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Libyan MB & al-Qaeda show support for Basit Igtet

Basit Igtet meeting Muslim_Brotherhood led by Mohamad Sawan. In the meeting also, Tunisia Muslim Brotherhood leader R. Ghannouchi.

Some supporters of the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, & Shura Council-al-Qaeda in Libya, took to the streets of Libya’s capital Tripoli, Green/Martyrs’ Square, to show support for Basit Igtet. Basit Igtet is married to Sara Bronfman, who’s father Edgar was the treasurer & chief executive of the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Basit Igtet anounced his intentions to run for president, & called upon his supporters to take to the streets on the 25th, as he arrived in Libya traveling from his resident country of Switzerland.

It is estimated that Sara Bronfman has funneled more than $100 million of her assets into NXIVM. NXIVM has been described as a brainwashing cult. In a video of the leader Keith Raniere, he appears to make indirect death threats, when his leadership is questioned.
“I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs & because of their beliefs”:

Richard Branson has permitted his name and a quotation to be used in connection with NXIVM.

Pro Islamist Libya Observer; interview with Basit Igtet:

Basit Igtet meeting with John McCain. 2011 Benghazi?
2011 meeting in Benghazi McCain calls Islamists his heroes.

In Lieberman’s final days as a senator, a reporter asked him if he would become a lobbyist. “No, I’m not going to do that,” he replied. But in November 2013, as Politico reported at the time, his law firm signed up as a foreign agent for Basit Igtet, a Libyan businessman and activist who was considering running for prime minister in Libya. Igtet made his money through assorted ventures in Switzerland, where his family had sought exile. He married Sara Bronfman, the daughter of Edgar Bronfman, who had been the billionaire chairman of Seagram and the president of the World Jewish Congress. The foreign agent registration form filed at the Justice Department noted that Lieberman would be part of the team handling this $100,000 project that would provide “government relations services” to Igtet.

A Benghazi native, Igtet was a long-shot candidate for prime minister. As Forbes noted, “Igtet believes he’s got the technocratic prowess to transform his country of six million people from the brink of civil war into the crown jewel of northern Africa. But skeptics say his status as a longtime expatriate and his lack of national security experience leave him ill-prepared to grasp control of deteriorating relations among warring rebel factions, police and the army.” And having a Jewish wife was probably not an asset. motherjones.com

U.S. launches first airstrikes in Libya under Trump; 17 IS fighters dead

Khalifa Haftar leaves for Rome visit

A dummy’s guide to the UK election

Here are the answers to the questions you’re too afraid to ask about the General Election 2017…

Two months after calling a snap election, Theresa May has been left red-faced after losing her majority and leaving Britain with a hung parliament – just one of several bits of political jargon now floating about. Here are answers to the questions you might be too embarrassed to ask about how the days following the 2017 general election will affect your future.

1. What’s a majority?

On June 8 you voted for a local Member of Parliament. Most MPs belong to a political party like Labour or Conservative. The winner in your constituency then became one of 650 MPs in the UK Parliament. A majority is achieved when a party receives more than half of the 650 seats in Parliament: 326 seats.

The incredible youth turnout in this election (reportedly 72% among 18-24s) helped win Labour 29 seats. The Tories lost 12 of theirs, meaning the majority they started the election with has now gone, and embarrassingly for Theresa May, who called the election, we now have a hung parliament.
MPU 1 (Desktop / Tablet)
2. What’s a hung parliament?

If no political parties are able to win 326 seats, the election results in a hung parliament. When this occurs, three things can happen, and Theresa May has chosen the third.

The UK can have another election, in which case the whole process will start again.
A minority government can be created. This is the option Corbyn said he would choose if Labour had been the largest party. Minority governments are very rare: the last time the UK had a minority government was in 1996, and it only happened because the Tories’ small majority from the 1992 election had slowly crumbled into a minority because of defections and Tory losses in by-elections. It only lasted about a year, between 1996 and the general election of 1997, when the Tories lost spectacularly. A minority government is generally not seen as preferable because the government loses its near-guarantee of passing legislation in the House of Commons. As Theresa May claimed when she called the election, the impending Brexit negotiations mean it’s a crucial time for unity in Parliament. Labour’s idea of taking on the next five years as a minority government was a bold move: they effectively said they would proceed as a minority government while assuming that MPs from parties like the Lib Dems, Greens and the SNP would vote in their favour in the House of Commons.

Two or more parties can combine their numbers and form a coalition government, like the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats did after 2010’s election. This is the option Theresa May has chosen: after all other parties pre-emptively refused to make a deal with the Tories, she has agreed to a coalition with Northern Ireland’s DUP party.

3. Who are the DUP?

The Democratic Unionist Party are a socially conservative party in Northern Ireland. They’re anti-abortion and also oppose same-sex marriage. They have a history of climate change denial and in 2011 five of their MPs called for the return of the death penalty. They are also Theresa May’s only option to retain power.

The DUP got the most seats in Northern Ireland in this election. They won 10, which – alongside the Conservative Party’s 318 seats – would be just enough to have a majority in government (328 seats). Their leader Arlene Foster has said she’s against the Tories’ hard Brexit, but she and Theresa May have reportedly still reached a deal. This means Theresa May will now visit Buckingham Palace to get the Queen’s formal approval to form a government.


Celebrity uses pseudo feminism to promote Clinton election

Men, don’t you think women can’t do anything for themselves? You should become #HeForShe!

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and “activist”. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School as a child and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

British Premiership of Margaret Thatcher – First term (1979–83) Second term (1983–87).
Current Prime Minister Theresa May…
“Torches of Freedom” was a phrase used to encourage women’s smoking by exploiting women’s aspirations for a better life during the women’s liberation movement in the United States. Cigarettes were described as symbols of emancipation and equality with men. The term was first used by psychoanalyst A. A. Brill when describing the natural desire for women to smoke and was used by Edward Bernays to encourage women to smoke in public despite social taboos. Bernays hired women to march while smoking their “torches of freedom” in the Easter Sunday Parade of 1929 which was a significant moment for fighting social barriers for women smokers.

Bill Clinton rape accuser: Hillary ‘tried to silence’ me

Hillary Clinton Gets CHILD RAPIST of 12 yr. Old Girl Set Free

UN troops force girls to have sex with dogs in CAR

NATO Military Leadership sign up to support the UN HeForShe campaign

Women face setbacks in new Libya

Feminist Claims Harassment After Man Says “Hello”

U.S. election 2016: Is Hillary Clinton’s health an issue?

Hillary Clinton’s team has revealed that she is suffering from “walking pneumonia”, after she was seen staggering while attending the 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, 70, has on several occasions attempted to draw attention to the 68-year-old former secretary of state’s health.

BBC News looks at how Mrs Clinton’s illness might affect the race for the White House. bbc.co.uk

2012; Hillary Clinton is not expected to appear before next week’s House committee hearing on 9/11 Benghazi attack after fainting & suffering a concussion.

Sanders & Trump both support US regime change

Both Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump if elected intend to follow the same disastrous policy in Syria & Libya, as Hillary Clinton & Obama have before them. The US jumps from one side in the two party system to the other, but the foreign policy remains the same. The candidates are hand picked by superdelegates who are subject to large donations from corporations to sway their selection, anything outside the two party system is viewed as a wasted vote.

The choice proposed by the leading candidates in terms of US regime change is not if US regime change should be conducted, but how it should be conducted. All the leading candidates would of removed Gaddafi creating destabilization that has aided the rise of terrorist groups, & the same is to be expected in terms of Syria, & Ukraine.

Israel: Netanyahu rules out Palestinian state if he wins

Israel’s prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has unequivocally ruled out the establishment of a Palestinian state as he vowed to strengthen construction of settlements in occupied east Jerusalem should he be re-elected on Tuesday.

Netanyahu’s comments reinforced his hardening message of recent days and confirmed his final abandonment of his at best tepid commitment to a two-state solution designed to see the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

His remarks were made in an interview with a website owned by US casino magnate Sheldon Adelson – Netanyahu’s biggest backer – and were being viewed by his political opponents as a last-ditch effort to sway voters away from the rival far-right Jewish Home party of Naftali Bennett.

“I think that anyone who moves to establish a Palestinian state and evacuate territory gives territory away to radical Islamist attacks against Israel,” Netanyahu said. “The left has buried its head in the sand time and after time and ignores this, but we are realistic and understand.”

When asked if that meant a Palestinian state would not be established if he is elected, Netanyahu replied: “Indeed.”

While his remarks will be seen in large part as election rhetoric designed to cement his standing with his country’s hard right at a time when Netanyahu has been struggling in his campaign, they will further strain relations with the US and other key allies should he win a third consecutive term. theguardian.com

Angelina Jolie’s dad:

The rise of anti Semitism in Europe; Israeli elections

The Israeli state relies on anti-Semitism to act with impunity. Considering themselves the representative of global Judaism, to criticize the state is to be considered anti-Semitic. With Israeli elections coming up Netanyahu is milking any such event to appear like a prophetical figure initiating the Gathering of Israel, attempting to ensure an election victory. In the past Zionist Jews have been caught graffiting swastikas on their own property. These could be genuine attacks on Jews, when Israel commits war crimes with impunity, and continues building settlements, it does so in the name of Judaism, which makes Jews a target globally.

As many as 300 graves were desecrated at a Jewish cemetery in eastern France, officials said Sunday, the latest escalation in a wave of anti-Semitic violence in Europe. French officials are searching for an unknown number of assailants who upended or broke tombstones and headstones in roughly three quarters of the 400 graves at a historic Jewish cemetery in Sarre-Union, a small town near France’s border with Germany, a person familiar with the inquiry said. wsj.com

France: Police Catch 73-Year-Old Jewish Man Spray-Painting the Word “Jew” on 20 Cars

Anti-Semitic flyer handed to Jews in Ukraine was a fake
aimed at stirring up trouble and discrediting pro-Russians, says Rabbi

Netanyahu Urges ‘Mass Immigration’ of Jews From Europe

Benjamin Netanyahu Campaign Ad Features ISIS Asking Directions To Jerusalem, “The Left Will Surrender”

Danish rabbi criticises Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jewish emigration call

One dead & three injured in Copenhagen terrorist attack

One person has been killed and three police officers injured after armed men opened fire on a cafe in Copenhagen where a debate on Islam and free speech was being held.

The meeting was attended by Lars Vilks, the controversial Swedish artist who has faced death threats for caricaturing the prophet Muhammad. Also in attendance was François Zimeray, the French ambassador to Denmark.

“They fired on us from the outside. It was the same intention as [the 7 January attack on] Charlie Hebdo except they didn’t manage to get in,” Zimeray told AFP.

“Intuitively I would say there were at least 50 gunshots, and the police here are saying 200. Bullets went through the doors and everyone threw themselves to the floor,” the ambassador added.

“We managed to flee the room, and now we’re staying inside because it’s still dangerous. The attackers haven’t been caught and they could very well still be in the neighbourhood.” theguardian.com

Netanyahu calls home European Jews

Gathering of Israel

Israel strike on Hezbollah aimed at derailing U.S.-Iran talks

Tran is drawing new borders in the Middle East, Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt said on Thursday, adding that Israel’s recent strike on a Hezbollah convoy in Syria may have been aimed at disrupting U.S.-Iranian nuclear talks.

“The Qunaitra attack is a kind of advanced demarcation line between Iran and Israel and also has some sort of election calculations by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” Jumblatt told local newspaper As-Safir, the Daily Star reported.

An Israeli helicopter attack in Qunaitra in Syria’s Golan Heights on Sunday killed six Hezbollah members and an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander.

Jumblatt said the Qunaitra assault was likely an Israeli attempt to disrupt nuclear negotiations between Washington and Tehran. tehrantimes.com

Israeli elections:
Netanyahu ‘spat in our face,’ White House officials said to say

20 September 2012 Binyamin Netanyahu gambles on Mitt Romney victory

False flag:
Mar 15, 2014 Israel punishes Hezbollah for ISIL attack on convoy

DPR elections in line with Minsk agreements: Prime Minister

The elections held in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk (DPR) do not contradict the Minsk agreements, DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko has announced.

“It was said there [in the Minsk protocol] that we have the right to hold our own elections. The date was not specified,” Zakharchenko said at a press conference Sunday, adding that the elections held in the republic “do not contradict the Minsk agreements”, which have been fully fulfilled by the DPR.

According to Zakharchenko, DPR is open for dialogue with Kiev and is waiting for “adequate action” on the part of the Ukrainian leadership.

The Minsk protocol, signed September 5 by the Contact group on the Ukrainian crisis envisages a ceasefire and suggests, among other things, that Ukraine should adopt a law on granting special status to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and ensuring early elections of the heads of the self-proclaimed republics.

Elections of regional leaders and legislative bodies in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics took place on Sunday.

Kiev and several western countries said they would not recognize the results of this vote and repeatedly called it illegitimate. Russia, on the contrary, has expressed its intention to recognize the elections and emphasized that not recognizing would run counter to the Minsk protocol and undermine efforts to reach peace settlement in the country. ria.ru

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