Alex Jones tells viewers to obey Israel & pray for Netanyahu


December 26, 2016 – Infowars promoted a Michael Snyder article, which claims that any attempt to dived Israel, such as a two state solution, will result in god cursing America:

10 Times That God Has Hit America With A Major Disaster After The U.S. Attempted To Divide The Land Of Israel

– Because Barack Obama has cursed Israel at the United Nations, America is now under a curse.

Shortly after, Alex Jones said that his viewers should pray for Netanyahu, because his house had been raided by Israeli police; in relation to suspected bribery/curruption;

Netanyahu-Mozes Deal Was a Bribe, Legal Experts Explain. Lawyers say the fact that the alleged tradeoff between Netanyahu and the Yedioth Ahronoth publisher was never implemented makes no difference in the eyes of the law

18 Jul 2014 – Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson

“Is Israel really just defending itself, or is the Zionist state’s bombardment of Gaza a pre-meditated war crime?

Israel has killed over ten times more Palestinians in the past week alone than Hamas rockets have killed Israelis in the last 13 years.”

November 5, 2013 – Alex Jones promotes Paul E. Vallely. Vallely is a retired US Army Major General and senior military analyst for Fox News.

Vallely is also a supporter of the Jerusalem Summit organization and an advocate of the organization’s proposal to “relocate”/”resettle” Palestine and the Palestinian people to surrounding Arab countries as a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to bring about the organization’s belief “that one of the objectives of Israel’s divinely-inspired rebirth is to make it the center of the new unity of the nations, which will lead to an era of peace and prosperity, foretold by the Prophets.

‘Purge surge’: Obama fires another commander

Key Players of the One World Order
(In order of importance)

1: Lord Jacob de Rothschild. 2: His son Nathaniel. 3: Baron David de Rothschild 4: Sir Evelyn de Rothschild 5: David Rockefeller 6: Henry Kissinger 7: George Soros 8: Lloyd Blankfein

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, OM GBE FBA (born 29 April 1936) is a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family. He is also Honorary President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

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