NATO terrorist attack; Plan to bomb Simferopol Airport

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After Russia’s FSB accused Ukraine of attempting to create a series of terrorist attacks in Crimea, the question is – how will Moscow respond to this alleged provocation? Russian observers believe that the “attacks” were supposed to have a long-term effect, but the main issue is not Crimea – it is the Donbass.

The already frigid relations between Russia and Ukraine have now been further complicated by a strange incident involving Crimea: On Wednesday, Aug. 10 Moscow accused Kiev of preparing terrorist attacks on the disputed peninsula.

According to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the “Ukrainian saboteurs” were active members of Ukraine’s special forces. They divided themselves into two groups and tried to cross into Crimea carrying home-made explosive devices, as well as ammunition, grenades, mines and weapons. The FSB says that after detaining the saboteurs, it learned that an entire network of agents was functioning in Crimea. Two Russian officers allegedly died in the clash

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised that Moscow “will not close its eyes to these things,” saying that the alleged actions of the Ukrainian government are “terrorist practices” and “a very dangerous game.”

He added that he no longer sees any meaning in holding the next scheduled meeting of the “Normandy Four,” referring to the periodical negotiations between the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France on regulating the Donbass conflict in southeastern Ukraine. The meeting had been planned for September in China.

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