London attacker acted alone.. need to ban WhatsApp?


If the London attacker acted alone; Then why do we desperately need to ban Whatsapp?


Pushing people into defense of encrypted services sufficiently misdirects, from the route of the cause of the rise of terrorists groups which the London attacker was heavily influenced by, arming & training terrorists, to fulfill foreign policy of mainly Israel & Saudi Arabia.

Honey Trap

They promote a encryption service that they already have back doors built into, as a service that can’t be tracked by intelligence services, in order to control terrorists for their own advantage, or clean up the mess they made to make way for new mess.

More Power

They aid the rise of terrorists groups, then when those terrorists attack they use the attack to give themselves more power, not to just to track & trace terrorists, but any one critical of government policy, particularly for the infiltration & co-opting of domestic activist groups.

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