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Pentagon and State Dep. Said to propose arming Ukraine

The Pentagon and State Department have proposed to the White House a plan to supply Ukraine with anti-tank missiles and other arms, according to Defense Department officials. The proposed transfer — which also would include antiaircraft arms that would be defined as defensive weaponry — comes as fighting between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed separatists has […]

Ukraine assassinations part of a new phoenix program?

A prominent separatist commander has been killed in eastern Ukraine, four days after another pro-Russian military leader was blown up by a car bomb. Mikhail Tolstykh, known as Givi, was killed when a rocket was fired into his office in what rebel authorities in Donetsk are calling a terrorist attack. Eastern Ukraine has seen its […]

Germany urges restart to arms control agreement with Russia

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called for a new arms deal to be signed with Moscow, saying this is needed to prevent an escalation of tensions in Europe. “We must all be united in the desire to avoid a further twist in the escalating spiral,” Steinmeier wrote in an opinion piece in the Frankfurter […]

NATO terrorist attack; Plan to bomb Simferopol Airport

After Russia’s FSB accused Ukraine of attempting to create a series of terrorist attacks in Crimea, the question is – how will Moscow respond to this alleged provocation? Russian observers believe that the “attacks” were supposed to have a long-term effect, but the main issue is not Crimea – it is the Donbass. The already […]

Putin: Why should EU tolerate what’s dictated by US?

It definitely wasn’t casual Friday for President Putin, who spoke for hours at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on the hottest topics on the global agenda, including Russia’s relations with the EU and Washington. When asked about his opinion of the candidates for US president, Putin explained his attitude towards “probably the only […]

Pro EU attempt to associate Brexit with racists/Nazis

The UK based Daily Mail reads; The neo-Nazi with a swastika on her breast… and Vote Leave badge on her vest: From Holocaust deniers to EDL fascists posing at the Kray twins’ grave, the violent thugs and racists hijacking the Brexit campaign I think the logic behind this is; the vast majority of British […]

Ukrainian guard killed in protests against Donbas autonomy

Demonstrators have brawled and lobbed grenades outside Ukraine’s parliament, killing one officer from the interior ministry’s National Guard and injuring up to 100. The violence was in protest against a parliamentary vote to grant concessions to territories held by Russian-backed rebels. The interior minister, Arsen Avakov, said one officer died from shrapnel wounds and around […]

Fmr advisor to Ukraine’s Defense Minister defects to Donbass

A onetime aide to the Ukrainian defense minister has defected to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, taking along his entire family and a wealth of classified information, Russian media reported Monday. “I am Alexander Kolomiyets, a Major-General of the Ukrainian armed forces… My latest position was that of an advisor to the Ukrainian Defense Minister […]

Texan DPR: Kiev shelled Telmanovo, a child was killed

The town of Telmanovo was shelled by the Kiev junta’s punitive forces on June 4, 2015, from Granitnoye village, Volnovaha region, controlled by the junta’s forces. The shelling that abruptly started at around 19:45 took away the life of a 5-year old boy, Vanya Nesteruk, who was playing outside with his friends at that time. […]

Putin: Russia would attack NATO only in mad person’s dream

Russia is not building up its offensive military capabilities overseas and is only responding to security threats caused by US and NATO military expansion on its borders, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Italian outlet Il Corriere della Sera. Speaking to the paper on the eve of his visit to Italy, Putin stressed that one should […]

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