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UK schoolgirl ‘sent hate mail to herself’ before suicide

A teenage girl who committed suicide after being bullied online sent most of the hateful comments to herself, bosses at the social network site have claimed. Hannah Smith, 14, from Leicestershire, England, killed herself two weeks ago after apparently suffering months of abuse at the hands of online bullies who told her to kill […]

Britain to sell Typhoon jets to Bahrain
– despite human rights record

The proposed deal with the Gulf monarchy rocked by protests in 2011 is thought to be worth more than £1 billion and is part of a concerted effort by Gulf countries to strengthen military ties with Britain. The highly political deal was one of the main agenda items in a Downing Street meeting between David […]

How internet in the UK is “Sleepwalking into censorship”

A great article has emerged from Open Rights Group detailing just how egregious David Cameron’s plan to censor the internet in the UK really is. While I’m sure most of you are aware of Cameron’s proposed plan to automatically block web access to “porn” from the British citizenry, you probably aren’t aware of some of the […]

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