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S.Arabia warns “rumour-mongers” on Facebook risk execution

According to state-run Makkah Newspaper in Saudi Arabia, the wealthy Gulf-nation is threatening its citizens with the death penalty for spreading rumors about the government on social media. An anonymous source within the Ministry of Justice stated only the worst “rumour-mongers” will be sentenced to death, while lesser offenders of the new policy will be […]

‘Possible ISIL link’ as police make 4 arrests in London

Anti-terror police made four arrests in dawns raids across London, today, arresting four men suspected of planning an attack, possibly in th UK. “These arrests and searches are part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism” – Scotland Yard Armed police from specialist firearms unit SCO19 attended one of the arrests after surveillance suggested the […]

UK schoolgirl ‘sent hate mail to herself’ before suicide

A teenage girl who committed suicide after being bullied online sent most of the hateful comments to herself, bosses at the social network site have claimed. Hannah Smith, 14, from Leicestershire, England, killed herself two weeks ago after apparently suffering months of abuse at the hands of online bullies who told her to kill […]

How internet in the UK is “Sleepwalking into censorship”

A great article has emerged from Open Rights Group detailing just how egregious David Cameron’s plan to censor the internet in the UK really is. While I’m sure most of you are aware of Cameron’s proposed plan to automatically block web access to “porn” from the British citizenry, you probably aren’t aware of some of the […]

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