.

Medvedev said Ankara had “violated the norms of the international law,” giving Russia what’s called in international judicial language ‘a casus belli’, or a reason to start a war. rt.com

Putin; Turkey ‘accomplices of terrorists’ Russian jet shot down

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has called Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter bomber a “stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists” such as Islamic State (Isis). Warning the incident will have “serious consequences” for already strained Russian-Turkish relations, Putin said the Su-24 “never threatened the republic of Turkey in any way”.

He repeated the defence ministry’s claims that the plane was downed on Syrian territory 4km from the Turkish border and did not violate the Turkish airspace, as maintained by Ankara. Putin also said Russia signed an agreement with the US partners to prevent such incidents.

Turkey’s fighter jets shot down the warplane, a Russian Su-24, after repeatedly warning it over air space violations, according to Turkish officials. The military said the downed jet was warned 10 times in five minutes before being shot down by its own F-16 fighter jets.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has ordered the foreign ministry to hold consultations with Nato, the UN and related countries on Syrian border developments. He said Turkey “has duty to act against everyone violating its borders”.

Footage emerged allegedly showing one of the Russian pilots of the jet that was downed by Turkish fighters immobile on the ground, presumably dead. ibtimes.co.uk

A Russian warplane has gone down near the Turkish-Syrian border after an apparent attack. Turkish and Russian sources have given conflicting reports about the incident, which has the potential to escalate the tension between Russia and NATO member Turkey.

November 20, 2015
Jabhat Al-Nusra Issues a Distress Call to Turkey as the Syrian Army Advances in Northern Latakia almasdarnews.com

Obama: Turkey Has Right to Defend Its Territory, Airspace voanews.com

6 October 2015
Russia “Violated” Turkish Airspace Because Turkey “Moved” Its Border globalresearch.ca

Leaked Letter Exposes Turkey’s Hair-Trigger Reality zerohedge.com

Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger rt.com

Russian pilot of the downed jet rescued by Syrian and Russian special forces sana.sy

Turkey’s actions looks like planned provocation – Lavrov news24.com

Turk jets hit Kurd militants in Iraq and ISIL targets in Syria

Turkey has launched overnight airstrikes against several positions of the outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s party (PKK) in northern Iraq for the first time in four years, the country’s government has said.

The air raids put an end to a two-year ceasefire between the Turkish government and the PKK, severely endangering the already fragile peace process started in 2012 in an attempt to end a bloody conflict that has killed more than 40,000 people over 30 years.

According to the office of the acting prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, the bombs hit several PKK targets in northern Iraq, including shelters, bunkers, storage facilities and the Qandil mountains, where the PKK’s high command is based.

Turkish fighter jets also targeted Islamic State positions in Syria for the second night in a row, the statement said. In addition to the air raids, the Turkish military carried out artillery attacks against Isis in Syria and the PKK in northern Iraq.

“Strikes were carried out on targets of the Daesh [Isis] terrorist group in Syria and the PKK terrorist group in northern Iraq,” the prime minister’s office said.

It is the first time Turkish fighter jets have entered Syrian airspace to attack Isis militants on Syrian soil. Previous air raids were conducted from the Turkish side of the border, according to the Turkish government. theguardian.com

Is this the moment MH17 was shot down over Ukraine? #Fake

Russian experts have claimed Malaysian Boeing MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian warplane and not a ground to air missile.

This follows the release of ‘leaked’ satellite images which show a missile streaking towards the passenger plane, produced tonight by Russia’s main state broadcaster.

It was claimed that the space pictures were from a British or US satellite.

The flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was travelling over the conflict-hit region when it disappeared from radar.

A total of 283 passengers, including 80 children, and 15 crew members were killed.

TV presenter Mikhail Leontiev claimed that the mysterious source who provided the images concluded they showed ‘how a Mig-29 fighter plane destroys the Boeing passenger plane’.

The West has repeatedly suggested the plane was shot down by pro-Moscow rebels using a Russian-made BUK missile system.

Russia has argued an unidentified plane was in vicinity at the time of the crash, and that Ukraine and the West have hushed up this fact.

The Kremlin-owned channel’s presenter said: ‘Today we have all grounds to suppose that a State crime was committed by those who deliberately destroyed the plane. And by those who are cynically hiding it, having the full information.’

The extraordinary broadcast came ahead of Western leaders including David Cameron confronting Vladimir Putin over the crash at a summit in Australia.

Channel One claimed: ‘We have at our disposal a sensational shot, supposedly made by foreign satellite spy during the final seconds of MH17 above Ukraine.’

The reported disputed a BUK missile as the cause of the tragedy.

‘To cut it short, it looks like there was no BUK and no launch from the ground. There were dozens professional and thousands of amateur witnesses, and no-one registered it,’ claimed Leontiev.

Ivan Adrievskiy, vice president of Russian Engineers Union, said: ‘We see a photograph taken from space from a low orbit. Usually such images are taken for the sake of general reconnaissance of the air and the ground.

‘The coordinates of the photograph mean we can suppose that the image was taken by an American or British satellite.

‘We have studied this picture in detail and did not find any sign proving it to be fake.’

An ‘expert’ called George Bilt was cited as saying the Boeing was shot out of the sky in ‘a classic fighter jet attack from the rear’.

Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainians of ‘constantly shelling’ the MH17 crash site earlier this week amid steeply rising concern in the West that he has ordered massive military reinforcements to bolster pro-Moscow rebel forces. dailymail.co.uk

Report slams new surveillance pictures released by Russian state broadcaster as a ‘shoddy fake’

UK minister says F-35 jets may miss RIAT air show this week

British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said Lockheed Martin Corp’s (LMT.N) F-35 fighter jet may miss the Royal International Air Tattoo air show this week given a fleet-wide grounding ordered after an engine failure last month.

But Hammond told a conference in London on Wednesday that he was “still optimistic” that the new warplane would be cleared to fly in time to make a delayed international debut at the world’s biggest air show in Farnborough, outside London, next week.

Military and industry officials are pressing hard to ensure that the jets are able to make their international debut at the Farnborough show. Missing both shows would be a huge embarrassment and could undermine U.S. efforts to drum up additional sales of the new fighter.

U.S. Air Force and Pentagon officials at the conference had no immediate update on the safety investigation into the engine failure that occurred on June 23 as a pilot was preparing to take off from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

The U.S. Marine Corps still plans to send some of its F-35B jets – which can take off from shorter runways and land vertically – to Britain this month, spokesman Captain Richard Ulsh said.

Engine maker Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp (UTX.N), is examining the engine at its West Palm Beach facility in Florida, but has not released any details about the likely cause of the engine failure.

The engine incident has already forced the F-35 to skip a planned “fly by” at the naming ceremony for Britain’s new aircraft carrier last week, and U.S. industry and military officials are not certain whether the grounding will be lifted in time for the planes to travel to the British air shows.

Hammond said Britain, which helped fund development of the new warplane, had a “huge commitment” to the F-35 programme. He noted that the plane was still in the developmental stage, when technical issues are meant to be worked out. reuters.com

Americans have spent enough money on a broken plane to buy every homeless person a mansion

Pentagon: Russian fighter repeatedly flew over US destroyer

A Russian fighter aircraft made repeated low-altitude, close-range passes near a U.S. ship in the Black Sea over the weekend, the Pentagon said on Monday, condemning the action at a time of heightened U.S.-Russian tensions over Ukraine.

“This provocative and unprofessional Russian action is inconsistent with their national protocols and previous agreements on the professional interaction between our militaries,” said Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.

Warren said a Russian Su-24 aircraft, or Fencer, made 12 passes at low altitude near the USS Donald Cook, a destroyer that has been in the Black Sea since April 10. It appeared to be unarmed, he told reporters.

The incident lasted 90 minutes and took place on Saturday evening while the U.S. ship was conducting a patrol in international waters in the western Black Sea, Warren said. The ship is now in a Romanian port. reuters.com

RT: Pentagon: Russian fighter jet repeatedly flew over US destroyer in Black Sea

Turkey downs Syrian jet near border ‘for airspace violation’

A Syrian military jet has been intercepted near the Syrian-Turkish border after it violated the Turkish airspace, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said. Conflicting reports said the jet was shot down from the ground and crashed on the Syrian side.

The Syrian Air Force jet was shot down near the Kasab crossing in Latakia province, where fierce fighting between Syrian forces and armed insurgents has been going on for three days, Reuters reported.

Addressing supporters at a Sunday rally, Erdogan confirmed that Turkish armed forces had downed the jet.

“A Syrian plane violated our airspace. Our F-16s took off and hit this plane. Why? Because if you violate my airspace, our slap after this will be hard,” Erdogan said, congratulating the Turkish Air Force on its actions.

The General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces issued a statement saying the downed jet flew 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) into Turkish airspace despite warnings. According to the statement, two Syrian MiG-23 fighter jets approached the Turkish border. When the jets came within 10 nautical miles of the border, Turkish forces sent out “four warning signals.” One of the MiGs left, while the other was intercepted by two Turkish F-16s after breaching the airspace, the General Staff claimed. rt.com

Turkey Vs. Syria: NATO’s Last Gasp?

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