Israel detonates spying device, killing Hezbollah member


An Israeli jet detonated a spy device planted on Hezbollah’s telecommunications network in south Lebanon, killing a member of the party Friday, security sources told The Daily Star.

A security source told The Daily Star that 25-year-old Hussein Ali Haidar, a Hezbollah explosives expert, was killed while he was trying to dismantle four Israeli devices planted on the network.

A number of his colleagues were also wounded in the explosion that shattered the usual calm in the southern village of Adloun near Nabi Sari’s Shrine.

Residents said they spotted an Israeli plane hovering over the southern region near Adloun minutes before the explosion took place.

The Lebanese Army released a statement, saying a military intelligence unit discovered the spying device around 3:45 p.m. in the village and that the device exploded, killing a civilian who was nearby.

The Army cordoned off the area and launched an investigation.

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