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Militias linked to Sarraj & Igtet clash for control of Tripoli

Three people, including a civilian, were killed in fighting last night in Tripoli’s Gurji district, west of the city centre, between the powerful Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade of Haithem Tajouri and the Nawasi Brigade.

The clashes occurred late last night after Tajouri sent in forces to Gurji’s Massara area to clear it of a Nawasi unit consiting of an extended local family, the Alwad Radiah, said to be in control of it.

Tajouri’s forces are reported to have succeeded.

As well as the civilian killed in the fighting, one on the leaders of the Alwad Radiah was also reported killed. The third person was unidentified.

The fighting was triggered by a move earlier in the evening by Nawasi to take over Tajouri’s headquarters on the corniche (Shara Al-Shatt), just opposite the TV station next to the foreign ministry buildings. There was no serious fighting, just shooting in the air, but Tajouri called in reinforcements and the corniche east of the Mahari Radisson Blu hotel was closed off. His forces were then dispatched to Gurji.

The pro-Islamist Nawasi brigade was at one point linked to Abdul Raouf Kara and his Rada brigades but the link was broken when, with the arrival of the Presidency Council in Tripoli last year, he supported it while the more radical Nawasi continued to support the crumbling Libya Dawn “government” of Khalifa Ghwell. It still does so, although like him, it is said to have now transferred its support to Baset Igtet.

It is claimed that it tried to move against Tajouri yesterday following the rumours that he was going to have discussions with Khalifa Hafter. libyaherald.com

Vying for power in Libya, Basit Igtet slams Libyan unity government as failure

Baset Igtet defies Martyrs’ Square ban

Mystery surrounds reported death of Igtet security figure

Haftar is not standing in the way of peace in Libya

With ISIS out of the way US-NATO seeks a new scapegoat for the Libya chaos, created by the 2011 NATO intervention.

The Washington Post reads: He’s a grandfather and longtime Washington suburbanite who now commands a powerful fighting force in northern Africa. He’s also a former CIA asset and anti-Islamist warrior who stands in the way of peace in Libya.

The United States and its allies can’t figure out what to do about Khalifa Hifter, the Libyan general whose refusal to support a fragile unity government has jeopardized hopes for stability in a country plagued by conflict. washingtonpost.com

General Khalifa Haftar is head of the Libyan National Army, he answers to the House of Representatives, which is the government elected by the vast majority of the Libyan people. HoR refuses to recognize the GNA, because Fayez Sarraj head of the UN imposed government, has aligned himself with terrorist organizations, making Muslim Brotherhood, & al-Qaeda terrorists look like anti-ISIS heroes. These Islamist groups are not only a threat to Libya but also Europe, many having very similar ideals to ISIS themselves. The so called anti ISIS forces are playing ball for now to gain training, military aid, they are terrorists gangs capturing territory in Libya, under the guise of fighting terrorism. In 2015 the so called anti ISIS forces were cooperating with ISIS against Haftar. In 2016 the Muslim Brotherhood started to see ISIS as a threat to their control in Libya, so with Western special forces backing them, they saw an opportunity to eliminate their competition.

An Islamist coupe was organized by Sadiq al-Ghariani operating at that time from the UK, against HoR the elected government, described by some as a poor man wondering the streets, who flipped to an excessively wealthy man in a short space of time. He is seen as the Grand Mufti of western Libya, in eastern Libya his terrorist gangs also known as Benghazi Defense Brigades, regularly carry out attacks against civilians in Benghazi, while al-Ghariani hides behind facade Sarraj in Tripoli.

Posters against al-Ghariani & the Muslim Brotherhood appear in the streets of the capital Tripoli, August 14, 2016.

With the corporate media focus on Haftar as the number one stumbling block in the way of peace & stability in Libya, the question remains; who is going to fight terrorism in Libya if Haftar is deposed?  Relying on the so called anti ISIS forces who’s ideology is similar to ISIS’s, is very short sighted to say the least.

The Modern Tokyo Times did an informative article on the emergence of “A New Threat to Libya’s Stability” the Benghazi Defense Companies (BDC), also known as the Benghazi defense Brigades, headed by Sadiq al-Ghariani, have been performing executions on the streets of Tripoli on Fayez Sarraj’s watch, & frequently attack Benghazi seeking Islamist rule in Eastern Libya, via terrorist acts. Aslo see Shaykh Sadiq al-Ghariani: A Profile of Libya’s Grand Mufti

Zintani forces allied to the Libyan National Army led by General Khalifa Hafter are reported to have captured a top Tunisian member of ISIS. libyaherald.com

Quiche Square demonstration in Benghazi, rejecting the GNA

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