Possible assassination attempt on Saif al-Islam Gaddafi?


The Libyan news agency reveal an attempt Hfter and Trabelsi failed to get rid of Saif al- Islam

I learned agency JANA news agency from an informed source, that “Khalifa Haftar” Commander of the Parliament of Tobruk troops, has by his ally in Zintan “Imed Trabelsi,” the commander of the militia lightning unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the engineer, “Saif al-Islam Gaddafi,” in exchange for a sum of money estimated at 10 million dinars.

The source explained that the attempt to “Hfter” and “Tripoli” relied on to get rid of Dean “Idris material” and Dean “Ajami Aotaira” commanders Room Western Region Operations Battalion Abu Bakr detainee has “Saif al-Islam,” and replace them with others is their loyalty to the “Trabelsi “In order for them to control the detainee held by the” sword of Islam “and get rid of it later.

The source added that this attempt Abaat failure after leaked from some of the officers belonging to what is known of public leadership in the meadow, and access to the people of the city of Zintan who fought them and cut off suppress.

And said editor (height) for Political Affairs This attempt comes in continuation of the plot in February that targeted the leaders and men of the nation, and that “Hfter” who did not hide his ambition to rule the country had sent the envoys to the US administration in order to help it ruled the country, as well was quoted by the media about the French Ambassador in Tunis that “Hfter” over her openly about his intention at the head of Libya, from this standpoint sees “Saif al-Islam,” the greatest threat to his political ambitions, because of its experience of policy and support between the Libyan tribes and the rest of the segments Libyan people, who have become view him as the key to resolve the Libyan crisis, and lift the nation which beset by devastation and destruction long various walks of life, and the Arab and international parties have become the last name put on discussions about Libya table.

It is noteworthy that “Saif al-Islam,” which has more than five years in captivity in Zintan reunited the amnesty law adopted by the Parliament in the month of Tobruk Nasser 2015. jamahiriyanewsagency.wordpress.com

Was Libyan rebel chief killed by his own forces? Mysterious circumstances surround Younis’ death

Following confirmation that Younis had indeed defected to the side of the rebels, he was declared commander-in-chief of its armed forces. In March, a military spokesperson announced that Khalifa Haftar had replaced Younis as commander of the military; however, the National Transitional Council denied this. By April, Younis held the role of commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, with Omar El-Hariri serving as Younis’s Chief of Staff, while Haftar took the third most senior position as the commander of ground forces with the rank of lieutenant general.

At Younis’s funeral, his son Ashraf called for Gaddafi’s return to bring stability back to Libya. “We want the green flag back,” he shouted to the crowd, referring to Gaddafi’s national banner. It was a risky display of emotion in a region so supportive of the rebels.

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