Explosion as pro-LNA protesters call for Serraj to be sacked


A home-made bomb left next to an ambulance in Benghazi’s Kish Square exploded this afternoon while pro-LNA demonstrations were taking place. Two people were slightly injured, an interior security services official told the Libya Herald.

Demonstrating against the Libyan Political Agreement, the UN, the US and Europe, as well as Faiez Serraj and Ibrahim Jadhran, and supporting Khalifa Hafter and the Libyan National Army (LNA), over a thousand people took part in the demonstration after Friday prayers today, following calls throughout the week from local political activists. Much of the protestors’ anger was directed against UN Special Envoy Martin Kobler and the US and Europe which during the week condemned the LNA’s takeover of the eastern oil terminals.

After the explosion, when the demonstrators refused to leave the square, the Thinni administration’s interior minister Mohammed Al-Madani Al-Fakhri and the head of Benghazi police Colonel Salah Hwaidi also joined them, apparently in an act of solidarity.

Calls for both Serraj and Kobler to be sacked were heard as well at similar demonstrations in Marj, Beida and Tobruk as well as in Zintan and Rajban in the west of the country. Around a dozen people also waved anti-Kobler posters in Tripoli’s Algeria Square. In Sebha, the numbers were slightly larger. In Tobruk, the protestors also thanked Egypt for its support and HoR president Ageela Saleh for his opposition to the Presidency Council.

Earlier in the day, Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shukri expressed his country’s full support for the LNA’s takeover last Sunday of the eastern oil terminals so as “to maintain security and stability in Libya and to secure Libyan oil wealth”.

Meanwhile in Benghazi, a house near Benina airport was damaged when it was hit by mortar fire. No one was hurt as the building was empty at the time.libyaherald.com

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