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Yemeni army, popular forces marching on al-Qaeda positions

Informed sources in the Northern governorate of Al Jawf announced on Wednesday that the Yemeni Army alongside the popular forces pushed back the al-Qaeda terrorists and took control over vast parts of the governorate. The sources told the FNA that the Yemeni army and the country’s popular forces stormed strongholds of the Saudi-backed al-Qaeda terrorists […]

Israeli F16’s falling from the skies over Yemen?

This week two F16s were shot down over Yemen. When the wreckage was examined, both were found to be of types never supplied to an Arab nation, not Saudi Arabia, not anyone. The only “buyer” in the region for that type of plane is Israel. With two Israeli planes downed this week, fresh Saudi markings […]

German court hears case into US drone killings in Yemen

A court in Cologne, Germany, is to start hearing a case over two Yemenis who were killed by a US drone strike in 2012. The relatives of the deceased, who brought the case to court, say the victims were strong opponents of Al-Qaeda. Imam Salim bin Ali Jaber, and his cousin, Walid Abdullah bin Ali […]

Iranian humanitarian cargo ship on way to war-torn Yemen

Iran says it’s ready to send three planes carrying humanitarian aid to Yemen within the next 24 hours. Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says the aid would be food and medical supplies. Meanwhile, an Iranian cargo ship, carrying humanitarian aid, has left the country’s port city of Bandar Abbas for Yemen. It’s packed with 25-hundred […]

Kerry in Russia for talks with Putin on cooperation

Secretary of State John Kerry arrived here on Tuesday morning to explore the possibility of cooperating with President Vladimir V. Putin on an array of regional crises, especially the Syrian war. Mr. Kerry will be the most senior American official to meet in Russia with Mr. Putin since the secretary of state was in Moscow […]

Saudi backed al-Qaeda seek moderate image in Yemen

When al-Qaida overran the Yemeni port city of Mukalla last month, the group’s commanders immediately struck a deal to share power with the area’s tribesmen. No jihadi banners were raised. Al-Qaida even issued a statement denying rumors that it had banned music at parties or men wearing shorts. A local tribal council now administers the […]

Aid flights to Yemen blocked after Saudis bomb airport

Planned aid flights to Yemen have been blocked after Saudi Arabian jets bombed the runway at Sana’a airport on Tuesday. Aircraft belonging to the Saudi Arabian-led coalition carried out the bombings on Tuesday afternoon to prevent an Iranian plane from landing in the Yemeni capital, a spokesman for the coalition said. Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri […]

Saudi Arabia to deploy ground troops in Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Abdulaziz on Tuesday ordered the deployment of an elite ground unit in the country’s ongoing campaign against Yemen’s Shia Houthi militant group, Saudi’s official news agency has reported. King Salman has issued a royal decree to deploy National Guard Forces in its ongoing military operation against Yemen’s Houthis – a campaign […]

Iran optimistic about halt on Saudi strikes on Yemen

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian voiced optimism that the Saudi-led military strikes against Yemen would stop in coming hours. “Following the efforts made, we are optimistic that the military strikes against Yemen come to a halt in coming hours,” Amir Abdollahian said on Tuesday. “We are optimistic that […]

Trapped in Yemen, Americans file lawsuit against U.S. gov

Khalid Awnallah, a Yemeni-American, is safe today in Michigan, but his wife and four children are among the thousands of American citizens believed stranded in the midst of an escalating civil war in Yemen. “They are in a bad situation there, they are hearing bombs all the time and are scared to go out,” said […]

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