754 detained over coup attempt: Turkish minister

turkey coup

Turkish Navy Mediterranean Region Commander Admiral Nejat Atilla Demirhan was detained in Mersin.

Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ has announced that a total of 754 , mostly military officers, have been detained over the charges of coup attempt.

This doubled the figure at 336 announced by sources from the Interior Ministry earlier.

Anadolu Agency said those who were detained were members of what it called pro-Gülenist terror organization.

It’s believed that there are high-ranking officers among the detained. Broadcaster CNNTürk said four of them were generals and 29 of them were colonels.

Justice Minister Bozdağ had informed that state prosecutors in all 81 provinces have already launched investigations on the coup attempt, saying “Detentions are mostly taken place in Ankara and Istanbul but there are other detentions in many other places of Turkey.”

In the meantime, Brigadier General Ekrem Çağlar, chief of the staff operations of the 3rd Army has also been detained, the Agency reported. hurriyetdailynews.com

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