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Cameron resigns after UK votes to leave European Union

David Cameron has resigned, bringing an abrupt end to his six-year premiership, after the British public took the momentous decision to reject his entreaties and turn their back on the European Union. Just a year after he clinched a surprise majority in the general election, a visibly emotional Cameron, standing outside Number 10 on Friday […]

Top U.S. General: No strategy against ISIS in Libya?

Their strategy appears to be to aid al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood in eliminating their competition, first against ISIS, then against the Libyan National Army, allowing terrorists to gain full control of Libya, a country which has the largest oil reserves in Africa. In 2015 the U.S. Ambassador to Libya “quits Twitter over trolling“, angry […]

Putin: Why should EU tolerate what’s dictated by US?

It definitely wasn’t casual Friday for President Putin, who spoke for hours at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on the hottest topics on the global agenda, including Russia’s relations with the EU and Washington. When asked about his opinion of the candidates for US president, Putin explained his attitude towards “probably the only […]

UK MP who supported al-Nusra murdered by far right

The man being held in connection with the death of MP Jo Cox has been named as Thomas Mair, who was described as a “loner” with a history of mental health problems who had previously subscribed to a far-right magazine. Mair, 52, who was arrested by armed officers shortly after the attack, had spoken about […]

UN releases Gaddafi era officials; its militias murder them?

The bodies of at least 12 loyalists to the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have been found in the country’s capital, Tripoli, only days after they were released from prison. The victims were part of a group who had been held at the al-Ruwaimi prison, Tripoli’s general prosecutor confirmed. Libya’s internationally backed Government of National […]

Orlando shooting: ‘Gays should be punished by God’

Orlando Nightclub Gunman’s Father Says Son Was Angry After Seeing Two Men Kissing A gunman opened fired at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, killing approximately 50 and injuring at least 53. In a press conference this morning, Orlando Police Chief John Mina originally said that approximately 20 people […]

World cup fans who drink to be whipped in Qatar?

Alcohol is only available at high-end hotels in Qatar and duty-free shops at its international airport. Sex out of wedlock is illegal. The country is due to host the 2022 World Cup, but there are serious doubts about the country’s suitability to host fans. The flogging law raises questions as to how authorities will deal […]

Russian media vaunt own fans and put blame on English?

Image credit: The Russian Football Union will identify and punish the Russian fans who behaved inappropriately during the match, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko told R-Sport. Mutko blamed improper organization and “weak” security measures at the match for the brief scuffles, which he said are being exaggerated (image above). The Guardian reads: The initial […]

Libya: MI6 rendition of Belhaj story a limited hangout?

A limited hangout or partial hangout is, according to former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Victor Marchetti, “spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to […]

Pro EU attempt to associate Brexit with racists/Nazis

The UK based Daily Mail reads; The neo-Nazi with a swastika on her breast… and Vote Leave badge on her vest: From Holocaust deniers to EDL fascists posing at the Kray twins’ grave, the violent thugs and racists hijacking the Brexit campaign I think the logic behind this is; the vast majority of British […]

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