Concerns: Trump’s security adviser is “bomb Syria” Woolsey


The man who said bomb Syria/Assad, before it was popularized. (fmr CIA director appointed by Bill Clinton)

A senior security adviser to Donald Trump has said that the president-elect is going to make the destruction of IS including in Libya a priority.

Former CIA director James Woolsey told the Italian newspaper La Stampa that the new administration would be committed to eradicating IS. He also said that Washington’s relations with Russia would be reordered.

US media are reporting that the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) which has sent in some 360 air strikes against IS positions in Sirte, is now analysing intelligence on terrorists who had escaped the town. The Washington Post said that US commanders were concerned that IS would increase their attacks to the rear of Bunyan Marsous forces and elsewhere in the country. The intention was to be striking terrorist groups outside of Sirte but there was an overarching concern to avoid civilian casualties.

Does this mean continued military aid to “anti-isis forces” (al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood) via the UN?

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Op-Ed: Playing the Trump card in Libya
“Two sides, Libya Dawn and the elected-parliament in Tobruk, have been fighting off-and-on since 2014. The conflict is also sucking in outside powers – Turkey, Qatar, Britain and the Obama Administration are sympathetic to Libya Dawn, while Egypt, United Arab Emirates and France are on the side of Tobruk, with Russia minded to join them.”

– It is an indication that NATO members are in a proxy war against each other in Libya.
2011: Turkey and France clash over Libya air campaign

Franco-Russian Alliance
Vladimir Putin cancels Paris visit amid Syria row

Can not rely on Russia in Libya; Their close alliance with Iran complicates things; I suspect Iran hopes for an advance of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, to spread to Egypt, & weaken security on the Egypt Israeli border. But Russia may work covertly because the advance of the Brotherhood does not always serve Russian interests as seen in the product of Brotherhood facilitated attacks; Egypt plane crash: Russia says jet was bombed in terror attack. The Muslim Brotherhood distanced themsleves from former allies ISIS in late 2015-2016, at which point it is presumed that they began to see ISIS as a threat to their own power & control. Also Russia wishes to keep Turkey happy to complete a pipeline deal. Pro Botherhood Erdogan has backed Libya Dawn.

British special forces continue to fight alongside al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood on the ground in Libya, it is thought that they don’t wish to compleatly destroy ISIS before securing the oil profits in their favor, defeating ISIS would mean they would lose their pretext to be in the country.

“at least they kill terrorists” – Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Supports Anti-ISIS Forces in Libya (Using terrorists to fight terrorism is futile, because you end up helping one terrorist group eliminate their competition). LNA is the only some what reliable force on the ground. Reconciliation with Libya Dawn is out of the question; (Saif Gaddafi already tried that with LIFG – founders of Libya Dawn, they renounced violence & were released from prison, then a few months later they work with the CIA in Benghazi to destroy the country).

Rand Paul will block Donald Trump’s appointees if he has to because of this “important historical lesson”

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