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Greek coastguards seize arms shipment from Turkey to Libya

More than 5,000 shotguns and half a million bullets found on cargo ship from Turkey A huge stash of weapons and ammunition has been found hidden aboard a cargo ship understood to be bound for Libya. Greek authorities seized 5,000 shotguns and half a million rounds of ammunition found aboard the Haddad 1, a coast […]

Worrying financial crisis is happening in China, not Greece?

While all Western eyes remain firmly focused on Greece, a potentially much more significant financial crisis is developing on the other side of world. In some quarters, it’s already being called China’s 1929 – the year of the most infamous stock market crash in history and the start of the economic catastrophe of the Great […]

Russia, Greece sign €2bn deal on Turkish Stream gas pipeline

Russia and Greece have signed a deal to create a joint enterprise for construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greek territory, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said. The pipeline will have a capacity of 47 billion cubic meters a year. The construction costs are about €2 billion and the parties will sign a roadmap […]

Macedonia killings exacerbate political crisis

“Divo naselje,” a mainly Albanian neighborhood in the northern Macedonian town of Kumanovo looks like a war zone, one day after violent clashes between Macedonian security forces and an armed group claimed 22 lives. “Police have prevented coordinated terrorist attacks at different locations in the country that would cause serious destabilization, chaos and fear,” President […]

Greece agrees to boost economic cooperation with Russia

It’s been an odd few days for Greece’s new PM Alexis Tsipras. From being lambasted by Jeroen Dijsselbloem, shunned by Angela Merkel’s henchmen, holding hands with Jean-Claude Juncker, and losing a key funding channel from Mario Draghi; Tsipras’ anti-austerity platform has been ‘supported’ by Barack Obama and he has been invited for a visit to […]

Greek neo-Nazi party allowed to participate in EU elections

Greece’s Supreme Court has cleared the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to a party lawyer. The move came despite the criminal trial into the party’s activities. The lawyer said that the Greek judiciary body’s move wasn’t a surprise at all for the Golden Dawn. “We expected this […]

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