Serraj begs NATO for help; Making Haftar more appealing


Presidency Council (PC) head Faiez Serraj has sent a formal request to NATO to help in building up security and defence systems, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO had agreed to send help at its Warsaw summit a week ago, but only if formally requested by the UN-backed PC. Now that such a request had been received, Stoltenberg said the organisation would discuss how to respond. However, he did not say what sort of help Serraj had requested.

Serraj had invited NATO forces to play a stronger role against smuggling in the Mediterranean some weeks ago, but military assistance on the ground in Libya was off the table.

NATO has been involved in counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling operations, and is fully involved alongside the EU in migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

Defence Secretary warns Russia is interfering in Libya to test Nato alliance

Ghwell (Muslim Brotherhood/al-Qaeda front man) in grand reopening of Tripoli International Airport

This year has seen a stark change in the views of Tripolitans, irrelevant of whether they supported the revolution or not.

“I never loved Qaddafi, but I thought from the start it was just a conspiracy shared by other countries to destroy Libya and take over its resources,” Khalil Gharghum, a resident opposed to the revolution told the Libya Herald.

However, even pro-revolution residents seem to lack the desire to celebrate.

“The revolution is a principle I will never give up. But I will not celebrate due to the awful circumstances we are seeing that include women being raped and the kidnapping of children. All the beautiful things we created have been destoyed in the name of revolution and religion,” said Mohamed Sultan, a freelance journalist from Tripoli.

The split in Tripoli is more obvious this year than before.

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