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Embassy Row: ‘Ambassador of evil’

Egyptians have denounced President Obama and U.S. Ambassador Anne W. Patterson for supporting the now-ousted Muslim Brotherhood-led government, but now they are turning their fury against a diplomat who last served at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo 22 years ago. Calling him the “ambassador of evil,” an “assassin” and a “deadly killer,” thousands of Egyptians […]

U.S. drones kill more than 30 in Yemen

In fewer than two weeks, Hellfire missiles launched by U.S. drones have killed at least 31 people in Yemen. At least 14 of the victims were believed by President Obama — the launcher-in-chief — to be al-Qaeda militants. On the heels of reports of the foiling of a plot purportedly hatched by the Yemeni-based branch […]

US remains ‘uninterested’
as Kurds massacred by Syria’s militant opposition

Reports this week of the radical Islamist opposition in Syria massacring Kurds in the northern Syria is a disturbing development, but not nearly as disturbing as the strategic silence on the issue by the US and European government-media complex. According to reports from the village of Tal Abyad near the Turkish border on Monday, jihadist […]

We’re sending Syrians food
But it’s just an excuse to send them arms

In a gesture to mark the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, President Obama has approved of an additional $125 million in humanitarian and food aid to be sent to Syria. Including the new aid package, the amount of money the United States has sent to Syria has now reached the $1 billion […]

Al-Qaeda replacing Assad is the biggest threat to US security
– CIA Deputy Director

The second-in-command of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) says that the toppling of Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria is the largest threat to United States national security and may help al-Qaeda acquire chemical weapons. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell said the prospect of the Syrian government being replaced by […]

Snowden’s dad: Putin won’t cave to Obama pressure

The father of Edward Snowden, the fugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor, predicts that Russian President Vladimir Putin will stand up to pressure from Washington. Obama accuses Russia of ‘Cold War’ mentality over Snowden but will attend G20

The Israeli-NSA connection

Behind the scenes of the massive NSA surveillance scandal are a host of Israeli companies that have almost certainly taken part in the program as suppliers of technology… The concern is but that the Israeli manufacturers themselves have the ability to spy from afar. Ha’aretz – On Friday, The Guardian and The Washington Post published […]

Israel & US preparing for strike on Syria & Iran?

The US military industrial complex decision to pull all embassy staff from the Middle East , whilst a welcome decision, is also cause for concern. Pulling out an ambassador is traditionally the action you take before war. The fear is that the military industrial complex is planning on doing something vile, and is pre-empting retaliatory […]

Former defense contractor exposes Obama’s death squads

Alex is joined via Skype by former Army and Defense contractor Brandon Toy to discuss his recent public resignation from General Dynamics in protest of the “Dirty Wars” going on in the middle east and the atrocities he has witnessed. They also discuss high soldier suicide rates, U.S. officials using their powers of execution indiscriminately […]

Terror alert used to justify government crimes

Last month, Keith Alexander, director of the NSA, defended his agency’s electronic surveillance program by claiming that it had helped prevent “potential terrorist events” at least 50 times since 9/11. Now, in the words of Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), come warnings of a potential attack that are “very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11.” That […]

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