Gaddafi’s son still being held captive by Lebanese Shia militias

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The family of Hannibal Gaddafi issued a statement saying:

The family of Captain Hannibal Gaddafi, who is suffering the bitterness of foreign exile, and the kidnapping of Captain Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi, and on the occasion of the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, God rest on us and on everyone in Yemen and blessings, we suffer very pain, and strongly condemn and denounce this suspicious silence of all parties involved, The letters after our impatience so that some do not think that our patience for fear and our dream weakness.

The follower of the case of Captain Hannibal Gaddafi and its positions, since his abduction from the heart of the lion’s den, the area of ​​Damascus, and to this day reach a general perception is four points:

The first is the collusion of Syrian parties with material and political interests in kidnapping him and the detention of Captain Hannibal al-Qadhafi under arrest. This is evident in the Syrian state’s disavowal of its responsibility to follow up its file and not to assign a follow-up committee to its cause (lawyers, politicians and religious authorities) , And to communicate with the competent authorities in Lebanon to release him, and his return to Syria as a guest of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, or to go out and authorize directly by the taxpayers of the Syrian state to follow up his file and the delay in meeting the president’s calls to return to Syria is considered an insult to the Syrian state As a host country for the captain and his family, which will result in the abuse of the relations of brotherhood and blood that bind the two peoples, two Arab brotherly Syrian and Libyan.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has taken his high stand by hosting Captain Hannibal and his family and bearing all the consequences for this step, as we are surprised by his silence. Syria, which defied the world, can not recover its guest and avenge its generosity. therefore, we demand away with the infamous his Excellency is what the people of his magnanimity and meet to intervene directly and chapter in this case.

Second, the captain’s family is very upset by this silence from the Syrian side. We did not hear a media statement by the officials of the Syrian Republic, Lebanon, the Syrian Ministry of Justice and the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as directly concerned with the case. They have the right to demand an investigation into the crime of kidnapping, Or request the recall of Captain Hannibal Gaddafi, drawing up the agreements signed between the two countries in joint cooperation in such cases and not informing his family of the steps taken by the Syrian government and not paying attention to their urgent demands to inform them of any information indicating that there is effort or contact with the Lebanese anybody as long, or
The parties that insist on keeping Captain Hannibal in detention, and responding to our demands in loose terms that carry marginalization and disregard for their feelings) as promised good – doing our best – in the affairs of a busy uncle (this despite the dropping of the mulberry leaf from all the legal jewels
For a family to defend him, have all admitted to his presence in prison! He has several lawyers hired by Laban in prison is illegal and invalid, and that stain Aref on the forehead of the Lebanese judiciary.

Thirdly: The Lebanese judiciary is only one of the offices of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nabih Berri, and all the Lebanese judiciary from the judge to the examining magistrate, except for his pawns, and they carry out his orders. He appoints whom he wishes and isolates whom he wishes. It raises the status of impartiality from the Lebanese judiciary, and only how the judge is the most serious, and the prosecutor is investigating with him, and who raises the issue of contempt is the one who pleads with whom I dare !!!

The issue of Captain Hannibal al-Qadhafi is related to local Lebanese issues, such as the election of the president, this election proves that the issue is purely political, and that there are parties within the Lebanese state who exploit it as his political party to buy votes, as Nabih Berri did in the case of Imam Musa al-Sadr, In order to remain on the throne of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.

Fourth: The kidnapping of Captain Hannibal Gaddafi has exceeded one and a half years, and he is in detention, while those who committed the kidnapping (Hassan – Ali Yaqoub) are still free! And they go on Lebanese screens at every opportunity without any deterrent or sergeant, despite all the evidence and evidence that prove their involvement in the kidnapping of Captain Hannibal (voice recordings _ their phone numbers – Captain’s confessions), and transfer him from the Syrian Republic to the Lebanese Republic, And the exploitation of powers granted to them by the Lebanese and Syrian states to carry out the crime of kidnapping, and no one moved to prosecute them or investigate them or issue an arrest warrant against them by the two countries.

Finally, the family of Captain Hannibal Muammar al-Qadhafi will not remain idle, and will not execute the means to release the captain, and expose all those who order him, and those who underestimate their feelings and punishment, and that the future of the sight of a nearby.

Family of Captain Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi

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