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Saudi-led aggression in Yemen serves interests of al-Qaeda

Iran says the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen is serving the interests of al-Qaeda, ISIL and the Takfiri groups. Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also warned regional and western countries not to be part of such un-thoughtful games. Zarif said Iran has been calling for talks between opposing sides in Yemen since the beginning of […]

S.Sudan’s chaos exposes naivety of foreign cheerleaders?

South Sudan’s independence had many midwives. Not least of these were the millions of Southern Sudanese who voted to break away from northern and Arab domination in a 2011 referendum. But among the foreign players, Washington was always among the most hands-on. Successive occupants of the White House – buttressed by the US Congress and […]

US executes more people than Yemen, Sudan & Afghanistan

Today is International Human Rights Day. So here in the United States, it’s worth revisiting a debate that nearly every other developed nation has already sorted out: Is it a human right NOT to be legally murdered by your own government? The United Nations thinks so. In February, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, “Capital punishment […]

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