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‘They don’t care about us’: Syrians on the White Helmets

It seems that White Helmets organization is hailed as heroes in the West, and the latter one provides millions of dollars to so-called saviors. However, Aleppo residents claim that White Helmets care only about money and saving rebels, but not the civilians. In fact, they are not autonomous, and cannot make their own decisions – […]

U.S. fears losing information war?; releases ridiculous vid

Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman’s two-minute video he filmed for the non-profit ‘Committee to Investigate Russia’ (CIR), claiming that Moscow meddled in the US election, can hardly be taken seriously, the Kremlin said.

Egyptian police arrest group making fake Aleppo videos

The videographer, his assistants and the parents of two children who appear in the footage were detained after police managed to trail the would-be camera crew to a building site awaiting demolition, a statement on Monday said. The team reportedly admitted they had planned to distribute their work on social media, pretending it showed scenes […]

Anti Assad subliminal message in Gotham TV series?

Gotham: The origin story behind Commissioner James Gordon’s rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman’s arrival. Season 2 > Episode 19: Wrath of the Villains: Azrael: Air Date: May 02, 2016 I think the latest episode of Gotham features, marketing techniques designed to make viewers in favor of U.S. intervention in […]

AFP article uses Iraqi Refugee in anti-Syrian propaganda

Charity that helped academics flee Nazis aids Syrians, Iraqis Nadia Faydh, 37, holds a PhD in English and American poetry from the University of Baghdad and was teaching at Al-Mustansiriya University in the Iraqi capital when she encountered intimidation by Shiite militias. From Damascus to Glasgow: Syrian academics’ escape to freedom The couple, who […]

Keiser Report: The power of alternative media :)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how it is that the cultists, conspiracy theorists and crackpots as unemployed journalists refer to bloggers and alternative media have been ages ahead of bootlicking, war-pushing, no-talking about TTIPing mainstream media. In the second half, Max interviews Tom Coughlin of about the company’s gold trading platform, the fate […]

Boris Nemtsov murder probing several possible motives

The assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in Moscow was well-planned, investigators said. Versions of the crime range from a political provocation to a revenge killing by radical Islamists. “There is no doubt that this crime was carefully planned. The location and timing of the killing indicated that as well. The investigation found out that […]

Who is Jihadi John? CNN’s blooper hints he’s… Putin

As the world media raced to break the identity of the Islamic State killer nicknamed Jihadi John, some of them moved too fast. Like CNN, who unexpectedly paraded Vladimir Putin’s image in its Who-is-Jihadi-John report. Thursday’s report by Max Foster from the London office of CNN International was supposed to reveal the identity of Jihadi […]

House of Cards to feature anti-Russian propaganda

House of Cards The widely anticipated 3rd season of Netflix’s hugely popular House of Cards is likely to feature anti-Russian propaganda as a centerpiece of its storyline. Two members of Pussy Riot, the Russian anti-Putin punk activist group whose members were jailed for protesting in Moscow, are reportedly expected to appear in the next season […]

American Sniper has warped Americans’ fragile little minds

How does modern propaganda work? How effective is it? Adam blows these issues wide open with an incredible series of man on the street interviews. For the record, this was not a selective group, or even in a particularly conservative or pro-military area. The people you see in this video were the first seven people […]

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