Churkin is the 5th Russian ambassadors to die in 3 months


Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, died one day before his 65th birthday, making him the fifth serving Russian diplomat to die in the past three months. It is reported that his death was due to a heart attack.

Possible poisening, but too early to confirm.
Churkin vs Haley: Russian permanent representative to the UN reminded the colleague of the US Constitution

Russian permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin reminded his American colleague, Nikki Haley, the words of the U.S. Constitution. It happened during a meeting of the UN security Council.

The dispute over Crimea

Speech Nikki Haley became the first for her as Ambassador to the United States. In it she touched on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions associated with the Crimea.

«We introduced sanctions in respect of Crimea will remain in force until Russia will regain control over the Peninsula to Ukraine», — said the American diplomat.

«It wasn’t meant to be. We really want a better relationship with Russia. However, the deplorable situation in the East of Ukraine requires clear and serious condemnation of Russia’s actions», she added.

«We the people»

The answer Churkin had not long to wait

«In this regard, it is important to remember that the Constitution of the United States has made such remarkable historic words: «We the people», — said the Russian permanent representative.

«The people of Crimea quite clearly expressed their will in a referendum,» he said.

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