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London attacker acted alone.. need to ban WhatsApp?

If the London attacker acted alone; Then why do we desperately need to ban Whatsapp? Misdirection Pushing people into defense of encrypted services sufficiently misdirects, from the route of the cause of the rise of terrorists groups which the London attacker was heavily influenced by, arming & training terrorists, to fulfill foreign policy of mainly […]

Ex-UK PM surprise witness at ex-Israel PM’s corruption trial

Tony Blair has made a surprise intervention in the corruption case of former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, writing a letter to the court in support of his plea not to be sent to prison. The glowing character reference for Olmert, who was convicted in March of receiving $600,000 (£400,000) in cash-stuffed envelopes between 1993 […]

Franco-Dutch SIM card firm ‘probably’ hacked by US & UK

The Franco-Dutch world number one simcard maker Gemalto has concluded its own investigation into a hacking of its security codes. Last week an investigative website, acting on information supplied by whistleblower Edward Snowden, accused the British and American security services of the hack so they could monitor calls, texts and emails. “This attack very likely […]

David Cameron’s ban on encryption is bad for the Internet

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his plan to revive legislation that would allow the UK government to ban applications that use end-to-end encryption to ensure user security. In Cameron’s speech, he asked that “in our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read?” The answer: yes, […]

German spy agency BND “accidentally” spied on Clinton

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) tapped at least one phone call of the then Foreign Minister of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, the German government ordered to spy on a NATO partner. According to “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ), NDR and WDR, this is the result from documents handed over to the US […]

NSA & GCHQ aid Mossad while considering them a top threat

NSA and its partners are directed by political branches to feed the Israelis surveillance data and technology, they constantly characterize Israel as a threat – both to their own national security and more generally to regional peace. In stark contrast to the public statements about Israel made by American and British officials, the Snowden archive […]

MI6: ‘Impossible’ to track jihadists returning to the UK

UK security services will have to prioritise who they track, says former M16 director Richard Barrett. Britain’s security services cannot afford to track all of the people returning to the UK after fighting in Syria and Iraq, a former M16 director has warned. Richard Barrett is due to release a new report that claims the […]

British MPs call for an overhaul of the intelligence oversight

Edward Snowden’s disclosures of the scale of mass surveillance are “an embarrassing indictment” of the weak nature of the oversight and legal accountability of Britain’s security and intelligence agencies, MPs have concluded. A highly critical report by the Commons home affairs select committee published on Friday calls for a radical reform of the current system […]

MoD developing cyberwarfare plans to ‘control public opinion’

Dr Tim Stevens, from the War Studies Department at Kings College London, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about the MoD’s plans for cyberwarfare. He explains that war is not just boots on the ground, but a battle for the ‘space of the mind’ — guiding and controlling thoughts. He warns new developments in […]

GCHQ and NSA intercepted Yahoo users private photographs

British and American surveillance agencies teamed up to develop a system that collected millions of images from the webcams of unsuspecting and innocent internet users, new leaked documents reveal. This “Optic Nerve” program — administered by the UK’s GCHQ with the assistance of the National Security Agency — routinely intercepted and stored those webcam images […]

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