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Israeli nuclear whistleblower arrested after TV interview

An Israeli court has put nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu under seven days’ house arrest for giving a TV interview, more than a decade after he completed an 18-year jail term, according to media reports. Army radio said Vanunu was arrested on Thursday morning after giving an interview on the privately owned Channel 2 station last […]

Trident whistleblower’s security allegations are true

As Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly remains in military custody for criticizing Trident nuclear safety procedures, an ex-Navy sailor who backs many of his allegations has spoken at length to RT. Euan Bryson, 25, served in Britain’s Royal Navy for 4 1/2 years as a communications and IT specialist. Among his leading roles were positions […]

CIA on trial in Virginia for planting nuke evidence in Iran

The Justice Department on Tuesday pressed ahead with the prosecution of a former Central Intelligence Agency official, a day after it said it would not force a reporter for The New York Times to testify at the trial. The former official, Jeffrey Sterling, is accused of revealing a covert operation to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program, […]

Benghazi Whistleblower Tosh Plumlee tells his account

Robert Tosh Plumlee was born in 1937. He joined the United States Army in April 1954 and was assigned to the Texas 49th Armored Division. Later he was transferred to Dallas where he joined the 4th Army Reserve Military Intelligence Unit. After leaving the army Plumlee worked as an aircraft mechanic before obtaining his pilot’s […]

NSA & GCHQ aid Mossad while considering them a top threat

NSA and its partners are directed by political branches to feed the Israelis surveillance data and technology, they constantly characterize Israel as a threat – both to their own national security and more generally to regional peace. In stark contrast to the public statements about Israel made by American and British officials, the Snowden archive […]

Greenwald to publish list of U.S. citizens that NSA spied on

Glenn Greenwald, one of the reporters who chronicled the document dump by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden via the U.K. press, now said he’s set to publish his most dramatic piece yet: The names of those in the United States targeted by the NSA. “One of the big questions when is comes to domestic […]

British MPs call for an overhaul of the intelligence oversight

Edward Snowden’s disclosures of the scale of mass surveillance are “an embarrassing indictment” of the weak nature of the oversight and legal accountability of Britain’s security and intelligence agencies, MPs have concluded. A highly critical report by the Commons home affairs select committee published on Friday calls for a radical reform of the current system […]

Snowden requests extra security after receiving death threats

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is reportedly set to request additional protection from Russian authorities after receiving a growing number of death threats. The former NSA contractor has been living at an undisclosed location in Russia since August when he received asylum from Washington’s prosecution. RT’s Marina Portnaya reports.

Sibel explains the CIA’s “reverse engineering” of Erdogan

In this exclusive interview for the Boiling Frogs Post Eyeopener report, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds discusses her recent article, “Turkish PM Erdogan: The Speedy Transformation of an Imperial Puppet.” We talk about Erdogan’s falling out with Fethullah Gülen and the CIA, and how serviceable puppets are discarded by their shadow government masters when they reach […]

Tim Berners-Lee wants whistleblowers protected

WORLD WIDE WEB INVENTOR Sir Tim Berners-Lee has spoken out about the importance of an open web and made the case for a system that fosters whistleblowers. Berners-Lee, who is director of the World Wide Web Consortium, was interviewed at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit yesterday via a satellite link. An obvious hot topic is […]

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