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Libyan MB & al-Qaeda show support for Basit Igtet

Basit Igtet meeting Muslim_Brotherhood led by Mohamad Sawan. In the meeting also, Tunisia Muslim Brotherhood leader R. Ghannouchi.

Some supporters of the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, & Shura Council-al-Qaeda in Libya, took to the streets of Libya’s capital Tripoli, Green/Martyrs’ Square, to show support for Basit Igtet. Basit Igtet is married to Sara Bronfman, who’s father Edgar was the treasurer & chief executive of the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Basit Igtet anounced his intentions to run for president, & called upon his supporters to take to the streets on the 25th, as he arrived in Libya traveling from his resident country of Switzerland.

It is estimated that Sara Bronfman has funneled more than $100 million of her assets into NXIVM. NXIVM has been described as a brainwashing cult. In a video of the leader Keith Raniere, he appears to make indirect death threats, when his leadership is questioned.
“I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs & because of their beliefs”:

Richard Branson has permitted his name and a quotation to be used in connection with NXIVM.

Pro Islamist Libya Observer; interview with Basit Igtet:

Basit Igtet meeting with John McCain. 2011 Benghazi?
2011 meeting in Benghazi McCain calls Islamists his heroes.

In Lieberman’s final days as a senator, a reporter asked him if he would become a lobbyist. “No, I’m not going to do that,” he replied. But in November 2013, as Politico reported at the time, his law firm signed up as a foreign agent for Basit Igtet, a Libyan businessman and activist who was considering running for prime minister in Libya. Igtet made his money through assorted ventures in Switzerland, where his family had sought exile. He married Sara Bronfman, the daughter of Edgar Bronfman, who had been the billionaire chairman of Seagram and the president of the World Jewish Congress. The foreign agent registration form filed at the Justice Department noted that Lieberman would be part of the team handling this $100,000 project that would provide “government relations services” to Igtet.

A Benghazi native, Igtet was a long-shot candidate for prime minister. As Forbes noted, “Igtet believes he’s got the technocratic prowess to transform his country of six million people from the brink of civil war into the crown jewel of northern Africa. But skeptics say his status as a longtime expatriate and his lack of national security experience leave him ill-prepared to grasp control of deteriorating relations among warring rebel factions, police and the army.” And having a Jewish wife was probably not an asset. motherjones.com

U.S. launches first airstrikes in Libya under Trump; 17 IS fighters dead

Khalifa Haftar leaves for Rome visit

Saudis list terrorists connected to Qatar, Turkey, & Iran

As part of fighting terrorism and closing its sources and expansion, On Friday, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain listed 59 individuals and 12 entities related to Qatar on its banned terrorist lists, including five Libyans who, since the revolution that toppled the Muammar Gaddafi regime, played dubious roles in Libya, contributed to the continuation of chaos and the increasing of the country’s division with Qatari support.

Ali Mohamed Mohamed Al-Salabi

Belongs to the Muslims Brotherhood, one of the Libyan Salafist preachers, he has a good relationship with the leaders of the Libyan Fighting Group, where he contributed to the discussion between the group and the Libyan state, ended with the release of members of the fighting group from Libyan prisons.

He lived in Qatar for long time and holds its nationality. He is a member of the Muslim Scholars union which is funded by Qatar.

Ali_Mohamed Mohamed_AlSalabi is known in Libya as “The Man of Tamim in Libya” or “Qaradawi Libya”, he was marketed by al-Jazeera as the god father of the Libyan revolution and defended its interests. He appeared on Al-Jazeera channel several times, sometimes as a sheikh others as a political analyst or as a Military analyst.

Abdul Hakim Belhadj

He is described as a guardian of Qatari interests in Libya. He is one of the most prominent leaders of groups indirectly linked to al-Qaeda, a former al-Qaeda terrorist and the LIFG, also took part in the war in Afghanistan.

The LIFG was founded in Libya in the 1990s, a jihadist organization founded by Libyan elements after returning from fighting in Afghanistan.

He was arrested in Malaysia in February 2004 by the Passport and Immigration Bureau with the interference of the CIA. He was then deported to Bangkok for interrogation by the CIA and then deported to Libya on March 8, 2004. He was imprisoned at Abu Salim Prison for six years before being released. In March 2010.

After the revolution that toppled the Muammar Gaddafi regime, Belhadj soon became a billionaire and a leader. He became the leader of the National Party and became the commander of the military junta in Tripoli. He founded the Wings Aviation Company and now owns several planes that provide dozens of flights daily between Tripoli and several other countries.

After several countries cut ties with Qatar, Belhadj expressed his absolute sympathy with the State of Qatar, he expressed on Twitter his contempt for what he saw as an attack those who are loyal to their nation and its causes.

Mahdi Al-Harati

He is an Irishman of Libyan origin, now he is the commander of the Tripoli Brigade in Libya, a former fighter in Kosovo and Iraq, who lived in Ireland for 20 years and came to Libya with the beginning of the protests in 2011 and led the revolutionary Brigade of Tripoli in Libya, which led a battle against Gaddafi forces in 2011 and ended with the announcement of the National Transitional Council in the city.

Mahdi al-Harati was the first to come to Syria to fight alongside the armed groups. He founded and led the militias of the “Nation Brigade”, which included Libyan and Syrian fighters. He took Idlib as a resident for himself and his armed group.

Al-Harati was famous because he appeared a lot on the international and foreign media during the period of the revolution against the Gaddafi regime because of his fluency in the English language, which enabled him to promote in positions.

Ismail Mohamed Mohamed Al-Salabi

Commander of the February 17 Brigade. He has strong relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and is one of the most dangerous terrorist elements in Libya. He converted to jihadist ideology at an early age and fought in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Libya recently.

Ismail Muhammad al-Masalibi is currently the leader of the “Benghazi defense brigade” which have also been included in the lists of terrorism. They have relations with al-Qaeda and ISIS militants, Benghazi defense brigade fought months ago the Libyan army forces in the Crescent oil area, and was indulged in the killing of many soldiers.

In Libya many call him the “bat of darkness” because of his secret meetings and movements with suspicious parties, he has a close relationship with Qatari intelligence chief Ghanim al-Kubaisi, who is considered the first man of Qatar in Libya and support him by money and weapons.

Sadiq Abdul Rahman Ali Ghariani

He is called Libya’s “Mufti of Terrorism”, he issued fatwas inciting fighting and bloodshed in Libya. Al-Qaeda on several occasions valued his positions about events in Libya.

He is pursued by The Libyan Parliament which held him responsible for the bloodshed in eastern Libya, The parliament called the International Criminal Court to investigate the war crimes in which Sadiq Abdul Rahman Ali Ghariani was involved. alarabiya.net

Aref Nayed condemns U.S. & Turk support for MB & al-Qaeda

Aref Nayed, the former Libyan ambassador, who is seen as a possible candidate from the premiership, has attacked the international community for not supporting Khalifa Hafter’s Libyan National Army (LNA) as its fights the Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB) which he described as an “Al-Qaeda” army. It was in alliance with Al-Qaeda affiliates and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Benghazi children blown apart by car bomb near school

A car bomb outside Jalaa Hospital has today killed at least four people and injured 26 including eight children who were leaving a nearby primary school when the explosion occurred.

Eye-witnesses described body parts strewn around. Pictures showed nearby windows blown out and at least ten vehicles around the car bomb completely destroyed. libyaherald.com

Most likely suspects:
Ironically they call themselves “Benghazi Defense Brigades” they are retaliating due to HoR-Haftars-LNA efforts to fight terrorism in Benghazi (Something Gaddafi was trying to do before NATO stopped him in 2011), so the HoR government can move their base of operations from Tobruk to Bengahzi, & gain more legitimacy. “Bengazi Defense Brigades” are aligned with supposed “anti-ISIS forces”, & could well be gaining military training &/or aid from the UK, Turkey, & Qatar, & then go on to do such things as seen in the article above.

20 Jul 2016
Three French soldiers have been killed in Libya after their helicopter was shot down Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB) claims responsibility.

Libyan militiamen (al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood) wounded in the battle to end the Isil’s grip on their country (aid the advance of al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood) are set to be airlifted out for treatment in British hospitals, the Telegraph has been told.

UK hints at sanctions on Egypt if leniency is not shown to the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian court overturns death sentence for ousted president Mohamed Morsi

Egypt’s Brotherhood says no reconciliation with Sisi

Al-Qeada: more dangerous than ISIL – The Japan News

Policymakers and terrorism scholars are debating whether Al-Qaida or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group is the more dangerous threat to the United States and the West.

After the various bombings and attacks across the West, many experts insist ISIL is the more serious problem.

That is a mistake. Al-Qaida presents the gravest long-term problem to the West.

Al-Qaida’s ruthlessly pragmatic approach has placed it in a far better position to achieve its strategic objectives. It has proved more effective in taking advantage of U.S. policy in the Middle East, primarily in Syria, to legitimize itself as an armed force and, increasingly, as a viable political player. the-japan-news.com

In the South Awlad Suleiman tribe allies with Libya Dawn, having been looking for an excuse to start conflict with the Gadhadhfa tribe. Awlad Suleiman tribe’s response to an accident where a monkey belonging to a Gadhadhfa tribe shopkeeper, got loose & pulled off a hijab from a girl from the Awlad Suleiman tribe, was to kill the monkey, the shopkeeper, & around 20-30 others from the Gadhadhfa tribe, Awlad Suleiman tribe used heavy weapons killing a whole family in one strike. Elders from both tribes are said to be seeking a resolution to the conflict.

Dawn stage coup in Tripoli; UN imposed gov in Tunisia

In a dramatic turn of events, a handful of members of the former General National Council and the former Tripoli “prime minister” have staged an apparent coup in Tripoli, taking over the the GNC’s old premises next to Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel and declaring themselves in power again.

This evening Ghwell issued a statement from the GNC’s old premises next to Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel, declaring a state of emergency and what he called it an “historical initiative to rescue Libya”.

The Rixos conference centre, which previously served as the GNC’s chamber, and the “Hospitality Palaces” across the road were taken over six months ago by the State Council headed by Abdulrahman Sewehli, but it pulled out a couple of days ago, citing security issues.

Today’s takeover followed a stand-off in the area since early morning between gunmen supporting the former GNC and those linked to Sewehli. It ended with the latter withdrawing. Disgruntled over unpaid salaries, their commitment was already weakened. It is believed they had already threatened to quit and were in contact with Ghwell supporters – which was why the State Council decided to withdraw.

This evening, Ghwell, accompanied by Awad Abdul Saddeq, the GNC’s first deputy president, and the former head of GNC’s own “presidential guard, Ali Ramali, called on Abdullah Al-Thinni, head of the interim government in Beida, to join him and together form a national unity government.

Ghwell also accused the internationally-backed Presidency Council (PC) of undermining national unity and of being the pawn of foreign forces wanting to divide the country.

He ordered all governmental organisations and ministries to stop dealing the PC and to work with him again instead. He also said that all those who had been appointed by the PC were dismissed.

There has been no reaction as yet to what is being seen as a coup, either by Sewehli, or by the Presidency Council which is meeting in Tunis. Also there has been no appearance so far of Nuri Abu Sahmin, the former head of the GNC.

There has been no comment either from Beida although it is known that a couple of weeks ago, proposals were put to the Thinni government that it should join hands with the former Ghwell administration and create a government of national unity to replace the PC.

It is thought that controversial grand mufti Sadek Al-Ghariani was aware of approved Ghwell’s moves. His Tanasah TV station was the only one attending Ghwell’s press conference this evening. libyaherald.com

Tawerghans protest Misrata deal; further protests expected

Serraj orders arrest of Rixos coup plotters

Anarchy as Tripoli militias fight after the Rixos coup

Serraj makes a point of carrying on as if coup hadn’t happened

Libya: UN imposed government welcomes U.S. air strikes

A UN government that was imposed on Libya has welcomed US air strikes on the country. The elected government faces sanctions, & the head of the Libyan army has been labeled a terrorist. The UN imposed government has little genuine support in Libya. The so called unity government now relies on the same forces who threatened to shoot down their plane should the try to enter Libya, for their security in the capital.

Many military experts say it is extremely difficult win a war from the air, you need reliable forces on the ground. So who are the US-NATO’s forces on the ground? Well most of the so called unity government forces are from Libya Dawn, a mix of al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood. Libya Dawn who many of which come from the town of Misrata, were cooperating with ISIS in 2015 but have since turned against them, & are playing along for now to receive military aid from western forces. This military aid will then be used to intensify conflict against HoR -House of Representatives the elected government, & LNA – Libyan National Army. The US knows this, as in this appears to be a deliberate act. The US supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. Are they supporting the rise of al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya? Most just blindly applaud US efforts to fight ISIS, with out any real consideration into the long term effects, of arming & training terrorists to fight terrorism.

The corporate media uses ridiculous statistics via Qraphiq who claim to of collected their data via the Global Terrorism Database. They lable the Libyan National Army headed by General Khalifa Haftar, who works in connection with the elected government, as one of the “Most Deadly Terrorist Groups in Libya since 2000.”

General Khalifa Haftar’s forces have been focusing & making advances against al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, & ISIS forces in & around Benghazi. They have refused to unite with terrorists in the UN imposed unity government, & for this action they have been labeled a terrorist organization. Basically Haftar has been finishing what Gaddafi started, before he was murdered, fighting terrorism in Benghazi. Gaddafi forces encroaching on Benghazi – 2011; aljazeera.com lie; “But our correspondent said there was no al-Qaeda presence in Benghazi and other opposition towns” “[Ordinary] men women and children in the towns and cities of eastern Libya are the ones fighting,” Bays said. In 2011 al-Qaeda (ISIS) were classed as peaceful pro democracy protesters, who just want western styled democracy, by NATO leaders led from behind by the US.

US air raids in Libya: Who really benefits?

Pentagon Bombs Libya Again: Under the Guise of “Fighting Terrorism”

The US Intensifies Its Fight In Libya

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Supports Anti-ISIS Forces in Libya

US Officer Arrested for Daesh Ties Traveled to Libya to Overthrow Gaddafi

On March 18, 2011 President Obama told congressional leaders that the “kinetic activity” (fighting) we were getting into in Libya would be a matter of “days, not weeks.” He used the same “days and not weeks” phrase in a news conference on March 22. usatoday.com

US ground troops are in Libya, Pentagon admits

UN releases Gaddafi era officials; its militias murder them?

The bodies of at least 12 loyalists to the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have been found in the country’s capital, Tripoli, only days after they were released from prison.

The victims were part of a group who had been held at the al-Ruwaimi prison, Tripoli’s general prosecutor confirmed.

Libya’s internationally backed Government of National Accord (GNA) issued a statement condemning the murders and ordered an investigation into the deaths. aljazeera.com

Kobler calls for international involvement in investigation into murder of Qaddafi soldiers

Freed Gaddafi loyalists found dead in Libya’s Tripoli

12 freed Kadhafi-era officials murdered in Libya

Sadiq Al-Ghariani’s Fatwa to Kill the Released Detainee

UK accused of harbouring Libyan cleric who helped aid Islamist insurgency

Libya’s spiritual leader leaves UK after directing Islamist takeover of Tripoli

‘They were psychopaths’: how chaos in Libya fuels the migration crisis

Libya: MI6 rendition of Belhaj story a limited hangout?

A limited hangout or partial hangout is, according to former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Victor Marchetti, “spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

While MI6 is admitting to rendition, they are diverting attention away from their part in the arming & support of al-Qaeda & Muslim Brotherhood militias in Libya (particularly prior to 9/11), which continues to this day via the UN imposed government.

Instead of the focus being put on the war crimes of al-Qaeda militias supported by western intelligence, the focus is redirected to supposed Gaddafi era torture. Some say Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi treated Belhaj too good, LFIG (Libyan al-Qaeda branch) members agreed to denounce al-Qaeda, & renounce violence, in return Saif supported their release.

A year later Belhaj who most likely faked a moderate image to get released from prison, was Western intelligence’s number one asset in Libya, leading a mix of al-Qaead & the Muslim brotherhood death squads. Belhaj founder of Dawn militia who denounced violence was leading the slaughter against the 35,000 citizens living in the city of Tawergha, because the town was pro Gaddafi. False accusations of rape were used as a justification for the genocide.

It is claimed that Gaddafi did a deal with BP to get MI6 aid in the rendition of Belhaj. It appears as though now MI6 have made dubious deals with al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood to sell oil to uk companies, in exchange for military aid against ISIS to get them in the door, leading to aid in conflict against Haftar/HoR the elected government.

The conclusion is that both Belhaj & UK officials/MI6 members involved in aid to terrorist groups should face charges, for the part they have played in the war crimes committed in Libya.

Libya frees jailed leaders of Islamist group

MI6 gets off scot-free over rendition of suspected Islamists to Libya

No Libya rendition charges for MI6

No Charges Over Alleged Libya Rendition


SAS are not just advising but fighting alongside Dawn

If you were to write Libya’s current events as a novel, a publisher would throw it out, on the grounds that it was too improbable even as a work of fiction.

​Just consider: Libya has a new government, the Government of National Accord (GNA), which is backed, indeed created by western powers, yet supported by almost nobody in Libya. So much so that, two months after arriving in Tripoli, its seven strong presidency council – two members having already quit – the rest – when there’re there – cannot even leave the naval base. They hold sham meetings in a bunker with visiting dignitaries and are protected by paid Dawn militias on the base.

The Prime Minister’s Office in Tripoli is occupied by Libya Dawn people. Dawn created the National Salvation Government in Tripoli.

​The farce escalated on March 31, when the GNA, more accurately the Presidency Council, chosen not by election but by a UN-chaired commission, arrived in the Libyan capital by boat. Boat? Yes, because Libya Dawn, the coalition of extremist and Misrata militias that controls Tripoli, had then threatened to shoot down their plane. An Italian warship conveyed these seven men, bearing a UN mandate, to a spot just over the horizon. Then a rusty Libyan naval cutter ferried them the last few miles, to preserve the illusion that this was a Libyan operation, not one engineered by Western puppet-masters.

​Once in the naval base, the council, which is not part of the yet to be confirmed 30 Ministers and 60 Deputy Ministers of the GNA, are led by a “designate prime minister” Fayez Serraj, a businessman, who has been unable to move into the city though he now frequently visits other countries; staying anywhere but Libya if he can. Dawn still controls the city, and the pro-Dawn pro-Muslim Brotherhood chiefs of central bank and oil remain in post. So Serraj and his Council HAD to make a deal with Dawn!

PC/GNA members can’t even get into the government offices, which are still occupied by Dawn’s own National Salvation Government.

​Instead, the GNA has agreed that Libya Dawn can be its security force.

What the PC/GNA have done is let the members of Dawn create, accepted by the UN, a State Council, supposedly an advisory body only but increasingly seen as the power in Tripoli with Misratan Abdel Rahman Swehli as its head and cooperating with his cousin, the ambitious Deputy designate PM Ahmed Maetig, seem both to have effectively usurped Serraj’s authority.

In turn, this has infuriated the elected parliament, based in the eastern city of Tobruk. That parliament -the HOR – refuses to vote for the new phantom GNA government, and members are dismayed to see Dawn now cemented in control of the capital through the State Council.

As as result, the East, Cyrenaica, appear to be breaking away. Early in May they tried to sell their own oil. The UN stopped them. The UN issued an edict to blockade Tobruk port – Hariga – Libya’s only current export terminal. Then after a few days the blockade was negotiated away. What was agreed is unknown.

Now the East are about to issue their own currency.

​Libya Dawn might control the capital, reducing the GNA to impotence, but Tobruk has some very strong cards also. The east has most of Libya’s oil. Its National Army, commanded by Gen.Khalifa Haftar, is more powerful than Dawn’s. In the east, its units have occupied key oil fields in the Sirte Basin and other strategic positions. In the west, its allied units in Zintan have closed pipelines that pass through their territory from oil fields to Zawia, Tripoli’s only real oil port, while proudly announcing newly-formed combat units loyal to the Libyan Army and Hafter.

The east has most of the oil, and knows it is in a powerful position to issue its own currency, 4 billion Libyan Dinars no less, printed in Russia, and available to the people from the 1st June, even as Tripoli’s central bank also starts distributing their notes printed in Britain.

​With Tobruk holding the key economic and military cards, though the PC first called such currency counterfeit, Serraj this week agreed a compromise; the east can issue its currency, if it cooperates with the Tripoli bank so that both currencies co-exist. Lets see how long that lasts.

It must be noted that on the ‘US Embassy of Libya’ Facebook site, the Americans issued a categoric statement that the Russian made money was counterfeit. I wonder will they issue a retraction?

​The reality is that the civil war goes on, and the east, disenchanted by the shambles of a “unity” government and interference of the international community, has in effect broken away, taking Libya’s oil with it, and leaving western powers grasping at straws and looking incompetent.

​This has not stopped pro-Dawn elements in Serraj’s presidency council from starting a purge of foreign embassies to instal their own people. With the power of UN backing, the purge cannot be opposed. A mass clearout is taking place in Libyan embassies across the world. But these purges will only further antagonise Tobruk, and indeed all Libyans who feel that an extremist-Misrata coalition of militias should not rule Libya to the exclusion of everyone else. The West should be ashamed.

​The farce is speading beyond Libya’s shores. After the revelation revealed in The Times that British special forces are not just advising, but fighting alongside Misrata forces battling IS, the head of the British parliament’s powerful foreign affairs committee, Crispin Blunt MP, has demanded Prime Minister Cameron come clean about exactly what the SAS is up to in Libya. His concern: That British units will become embroiled not just in Misrata’s war against IS, but with its bigger battle against Haftar’s forces. Hafter’s forces are covertly advised by Russian and French special forces, leading to the possibility of a very awkward confrontation. Let alone the fact that Egypt and the UAE also support the East Libyans.

​Meanwhile, the US is rushing ahead with plans to arm GNA forces, who will be only Dawn militias, after Haftar said categorically he does not accept the GNA as a legitimate government. The US insists the weapons will only be used against IS, but if Dawn militias turn them on Haftar’s forces, the west will find itself embroiled in a proxy war. While Washington supports the GNA, Moscow in particular is increasingly throwing its weight behind the elected parliament in Tobruk, raising the prospect of a diplomatic mailstrom similar to that which is now unfolding in Syria.

No, a publisher would say, shaking their head, this kind of mess is just not credible. Not even as fiction.

Could western powers, with such powerful intelligence services, with so much brain-power and stored experience, really contrive this mess? All I can say is, good luck to future historians, or come to that, congressional and parliamentary inquiries, trying to untangle this mess.

The very short answer for those who can’t wait for historians or parliamentary reports is the fact that both Washington and London are seduced at the very highest levels by the formidable internationally organised Muslim Brotherhood who support the militias of Tripoli and Misrata and want the control of Libya and her assets inside and outside the country.

We in the West couldn’t have made the situation worse if we tried. – Exclusive to Times of Oman timesofoman.com

Britain is at war in Libya and nobody thought to tell us

How much of London is owned by Qatar’s royal family?

Britain targets Qatar as priority market for arms sales

British arms sales to the Middle East are probably fuelling Isis, says Jeremy Corbyn

British navy ship poised to be sent to Libya on anti-smuggling mission

Dawn; The UK’s parter in tackling the migrant crisis? Their previous experience here
(Note. Lie that Gaddafi had given his men Viagra was used to justify Dawn war crimes).


An example of the Muslim Brotherhoods actions in Egypt:
(Note. the flag @ 2:27)

(0:49 Muslim Brotherhood & friends)

Libya updates: The battle for Sirte; UN gov; Dawn losses

There are concerns that parts of Libya Dawn are temporarily playing ball with the UN government to receive arms & training, then to use those arms to fulfill their own objectives, separate from the desires of the UN government.

This article below suggests that the UN government is taking measures to prevent similar incident such as the kidnapping of former president Ali Zeidan, by Dawn militia after Zeidan failed to meet protection racket payments.

New Libya government creates ‘Presidential Guard’

After the execution of a senior member of the Gadhadhfa tribe in Sirte for dissidence against ISIS control, the Telegraph runs with such articles as “Gaddafi loyalists join West in battle to push Islamic State from Libya” Such statements are provocative in nature, & are likely to provoke ISIS to increase executions of Green Libyans. The upside is that it appears that the UN government is taking positive steps for reconciliation in Libya; Gaddafi’s widow allowed back to Libya as part of ‘reconciliation’ drive

Since the calling of a halt to anti ISIS assault on Sirte by the UN government; ISIS appears to of taken strategic roads in Misrata, the concerns are that Libya Dawn is deliberately allowing ISIS to take territory, to sabotage the rival UN governments efforts to fight terrorism in the country, in the hope of a lifting of sanctions, & arms embargo. Qatar with a GDP of 93,714.06 USD, seeks to paint Dawn as the victim of ISIS rather than ISIS being Dawns ally of convenience, a theory at this time which is based on circumstantial evidence. One thing that can be certain of is that Dawn is made up of & allied with al-Qaeda, so it is hard to see the organization as part of the solution in the fight against terrorism in Libya.

In 2011 Libya Dawn received celebrity endorsement from actor & UN ambassador Angelina Jolie.

Note the UN initially referred to some ISIS members in Syria as anti-Assad activists, & gained their human rights reports against the Syrian government from said organization.

Libyan Government Calls for Russian Anti-Terror Role in Country

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