India & China face-off at border; ahead of Chinese PM visit


There has been a report of fresh transgression by the Chinese Peoples Army in Ladakh just ahead of the visit of Chinese Premier Xi Jinping to India on September 17.

According to the local officials, China is in opposition of the construction of a canal for irrigation in Demchok, which is the disputed area that lies just 600 metres from the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de facto border between the two nations.

The District Magistrate of Leh Simrandeep Singh Gill has told reporters that the trouble has been going on for more than a week, adding that China has had issues on the construction of the canal, and that when the Indian civilians we to work on it in the village, they have been stopped from doing so by China.

The Ministry of External Affairs in the national capital has shown extreme caution while reacting to this by saying that the Ministry of Defence would be handling the matter.

A spokesperson of the ministry has assured reporters that the Indian soldiers posted at the border would be addressing all the issues that take place in the area, adding that whatever happens at the border would be handled by those who are posted there. He also said that there are unresolved issues between both countries.

There had been three incidents of Chinese incursion in the Demchok and Chumar areas in Ladakh in July this year.

The last incident had taken place on July 22, where three tents had been put up by the graziers at Demchok’s Charding Nilu Nullah Junction. This matter had been resolved following a flag meeting between the army commanders from the two sides.

In a statement, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that the incursion that take place along the Indo-China border are due to the difference in perception about the boundary line.

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