NY Stock Exchange hacked by Anonymous, China or no one?


The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was offline for over three hours on 8 July and everything from an internal computer glitch to Chinese hackers and even Anonymous have been blamed. So what really happened?
The facts (as we know them)

Just after 8am local time, the NYSE issued an alert to say “a reported issue with a gateway connection” was affecting certain stocks. After trading opened, at 10.37am, that issue was resolved, according to another NYSE alert.

At 11.32am, the NYSE announced it was ceasing trading due to a “internal technical issue”, which was not the result of a “cyber breach”.

At 3.10pm, the NYSE announced trading had resumed and “all systems are functioning normally”.

NYSE president Thomas Farley told CNBC: “I can’t say with precision exactly what drove it. We found what was wrong and we fixed what was wrong and we have no evidence whatsoever to suspect that it was external.”

The White House chimed in to say: “There is no indication that there are malicious actors involved.”

At the same time the NYSE was experiencing a problem, the Wall Street Journal website and that of popular financial blog Zero Hedge also experienced issues, meaning visitors were unable to access the sites. ibtimes.co.uk

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