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Taliban gunmen, disguised in burqas, attack in Pakistan

Taliban gunmen, disguised in burqas, have opened fire on the campus of the Agriculture University of Peshawar, Pakistan. At least nine people were killed and dozens injured, medics say. Gunfire and blasts can be heard from inside the university, local Geo TV reported. One student told Geo TV that he saw two people injured in […]

Afghanistan could become the world’s top drug-using country

The revelation that the number of opium-addicted Afghan adults and children has reached new highs is a dramatic consequence of the war in that country. It painfully illustrates how the aggression led by the United States can doom generations of children to a miserable life. A U.S. funded study released in April of 2015, found […]

Guantanamo prisoners cleared to leave still in detention

Dozens of prisoners at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay have been held for more than a decade without charge and have waited years for a final signature to gain freedom. Since 2009, 79 of the 149 prisoners in Guantanamo have been approved for release after being assessed as posing no security risk to […]

Nearly half of Pakistan drone victims are civilians: TBIJ

A UK-based civil society organization has recorded the names of more than 700 people killed in US assassination drone attacks in Pakistan since 2004, Press TV reports. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) has said 323 of those identified are reported to be civilians, including 99 children. The TBIJ database shows that at least 2,342 […]

Is US Sgt. Bergdahl a traitor for rejecting Afghanistan war?

Is US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl a traitor or a martyr, a coward who walked away from his unit or a symbol of how a misconceived war used US soldiers as pawns in a losing geo-political game? This is going to be the issue as the prisoner swap with the Taliban takes incoming fire from […]

Taliban launches offensive before Afghanistan elections

At least six Afghan policemen were killed on Wednesday when a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up outside the country’s Interior Ministry in Kabul. It was the latest in a series of attacks ahead of Saturday’s presidential election, which the Islamists have vowed to disrupt, and came on the last day of campaigning. “Our enemy […]

Afghan presidential candidate eager to keep U.S. troops

Abdullah Abdullah, who finished second in Afghanistan’s 2009 presidential election, is confident he can win enough ballots on April 5 to avoid a runoff and sign a deal “within a month” to keep U.S. troops in the country. “God willing, we will have an election which will purely reflect the outcome of Afghans votes and […]

David Cameron: Mission accomplished in Afghanistan

David Cameron has declared mission accomplished in Afghanistan after 12 years of British involvement in the conflict, despite fears of a surge of violence from the Taliban around next year’s elections. The prime minister made the bold claim as he visited Camp Bastion, the British base in Helmand province, almost exactly a year before all […]

Wife says Sgt who executed Taliban fighter not a murderer

The Royal Marine jailed for executing a wounded Taliban fighter is not a murderer and acted in a moment of madness that he wishes he could undo, his wife has said. In an interview with The Telegraph, Claire Blackman said the life sentence given to her husband, Sgt Alexander Blackman, was too severe and that […]

US assassination drone kills 6 in Pakistan

Six people have been killed in a US assassination drone attack that targeted Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region. The attack was carried out during the early hours of Thursday, when the unmanned aerial vehicle struck a seminary in Hangu District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The United States carries out drone strikes in several countries including Pakistan, […]

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