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Last ISIS stronghold in Syria, Abu Kamal, totally liberated

Iraqi forces reunite with Syrian army along the border as both push ahead successful campaigns against last strongholds of Daesh.

Army units operating in Deir Ezzor achieved a new advance for uprooting ISIS terrorists from the eastern bank of the Euphrates River after entering into al-Boukamal city and engaging in fierce clashes in the neighborhoods of the city.

SANA reporter said that the army units and the allies’ forces stroke ISIS fortifications and entered the city of al-Boukamal, paving the way for completely eradicating ISIS terrorists from the city.

The reporter added that progress towards al-Boukamal city has been achieved after the army units and its allies met with Iraqi forces at the joint border after clearing the area of the collapsed remnants of ISIS terrorists.

According to the reporter, large areas where ISIS spreads are currently encircled as a result of the forces’ meeting, which is extended between the Second Station and al-Baajat in Syria and al-Aakashat t in Iraq.

The reporter added army units and supporting forces tightened noose on ISIS dens in al-Boukamal city totally and began intensive operations to root out their last gatherings in the city, which considers as one of the main strongholds of the terrorist organization in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. sana.sy

Iran & Turkey aid Iraq in taking back land from Kurds

Kurds on social media expressed their displeasure with the US, feeling abandoned, as Iraqi troops aided by Iran & Turkey lowered Kurdish flags in the city of Kirkuk, replacing them with the Iraqi flag. Kurds are dependent on large oilfields near the city, to secure an independent state. Iraq’s central government has been weakened previously by the Kurdish illegal oil trade, which some say contributed to the rise of ISIS.

“We #Kurds will never forget your treason 🖕#USA gov #Kirkukِ #TwitterKurds”

“”You were great fighting ISIS. Now, bye”, as they watched Iraq and Iran lowering Kurdish flags in Kirkuk.”

“Kurds fight IS after Iraq abandons Kirkuk.. .then iraq sides with Shia militia to take Kirkuk from Kurds”

“Iran and Turkey both colluding with Iraq in crushing Kurds. Whatever other disagreements, they always come together to oppress minorities.”

“Israel pls do not let kurds die silently like holocaust by Iranian backed militia in Iraq, we are your true friend under serious threat”

“Biggest mistake Kurds made was intervening and helping Iraq defeat ISIS. We should have sat back and watched Iraq burn to the ground.”

A Kurdish leader (Barzani): Blood of the martyrs, calls for independence are ‘not wasted’

Who are the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army?

The Rohingya insurgency is starting to gain traction.

Pogroms and low-level anti-Muslim violence erupted in 2012 during Myanmar’s democratic transition. In large part this was allowed to fester because the international community was trying to support the new democratic government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

It was no surprise that after years of systematic human rights abuses, including the denial of citizenship rights or any other legal protections, and with the government limiting the ability of Rohingya people to work or to have food and medicine coming in, that a full-on insurgency broke out.

The insurgency was nascent for much of 2016 and the first half of 2017. It began as Harakah al-Yaqin (HaY), led by Attullah Abu Ammar Jununi, who was born in Pakistan and raised in Saudi Arabia before he returned home to lead the struggle.

The group publicly refers to itself as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Low-level attacks began to occur on a more sustained basis in 2016. Much of the violence in Rakhine state was perpetrated by government-backed vigilantes, as state security forces did little to curtail them.

But ARSA was clearly responsible for some of the violence. And, very clearly, it seemed to provoke heavy-handed responses. In October 2016, ARSA, armed with machetes and other primitive weapons, staged attacks on police posts.

The government responded with pogroms, including attacks on civilians and arson attacks in Rohingya villages. The United Nations estimates violence in October and November 2016 led to about 87,000 Rohingya refugees to cross into southeastern Bangladesh, where about 400,000 had settled previously.

Earlier this month, two days after U.N. Special Representative Kofi Annan issued his report on the Myanmar government’s alleged mishandling of the 11 million Rohingya, about 150 ARSA militants attacked 24 to 30 police outposts in Rakhine state. ARSA claims the attacks were pre-emptive and done in self-defense.

Those attacks were a tactical failure: about 77 militants were killed, compared to only a dozen police, in the fighting. But the attacks were not meant to be tactical successes. They were meant to be a strategic victory.

ARSA knew all too well that the Myanmar military (Tatmadaw) could respond only one way: with an extremely heavy-handed “clearance operation” and total disregard for human rights. By Aug. 28, the death toll reached at least 104.

In the days after, thousands of refugees crossed into Bangladesh, with an additional 20,000 stuck in no man’s land along the border. Earlier, about 6,000 refugees, mainly women and children came under fire from the Tatmadaw as they tried to cross the frontier.

Human rights monitors witnessed Rohingya villages being set on fire. Human Rights Watch reported that in the four days following the Aug. 25 attacks, the number of villages burned down was significantly larger than the number burned last October and November. rfa.org

ARSA leader Ata Ullah was born in Karachi, Pakistan to a (Bangladeshi) migrant father, who claims to have had fled the religious persecution in Rakhine State in Myanmar (also known as Arakan, Burma). At an early age, Ullah’s family moved to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where he was enrolled in an Islamic school.

It is possible that the ARSA leader trained with Libya rebels, but those reports can not be confirmed.

Rohingya insurgency declares ‘open war’ in Myanmar

‘We die or they die’: Rohingya insurgency sparks fresh violence in Myanmar

Rohingya extremists set ablaze hundreds of houses in past two days, says Myanmar

Freedom fighter or curse? The man behind the Rohingya insurgency

On 27 August 2017, ARSA insurgents were accused of killing six Hindus. According to the State Counselor’s office, twelve Hindu families on a business trip in Myinlut, Maungdaw Township were returning to the district capital of Maungdaw, when they accidentally wandered into the conflict zone. The families fled into the District Court Building (which was still under construction) in an attempt to seek shelter from the fighting, but when they entered the building they were allegedly shot by ARSA insurgents already inside. The incident left two Hindu men, one woman and three children dead and two women seriously injured. The victims were sent to the Maungdaw Hospital, while six others arrived at the Four-Mile camp at 6:00 AM and left for Buthidaung where their relatives were residing.

A Hindu woman from Rakhine state: “Myanmar people kidnapped by Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), so I escaped to Bangladesh”.

In a statement issued by her office on Facebook on Wednesday, Suu Kyi said the government had “already started defending all the people in Rakhine in the best way possible” and warned against misinformation that could mar relations with other countries.

She referred to tweets of images of killings posted by Turkey’s deputy prime minister that he later deleted because they were not even from Myanmar.
turk misinfo
“She said that kind of fake information which was inflicted on the deputy prime minister was simply the tip of a huge iceberg of misinformation calculated to create a lot of problems between different countries and with the aim of promoting the interests of the terrorists,” the social media statement said. news.com.au

India shares Myanmar’s concern about ‘extremist violence’: PM Modi

On 7 July 2013 a series of ten bombs exploded in and around the Mahabodhi Temple complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bodh Gaya, India. Five people, including two Buddhist monks, were injured by the blasts. Three other devices were defused by bomb-disposal squads at a number of locations in Gaya.

The temple itself and the Bodhi Tree (where Gautama Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment) were undamaged.However, the Archaeological Survey of India confirmed damage to new structures in the temple complex. International figures, including the Dalai Lama, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Myanmar Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, condemned the attacks.On 4 November 2013, the National Investigation Agency announced that the Indian Mujahideen was responsible for the bombings

‘Rohingyas to be deported, don’t preach India on refugees’, says Kiren Rijiju

No explosion on Tu-154, but attack not ruled out

Terrorism has not been ruled out as the cause of the crash, but it is not a primary line of investigation, the air force’s deputy head of flight safety, Sergey Bainetov, told the state-run TASS news agency.

A full investigation into the reason the Russian Tu-154 plane crashed into the Black Sea will take some time, but preliminary results point to an equipment malfunction, Russia’s transport minister told journalists.

Flight recorders revealed no evidence of an explosion on board a Russian plane that crashed into the Black Sea, killing all 92 on board, but investigators haven’t ruled out foul play, a military official said Thursday.

More than 60 passengers were members of the military’s Aleksandrov song-and-dance ensemble, also known as the Red Army Choir, which was to perform for Russian servicemen deployed in Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad’s government in the war there.

“After deciphering the first flight recorder we have made a conclusion that there was no explosion on board”, Bainetov said at a news conference.

“But this isn’t the only type of terrorist act.it could have been any type of mechanical impact, so we don’t rule out a terrorist act”, Mr Bainetov said.

“A terror attack doesn’t always involve an explosion”, he said.

“The four main versions are an engine being hit by a foreign object, substandard fuel that caused the loss of thrust on and eventually stopped the engines, the pilot’s mistake and the plane’s technical failure”, Russia’s Federal Security Service said in a statement earlier.

“At a press conference in Moscow, Russian Transportation Minister Maxim Sokolov declared the main phase of the search-and-recovery effort complete”.

Both black boxes – the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder – have been recovered and are being studied. Teams have found 2,000 fragments of the plane, 19 bodies and 230 body parts, Sputnik reported.

The Russian military also added that the divers had found two elements of the plane’s control mechanism.

The plane that crashed Sunday was built in 1983 and underwent factory checkups and maintenance in 2014, and earlier this year.

The piece did not go down well with Russian Federation where the Defence Ministry’s spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov in a statement said: “It is degrading for any human being to even pay attention to such a poorly-created abomination”, Sputniknews reported. hsunews.com

SAA declares Aleppo under full control, ‘return of security’

The Syrian Army has regained control over all of Aleppo and has returnef “security and stability to the city,” the army’s general command said. The Red Cross has confirmed that a complex operation to evacuate those who “wished” to leave has been completed.

The city has been liberated from “terrorism and terrorists” the statement said, as quoted by Syria’s state SANA news agency.

Aleppo will now mark a turning point in the war against terrorism, the Syrian Army statement said. “It strikes a smashing blow to the forces that backed a terrorism plot against Syria,” the statement added.

“All civilians who wished to be evacuated have been, as well as [the] wounded and fighters,” International Committee of the Red Cross spokeswoman Krista Armstrong said, according to Reuters.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Thursday that the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism is a victory not just for Syria but for all those who are effectively contributing to the fight against terrorism, including Iran and Russia.

“It is also a setback for all the countries that are hostile towards the Syrian people and that have used terrorism as a means [by which] to realize their interests,” he said.

A SANA reporter wrote previously on Thursday that the last stage of evacuating terrorists and their families from eastern Aleppo was underway. rt.com

U.S. attack on Syrian troops not an accident, intentional

Syrian President Bashar Assad says that US airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian government troops were “intentional” and they lasted for an hour. He added that the US “does not have the will” to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria.

Speaking to the Associated Press in Damascus, the Syrian leader denied that the airstrikes carried out by the US near Deir ez-Zor on September 17 were an accident. Sixty-two Syrian soldiers were killed and over 100 were injured, according to the Syrian military. Assad said they were “intentionally” targeted.

“It was not an accident by one airplane; it was four airplanes which kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour or maybe a little bit more than one hour,” Assad told AP, adding they were attacking a large area that “constituted of many hills” adjacent to where the Syrian troops were stationed. rt.com

Boris Johnson: ‘strong’ evidence Russia carried out strike on UN convoy in Syria

A man wearing a black shirt bearing an Al-Qaeda flag (L) speaks with a UN observer as monitors meet with rebels and civilians in the village of Azzara in the province of Homs on May 4, 2012. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the unrest in Syria has killed more than 11,000 people since an anti-regime uprising broke out in March last year. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID (Photo credit should read JOSEPH EID/AFP/GettyImages)
UN getting human rights reports from a non Syrian ISIS member in Homs city, Syria.
(Photo credit JOSEPH EID/AFP/GettyImages)

No-fly zone would ‘require war with Syria and Russia’ – top US general

Syria: ‘Islamic State’ loses al-Qaryatain to government forces

Syrian forces and their allies have retaken the central town of al-Qaryatain from so-called Islamic State (IS), dealing a further strategic blow to the militant group, state media say. It comes days after IS was pushed out of the nearby ancient city of Palmyra. IS captured al-Qaryatain in August, and abducted hundreds of residents, including dozens of Christians. Many were later freed. A monitoring group said there were still pockets of fighting in the town. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday there were still IS fighters in the eastern parts of the town, but that they were withdrawing. If the government reasserts its control over al-Qaryatain, it would be a further boost for President Bashar al-Assad, whose forces – backed by Russian air strikes – have made a string of gains against rebels in recent months. bbc.co.uk

Palmyra victory proves SAA capable of eradicating terrorism

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces confirmed Sunday that Palmyra city and the mountains and hills overlooking it have now been under the army’s full control.

Security and stability were restored to Palmyra following a series of “precise and effective” military operations that were carried out by the army units with the help of the popular defense groups, being backed by the Syrian and Russian Air Forces, the Army Command said in a statement.

ISIS terrorist organization “has been dealt quite a severe blow” with Palmyra getting in the army’s hands, said the Army Command, adding that this achievement has the effect of hitting hard ISIS terrorists’ morale and pressing the start button of the organization’s collapse and defeat.

This achievement proves that “our brave army, aided by the friends, is the only effective force capable of fighting terrorism and eradicating it,” the statement said.

The Army Command clarified that the importance of today’s achievement stems from the significant strategic location of Palmyra city being a major link connecting the central, southern, eastern and northern areas, and from the historical and tourist status of the city as it stands witness to one of the most ancient human civilizations ever. sana.sy

‘For ISIS to survive, it needs support from allies: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US’

Syrian army tightening noose on militants in Aleppo city

Syrian army has entered Nubl and Zahra after breaking a three-year militant siege of the two Shia towns in the country’s north. Crowds of people gathered on the streets of Nubl and Zahra in Aleppo province to welcome Syrian soldiers and celebrate the liberation of their towns. Syrian army says it’s in complete control of Nubl and Zahra and has cut militant supply lines into the nearby Aleppo city. Aleppo is Syria’s second largest city. It’s been divided between the government and the foreign-backed militants since 2012. The city is the next target the army is planning to fully retake. Reports say the Syrian soldiers have surrounded the militants holed up in Aleppo from several directions and will soon enter the city.

Mass celebration in Nubbul and al-Zahra towns, Aleppo province

Syrian FM condemns U.S.-led coalition’s airstrike against army

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that four U.S.- led coalition warplanes targeted with 9 rockets one of the Syrian army’s posts in Deir Ezzor province, claiming the lives of 3 soldiers and injuring 13 others in addition to destroying three armored vehicles, four military vehicles, 23 mm machinegun, 14.5 machinegun and a depot of arms and ammunition.

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the UN Security Council on Monday, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed that the Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns this heinous aggression by the coalition and affirms that it contradicts with the goals and wills of the UN Charter.

Syria called on the Security Council to immediately take the urgent measures to prevent such aggression from occurring again, adding that the aggression on the military post hinders the efforts aiming to fight terrorism and reiterates that the U.S.- led coalition lacks seriousness and credibility in the fight against terrorism. sana.sy

Syria conflict: Coalition denies air strike on army camp

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