Lebanon dragging their feet on the release of Hannibal Gaddafi


The Shia Amal movement are still holding one of Gaddafi’s sons, who was lured to the Syria-Lebanon border, by Amal militiamen claiming his Lebanese wife needed him, he was then abducted & tortured. It was reported that the reason for his continued detention was that he threatened a Lebanese judge, later to be reported that Hannibal’s defense lawyer had made the comments to the judge in defense of Hannibal, & Hannibal had not made the comments in question. Then that Hannibal would be paraded in the streets in a walk of shame, on the anniversary of the disappearance of Moussa Al-Sadr, then he would be released. Now he is “being sued by the family of Imam Moussa Al-Sadr, who was last seen meeting with Mu’ammar Gaddafi in Tripoli (1978).” Note Hannibal was about three years old when this event happened. It appears as though Hannibal is being held hostage until a ransom can be paid by the Gaddafi family to the Amal movement.

Iranian media are quiet on the matter most likely out of fears of igniting Shia infighting between Hezbollah & Amal, who for the time being appear to be cooperating to some degree on the issue of the Syria conflict. It is still unclear who is responsible for the dissapearence of Musa al-Sadr, with various different scenarios such as “Iran’s Khomeini may be behind Imam Moussa al-Sadr’s disappearance in 1978

A cause for concern is the likely Iranian support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, & Egypt, seeking weaker border security on the Egypt-Israel border, if successful, this would mean the Muslim Brotherhood would be in control of the majority of North Africa, & the vast amount of resources, such as in Libya which has the largest oil reserves in Africa, which happens to be on Europes doorstep. It is no secret that Turkey & Qatar have been in support of Muslim Brotherhood forces in Libya, but the extent of Iranian support is yet to be confirmed.

As Iran & Turkey forge closer ties via a resolution of the Syria conflict, Iranian support for Libya Dawn may become more clear, Russia’s position on Libya is still yet to be confirmed, with RT publishing what appear to be misleading articles on the Libyan National Army, which indirectly supports the Muslim Brotherhood, it is thought that Russia may act in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, to appease Iran & Turkey in exchange for a pipeline deal. RT was quick the paint the Muslim Brotherhood as anti-ISIS heroes during their operations on Sirte, which fell to ISIS after the Brotherhood had acted as NATO’s ground forces during “Operation Unified Protector”.

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