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AFP article uses Iraqi Refugee in anti-Syrian propaganda

Charity that helped academics flee Nazis aids Syrians, Iraqis Nadia Faydh, 37, holds a PhD in English and American poetry from the University of Baghdad and was teaching at Al-Mustansiriya University in the Iraqi capital when she encountered intimidation by Shiite militias. From Damascus to Glasgow: Syrian academics’ escape to freedom The couple, who […]

Alex Salmond: UK must probe airstrike death reports

ALEX Salmond yesterday called on the UK Government to investigate claims that UK-embedded airstrikes have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria. The SNP foreign affairs spokesman has asked the Ministry of Defence to investigate the findings of a report by Airwars, a project team of independent journalists, which shows […]

Scottish independence: ‘Yes’ vote takes the lead

The “Yes” campaign fighting for Scottish independence took a shock lead in the polls last night just 11 days before the country’s referendum. A fresh YouGov poll, when excluding undecided voters, placed the Scottish National Party-backed campaign for independence in a 51-49 point lead – the first time it has polled ahead. Earlier in the […]

EU referendum: UK MP Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

A hand grenade has been thrown into David Cameron’s general election campaign after the Eurosceptic Tory MP Douglas Carswell defected to Ukip, triggering an early byelection. A leading member of the new generation of Tory Eurosceptics who has campaigned openly for a British exit from the EU, Carswell said he had endured sleepless nights in […]

Royal Air Force jet chases Russian planes away from the UK

Two Russian surveillance planes which flew close to UK airspace have been chased away by an RAF jet fighter. The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev 95s, were spotted off the coast of northeast Scotland. They turned away from Britain when an RAF Typhoon was scrambled from Leuchars airbase, near Dundee, where crews are on standby […]

Ex-Military: Plan to scrap trident ‘unacceptable for NATO’

The SNP’s plan to scrap Trident would cast a “dark shadow” over the international reception given to a newly independent Scottish nation, according to a dozen high-ranking defence veterans. Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, former first sea lord and chief of naval staff, has sent a letter to First Minister Alex Salmond co-signed by former heads […]

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