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NATO missile shield to stay in Europe Iran deal or no deal

The Russian Foreign Ministry says it’s now certain that U.S. plans for a missile defence shield in Europe, are directed against Moscow. Washington remains reluctant to ditch the project, which it touts as a way of tackling the Iranian nuclear threat despite agreeing on a framework for an atomic-energy deal with Tehran last week. Despite […]

The rise of anti Semitism in Europe; Israeli elections

The Israeli state relies on anti-Semitism to act with impunity. Considering themselves the representative of global Judaism, to criticize the state is to be considered anti-Semitic. With Israeli elections coming up Netanyahu is milking any such event to appear like a prophetical figure initiating the Gathering of Israel, attempting to ensure an election victory. In […]

One dead & three injured in Copenhagen terrorist attack

One person has been killed and three police officers injured after armed men opened fire on a cafe in Copenhagen where a debate on Islam and free speech was being held. The meeting was attended by Lars Vilks, the controversial Swedish artist who has faced death threats for caricaturing the prophet Muhammad. Also in attendance […]

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