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French special forces waging ‘secret war’ in Libya: report

French emergence in Libya leading to enhanced EU military activity? The office of the chief of defense of the French military said it would not comment on the claims. For Patrick Haimzadeh, a former French diplomat stationed in Libya from 2001 to 2004, the revelations of France’s covert operations are no accident. “These are probably […]

Assad: Ready for Syria truce if terrorists don’t exploit it

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he’s ready for a truce, but only on condition that terrorists don’t use it in fighting to their advantage. An official online media outlet for the Syrian presidency has published the remarks. Assad said countries which back militants in Syria should also halt their support. He noted that the ceasefire […]

Turkey might be gearing up for invasion of Syria – Russian DM

Turkey is trying to conceal its illegal military activity on the border with Syria and has canceled an agreed Russian observation flight over its territory because of that, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. “Such steps carried out by a country, which is a NATO member state, in no way contribute to the strengthening of trust and […]

Syrian army tightening noose on militants in Aleppo city

Syrian army has entered Nubl and Zahra after breaking a three-year militant siege of the two Shia towns in the country’s north. Crowds of people gathered on the streets of Nubl and Zahra in Aleppo province to welcome Syrian soldiers and celebrate the liberation of their towns. Syrian army says it’s in complete control of […]

Are UK troops fighting ISIS on the ground in Libya?

The British foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has ruled out sending combat troops to Libya. But is he lying to the British people? On the 11th September  2014, Hammond ruled out Britain joining air strikes in Syria. Then on July 17th 2015 it was reported by the BBC that Syria airstrikes had been conducted by UK […]

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