Kurdish militant group says it carried out Istanbul bombings


A shadowy Kurdish militant group has claimed responsibility for a pair of bombings that killed dozens of people outside a stadium in central Istanbul on Saturday night, escalating an already bloody conflict between Kurdish separatists and the Turkish state.

The little-known Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) — which seeks autonomy for Turkey’s ethnic Kurds and opposes negotiations with the government — announced Sunday that two of its members carried out the attack.

The twin explosions, from a car bomb and separate suicide attack, killed 38 people, including 30 riot police; 155 other people were wounded.

“The Turkish people are not the direct target of TAK,” said the statement, which was posted online.

The group, an offshoot of the larger Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), urged Turkish citizens to abandon support for the government. washingtonpost.com

US committed to defence pact with Kurdistan Region, says Carter
(aid proxy forces against their NATO ally)

Germany imports Kurd Vs Turk conflict.

At the moment there is a lot of disinfo from both sides, Turks claiming Kurds aim to raise the anti christ against the “Muslim Union” (Muslim Brotherhood), & Kurds with their bogus 2016 military map, showing Kurds controlling all of northern Iraq, part of western Iran, all northern Syria, & part of southern Turkey.

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