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Pro-Morsi crisis actors stage protester injuries

Pro-Morsi crisis actors caught on tape attempting to fake injuries to protesters in support of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood dictator. This is from a fellow named Sayed, who lives in Giza, Egypt from the Cobra Etheric Liberation Facebook page this evening: “To all of my American, European & foreign friends, you might have heard the […]

U.S. military needs Egypt for access to critical area

The U.S. military is heavily dependent on Egypt to move personnel and equipment to Afghanistan and around volatile parts of the Middle East, complicating U.S. efforts to place pressure on the Egyptian military in the wake of its violent crackdown on protesters. “Egypt has been a cornerstone for the U.S. military presence in the Middle […]

Embassy Row: ‘Ambassador of evil’

Egyptians have denounced President Obama and U.S. Ambassador Anne W. Patterson for supporting the now-ousted Muslim Brotherhood-led government, but now they are turning their fury against a diplomat who last served at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo 22 years ago. Calling him the “ambassador of evil,” an “assassin” and a “deadly killer,” thousands of Egyptians […]

Webster Tarpley World Crisis Radio August 3 2013

World crisis radio with Webster Tarpley August 3 2013 edition; Moslem Brotherhood Bid to Restore Caliphate Under CIA Auspices Blocked by Assad, Sisi, Shiite Powers; Cruz Reveals GOP’s Fear that Americans Will Value Subsidized Health Insurance Under Obamacare; Credico Tax Wall Street Campaign Rolls On

Webster Tarpley: Sisi emerging as new Nasser

In Brazil, Pope Francis Urges Youth of World to Fight for Economic Justice vs. Poverty and Greed; Gen. Sisi Emerging as New Nasser of Egypt to Dismay of Imperialists.

If the US tries to intervene in Egypt,
Israel will be wiped off the map

Sisi Any attempt to U.S. military intervention in Egypt Snmho Israel on the map Activists trading politicians on the FB that Sisi team sent a clear message to the U.S. Secretary of Defense That Egypt is not Iraq or Syria or Yemen, and well you know the military Kdaratna Way attempt to interfere in Egypt […]

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