House of Cards to feature anti-Russian propaganda

House of cards

House of Cards

The widely anticipated 3rd season of Netflix’s hugely popular House of Cards is likely to feature anti-Russian propaganda as a centerpiece of its storyline. Two members of Pussy Riot, the Russian anti-Putin punk activist group whose members were jailed for protesting in Moscow, are reportedly expected to appear in the next season of hit political show House of Cards. According to City Paper, two sources associated with the show’s production team have said Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina were on the Baltimore set of House of Cards in the US, and that they would be appearing in season three. The sources reportedly wished to remain anonymous.

In the Flesh

In the Flesh is a BAFTA award-winning BBC Three supernatural drama series. Set after “The Rising”, which is the show’s take on a zombie apocalypse, the drama focuses throughout on a reanimated gay teenager Kieren Walker, who commited suicide when the boy he loves dies fighting in Iraq. It is centered around his return to the local community. The evil militia in the series is seen wearing the orange and black striped Ribbon of Saint George, a symbol of Russian resistance to Nazism in world war two, which is worn by pro Russian Ukrainian militias.

Kick Ass 2

A former member of Spentsnaz and the KGB. She once worked for the Russian Prime Minister, until she flew into a drunken, blind rage due to her fellow bodyguards accusing her of cheating at a card game, leading to her slaughtering all of them. Red Mist goes to Eastern Europe. He finds her on Twitter and merica. She and the Toxic Mega Cunts follow Red Mist to the Justice Forever’s lair, and they destroy the heroes’ headquarters.

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