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UK sends troops to Russian border for Syria leverage

Britain will send hundreds more troops close to Russia’s border, the Government has said, as the Prime Minister also called for “pressure” on Moscow over the Syria crisis. Around 800 soldiers along with tanks, armoured vehicles and drones will now head to Estonia in the spring in a Nato effort to reassure the Baltic states […]

Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte ditches U.S. for China

Tough-talking Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his country’s “separation” from long-time ally America Thursday, declaring that he was pivoting instead to China. The leader — who has been compared to Donald Trump — made his comments during a visit to Beijing, which he used to pave the way for what he calls a new commercial […]

White Helmets; Syrian civil defence describe as terrorists

The favourite rescue team of Western nations in Syria – the White Helmets – have been lauded with yet more praise, despite having connections to militants. While the West has long supported the group, there’s wide debate over the White Helmets’ online image and its real intentions. Some members feature in cute clips of them […]

UK to take small group of children from Calais refugee camp

Image of Syrian children being groomed to kill secular citizens & impose Islamic theocracy. A group of around 10 unaccompanied refugee children are expected to leave France for the the UK on Monday as part of the Home Office’s attempt to relocate children from the refugee camp in Calais before it is demolished. The 10 […]

Islamic State flag is legal in Sweden, prosecutor rules

Prosecutor Gisela Sjövall announced last week that she would not prosecute a 23-year-old man who had posted the black ISIS flag on his Facebook page in June. Police in Laholm, a town on Sweden’s west coast, had launched a criminal investigation into the man, who comes originally from Syria, on suspicion of committing “hate speech”. […]

Dawn stage coup in Tripoli; UN imposed gov in Tunisia

In a dramatic turn of events, a handful of members of the former General National Council and the former Tripoli “prime minister” have staged an apparent coup in Tripoli, taking over the the GNC’s old premises next to Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel and declaring themselves in power again. This evening Ghwell issued a statement from the […]

UK position on Syria unchanged will continue to aid al-Qaeda

The corprate media picked up on the British NATO veteran Sir Richard Shirreff, calling for UK troops on the ground in Syria, & then the controlled opposition figure; British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, rejects UK involvement in a Syrian no-fly zone, this I think is designed to appease those concerned about needless conflict with Russia, […]

Obama administration considering more strikes on SAA

Note. The US-led coalition claimed that previous strikes on Syrian Army fighting ISIS were an accident. U.S. military strikes against the Assad regime will be back on the table Wednesday at the White House, when top national security officials in the Obama administration are set to discuss options for the way forward in Syria. But […]

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