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UN government calls for halt on anti-ISIS Sirte offensive

Image Sirte after NATO intervention 2011. “We ask all military forces to wait for [the government] to appoint a joint command for the Sirte operation. Any infringement of this order will be considered against military law,” – UN unity government administration. Waiting outside the city for orders to advance, while inside Sirte da’esh has […]

State Dept never heard of Obama’s ‘no boots on the ground’

Three years ago, President Obama said he did not “foresee a scenario in which boots on the ground in Syria, American boots on the ground in Syria would not only be good for America, but also would be good for Syria.” It was a stance repeated on a number of occasions since then, even as […]

Obama: It’s not the regime change it’s the day after plan

US President Barack Obama has said failing to prepare for the aftermath of the ousting of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi was the worst mistake of his presidency. Mr Obama was answering a series of questions on the highs and lows of his time in office on Fox News. He said, however, that intervening in […]

Gunfire near Serraj’s Tripoli HQ; Serraj in London

An outbreak of heavy firing last night near the Mehari Radisson hotel, above the Bu Sitta naval base where the Presidential Council is staying was due to a “misunderstanding” the Rada Security Force explained today. It said that the fighting had broken out between what it described as the 155 Brigade of the Libyan army […]

ISIS threat in Libya ‘almost exaggerated’ — for now

Some U.S. and Western officials say Islamic State is having trouble entrenching itself in Libya despite a concerted effort over the past year, but they warn that the terror group’s persistence will pay off if left unchecked. The most recent defense and intelligence estimates put the number of IS fighters in Libya at 5,000, roughly […]

Kurdish media silent on possible chemical attack on Kurds

Something seams odd with the lack of reports in Kurdish media, on the supposed chemical attack on Syrian Kurds. Some possibilities are the attacks were carried out by Kurds who have allied themselves with terrorist groups in Syria. Kurdish media may wish to down play such an event as to not blur the lines, or […]

Paris attacks suspect Abrini arrested: Belgian media

Mohamed Abrini, wanted over November’s Islamic State attacks in Paris, has been arrested in Brussels, Belgium’s public broadcasters said on Friday, adding that he was probably involved in last month’s Brussels bombings. Public prosecutors confirmed in a brief statement only that police had made several arrests related to the Brussels attacks. Abrini, a 31-year-old Belgian, […]

Crime or heroism? Soldier’s shooting raises moral questions

To Israel’s military prosecutors, a soldier who fired a bullet into the head of a wounded and motionless Palestinian assailant may be guilty of homicide. To many Israelis, he is a hero. That has fuelled an unprecedented debate over the role and ethics of Israel’s conscript armed forces, long the symbol of national unity among […]

France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen fined €30,000 for holocaust denial

The former leader of France’s far-right National Front (FN), Jean-Marie Le Pen, was fined 30,000 euros ($34,000) Wednesday for repeating his view that the Nazi gas chambers were a “detail” of history. A Paris court found 87-year-old Le Pen guilty of the charge of denying crimes against humanity. The court rejected Le Pen’s claim that […]

Albania president Bujar Nishani blocks surveillance law

New law aimed at beefing up surveillance to prevent crime and terrorism has hit a stumbling block after the President refused to sign it -raising concerns about people’s right to privacy. Experts see dangers in the way the government is approaching people’s privacy. Alfred Olli, an expert in civil and public safety, told BIRN on […]

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