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Tentative nuclear deal could lift U.S. sanctions against Iran

Representatives from six countries reached a tentative agreement today in Lausanne, Switzerland, that, if finalized, would limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the end of U.S.-led sanctions. The deal is set to be completed by June 30, though there are reportedly still important details to be settled. According to Reuters, Iran would suspend two-thirds […]

Russia warns US against sending missile defense to S.Korea

Russia on Tuesday warned the United States against sending a ballistic missile defense system to South Korea, saying it could threaten regional security. Washington says it wants to deploy the system, known as THAAD, to South Korea as a deterrent to military provocation by North Korea. “Such a development cannot but cause concern about the […]

China upset at violence spilling over border with Myanmar

“We have the responsibility and the capacity to firmly safeguard stability in the border area.” China says it will take “decisive” measures if Myanmar commits another attack on its territory. The threat comes amid allegations that Myanmar warplanes crossed the border and dropped a bomb, apparently killing four farmers, during recent fighting against rebels. Premier […]

47 U.S. Senators may have undermined Iran nuclear talks

On the eve of fresh nuclear talks with Iran, US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed concern that a letter to Iran last week from 47 Republican senators may have undermined the fragile negotiations. The letter warned Iran that any deal made by President Barack Obama might last only as long as he remained in […]

Mend wounds of WWII, urges Angela Merkel in Tokyo

Chancellor Merkel has encouraged Japan to mend post-war ties with its Asian neighbors by saying Germany had “squarely” dealt with its Nazi past. Merkel is visiting Japan ahead of her hosting June’s G7 summit in Bavaria. Angela Merkel was received in Tokyo by Emperor Akihito (pictured above) and then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday […]

Syria hails UN resolution; bans support for foreign fighters

The Syrian information minister has backed the UN resolution 2178 . Omran al-Zoubi regards it as a victory for Syria. The UN Security Council unanimously approved the resolution to squeeze the grip on foreign militants in conflict zones. The resolution prevents the recruiting, organizing, equipping and funding of foreign fighters. All countries should also prevent […]

Ladakh; India, China agree to withdraw troops by Sept 30th

India and China have resolved the stand-off at the Ladakh border and withdrawal of troops will begin on Friday and be completed by September 30, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said, describing the resolution of the issue as a “big accomplishment.” “I am happy to tell you that both nations have sat down and resolved […]

Russia & China wonder when America will attack them

The United States’ recklessly aggressive posture towards Russia and China has put them in a position where they are wondering when Washington will attack them, an American political commentator says. Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and radio host in New York, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday while commenting […]

Chinese fleet of warships docks at Iran’s Bandar Abbas

A warship and a destroyer have made an unprecedented visit to Iran’s Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas, marking a step forward in bilateral relations between Tehran and Beijing. The 17th Chinese escort naval fleet called at the port after a mission in the Gulf of Aden. Only in September, Iran’s naval forces rescued a […]

Chinese pres meets Hong Kong delegation; students protest

Papers give prominent coverage to President Xi Jinping’s statement that Beijing’s policy “will not change” in Hong Kong. Mr Xi on Monday met Hong Kong’s influential business leaders in Beijing, state-run Xinhua News Agency reports. In the meeting, Mr Xi stressed that the “basic principle and policy” of “one country, two systems” towards Hong Kong […]

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